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Leadership Talk
Anshuman Saha
India Sales Head, Exponential Interactive

“With over 35 percent of our population below the age of 20, it’s the age of the millennials. It is expected that youth population in India will reach 464 Million by 2021. This highly desirable audience continues to evade stereotypes – for good reason. Millennials are evolving, maturing, and most importantly, fragmenting. They are a mobile-first generation, and their media consumption habits are more online than offline.” Stated Anshuman Saha, India Sales Head, Exponential Interactive.

In this interview, Anshuman divulges the facts about the digital marketing in India and how marketers are and should ...
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Professional Sports and Amateur sports have experienced a tremendous growth in India over past one decade. The use of sports sponsorship as a marketing communication tool has increased remarkably over the past few years and has been acknowledged as an important element in the communication strategy by marketing heads in order to reach their customers. Some of the key reasons that marketers today are using sports sponsorship are to generate brand awareness and brand recall through exposure, build on the brand image and generate goodwill towards the brand and company.

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