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Leadership Talk
Amar Thomas
Country Marketing Manager, BlackBerry, India

“Our strongest brand ambassadors have been our loyal consumers who have vouched for our products and services. As a brand we continue to deliver to the evolving needs of our customers and have a strong focus on bringing in services and products that add value to their lives. For prosumers who are looking at collaboration and productivity as key imperatives, Blackberry offers many choices, just as we have unique services like BBM that is a rage amongst the urban youth. For us our biggest endorsers continue to be our consumers/ customers. Devices require expert opinions to sway customer sentiment and as a result, we focus more on evangelis...
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Digital evolution has proved to be a boon for startups. For a startup the most challenging part is about getting people to know you, getting across your message about the innovative work you do and then engaging audiences in a manner that you can turn them into consumers or partners. The very success of a startup is based on connecting with the right target audience who will need your services, how well you can differentiate your services or products. In such a scenario, social media is catalyst for the growth and success of your new venture depending on how well you can leverage it.

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