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Zapped Technologies launches ‘Pocket Cinema’

A unique platform for Gaming + OTT. Coins the term #GOTT

Zapped Technologies introduces a unique idea with the launch of their app - Pocket Cinema: a gaming platform that allows you to watch OTT content of your choice and play a simple skill based game around it, to win. Conceptually, this is the birthing of a hip, brand new word in the world of gaming and entertainment - #GOTT . (#GOTT is a Combination of Gaming and OTT).

Pocket Cinema is a simple, skill based Gaming platform which is targeted primarily towards Tier 2-3 cities where people aspire to earn money online but either don’t know how or don’t possess any special skills for the same. Pocket Cinema is user friendly and easy to understand. It is easy to download and can be enjoyed by anyone with an android phone (for now- to be released for ios soon) and an internet connection.

Post pandemic, the world has changed the definition of almost everything. We have adapted to it all: right from the concept of Work from Home, Learn from Home and even to how we consume content. Smart phones have become affordable and accessible even in the remotest areas. We have all been binging on digital content through the last two years. What if our interest in being entertained also became rewarding for us?

Created with the fundamentals of winning while you entertain yourself, Pocket Cinema users buy a ticket at a nominal amount to watch real time/Live content in the form of movies, music videos, web series etc. The show is followed by a few questions asked about the content and advertisements played during its course. All the users who answer all questions correctly stand to win money. The Prize money gets divided among all the winners in that show. The fastest answers will win more. The responses that follow also win, but lesser in comparison. The winning amount is based on the time taken and the number of players playing in that particular show. With a small amount invested on a ticket, the user stands to gain something back. Money won by the players can be transferred back to his/her bank account immediately.

The Founder duo and Co-CEOs of Pocket Cinema - Anshuman Singh and Anil Verma have launched this app to make gaming technology inclusive and accessible to one and all. They believed that the options available online are either too complex or high-end and most often, intimidating. By that accord, they alienate a major chunk of the population from Tier 2-3 cities.

Anshuman Singh and Anil Verma are optimistic when they state “Pocket Cinema caters majorly to Tier 2 and 3 town consumers, and offers a unique Easy To Play Game coupled with Entertainment. At present, the content is available in Hindi and Bhojpuri, and Marathi, Punjabi and South Indian Languages will follow soon.”

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