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- Oct 18, 2017
World-class digital solutions at scale will reduce marketing complexity and produce greater return on investment WPP, the world’s largest communications services group, and Sitecore®, the global leader in experience management software, today announced a global strategic partnership, the WPP-Sitecore Alliance. The partnership brings ...

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Post by MediAvataar's News Desk
- Oct 06, 2017
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One of the greatest concerns of clients in recent times has been the declining effectiveness of marketing campaigns. It is no coincidence that this trend has increased as younger generations of consumers have been incorporated into brand strategies and as they occupy a significant place in brands’ business objectives. The problem seems to lie in how media strategies, and specifically digital media, have been driven to generate impact on younger ...
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- Oct 05, 2017
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KPMG in India brings this report at a crucial juncture when the era of on-demand content has reached a tipping point with consumption shifting to the mobile screens and going ‘mass’ - particularly on the back of a successful 4G roll out. OTT consumers will demand seamless access to services, compelling stories and value for money. As the OTT landscape gets hyper competitive, organisations which are able to tick all the above boxes may stand a chance to ...
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- Oct 05, 2017
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As a proof of concept, Nielsen developed an Alexa Skill that lets a user ask Amazon Echo questions such as, “What are the five best selling brands of tea in the U.K.?” Other examples of Alexa Skills include setting a timer or a thermostat, ordering a pizza and calling an Uber. The Nielsen Alexa Skill may be a party trick at the moment, but the potential for a data interface that “just works” for business users, instead of them having to adapt their ...
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- Sep 23, 2017
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Apple celebrated the 10th anniversary of the iPhone with both updates to its existing product lineup and the opening of the Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino, CA on its new campus with the much-anticipated doughnut or spaceship building. Apple generates its revenue from selling hardware or products with most of the revenue from iPhones. Convincing consumers both to upgrade and adopt new products is challenging. Moreover, experiences with products are ever ...
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- Sep 22, 2017
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Apple’s iPhone X is now a reality rather than the subject of rumor and, yes, it now has facial recognition, an all-screen design and a significantly faster processor. While commentators debate whether the iPhone X really is the “biggest leap forward since the original iPhone” it seems clear to me that the primary objective of the launch is to set a new price benchmark for the iPhone range. Price anchoring is a well-known cognitive bias by which people’s ...
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I’m going to stick my neck out. Brand owners and strategists can turn complexity into advantage by putting consumer journey or, probably more accurately, consumer experience planning at the very heart of their model. This represents a new model for making brands coherent. A key measure of change in our industry has been the pivot from ‘the big idea’ to the consumer journey. Ideas big and small remain of paramount importance, but the nature of strategic planning has undergone a tectonic shift. This became really clear to me while working on a recent multi-agency project focused on demonstrating ‘transformation’ to a client. In the recent past, this project would have been led by account planners from the creative teams. On this occasion, it was led by media planners, powered by a
One morning recently, an impromptu discussion broke out in the office about what makes for great advertising. We discussed a few of our favorite recent ads and, as one can imagine, the range of suggestions about which was best was broad. Short form and long form. Funny and sentimental. Product-driven and brand-focused. Rational and emotional. While they ranged in length and objective, one thing was clear: They were “must-watch” ads—not filler in between program breaks, but great creative that we want to talk about, share and watch—over and over again. I was reminded of the importance of great creative as I reviewed the results of a new, joint research project by Nielsen Catalina Solutions (NCS) and Nielsen. The results reinforced an old saw of advertising: creative is king! Creative is
Praveen Kenneth, Founder/ Chairman of Law & Kenneth, which was the largest and one of the most successful Independent communication companies in India, before becoming a part of Publicis Groupe in January 2014, to create L&K | Saatchi & Saatchi, announced his retirement from active engagement on the side lines of the final sale of his shareholding, in Paris. He will be involved over the next 6 months during the transition, mentoring and guiding the teams Anil Nair the CEO/ Managing Partner who has been groomed over the past 24 months, and running the operations will now be leading the company forward. Commenting on this from Paris, Mr. Maurice Levy, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Publicis Groupe said :" Praveen has been with us slightly after opening Publicis in India
My colleagues have created a great list of the top seven tips for digital advertising which will be discussed in this upcoming webinar. The list is important because it addresses the single biggest factor in digital ad effectiveness: the creative. You can have the best targeting in the world, the best ad format and placement, but if people do not respond well to your advertising you might as well have not spent the money. The first item on the list is “Make people feel something”. The commentary states, “Ads that evoke emotion are more likely to create positive brand associations that help drive preference, and choice at the time of purchase. And this is more pronounced for digital.” Let’s explore this statement a bit further. Let’s see what Kantar Millward Brown’s Brand
Dentsu Aegis Network has announced today the launch of Amplifi in India under the Executive Sponsorship of Kartik Iyer, President Media Agencies and Amplifi. ​​​​Amplifi is the media investment arm of The Dentsu Aegis Network, comprising four specialisations – Investment Management, Global Media Partnerships, Amnet and The Story lab. Speaking on this launch, Ashish Bhasin Chairman & CEO South Asia said, “We are excited to launch Amplifi in India under Kartik’s leadership and bringing together the four key capabilities under one structure. In today’s world, our media partners have much more to bring on table for our clients, than just media inventory. Amplifi’s is uniquely placed to drive this supply-side convergence by harnessing data, technology, insight and content to help all
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