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Comprehensive Entertainment Industry guide on how to survive and thrive in the global pandemic

Leveraging Parrot Analytics’ global tv demand dataset, “Navigating Covid-19: Practical solutions for thriving” includes insights from senior executives to help OTTs, broadcasters, distributors, producers and marketers chart a path for the unprecedented road ahead.

The global pandemic has by all metrics caused immense upheaval in the attention economy, forever altering the strategic path of most entertainment companies around the world. At the same time, hundreds of millions of consumers are currently in lockdown increasingly sharing, commenting on, streaming, and researching TV shows.

“Amidst all of the uncertainty and chaos, we have looked to evidence from billions of data points trained on tackling the industry impact of Covid-19 and helping the livelihoods and companies being heavily affected by the virus," said Steve Langdon, Partnerships Director, Parrot Analytics. "New challenges are the new normal but come with new opportunities. Utilizing data allows executives to be agile in finding and adapting to these changes.”

This special report provides a glimpse into the largest dataset of global TV audience behaviors to reveal how the coronavirus lockdown has already impacted consumption trends across the world. For example, US demand for The Office grew 26% in March as consumers increasingly sought out “comfort viewing” during the lockdown.

Speaking to some of the industry’s leading decision makers, Parrot Analytics’ report provides practical roadmaps to help OTTs, broadcasters, distributors, producers, and marketers thrive during, and beyond, the current pandemic.

“What broadcasters need now is content that can deliver quickly, but we’re almost through that. In the medium term, broadcasters will need archived or user-generated content that is easy to access and therefore easy to deliver,” said Tom Brisley, Creative Director, Arrow Media and Co-Founder of Arrow.

Other insights gleaned from the report include:

New challenges are the new normal, but come with new opportunities. Utilizing data allows executives to be agile in finding and adapting to these changes.

Audience content preferences have shifted due to COVID-19, these include a desire for original content, especially content that fills holes left by cancellations or delays.

OTTs have an opportunity for growth due to increased streaming volume, but in order to prevent churn they must optimize their release schedules and content acquisitions.

Broadcasters are challenged with holes in programming schedules, but can adapt by reinvigorating fandoms and finding replacement titles that will attract target audiences.

Distributors should optimize their content packages for broadcasters and OTTs in need.

Producers, despite shutdowns, can be resilient by prioritizing projects that fulfill audiences’ shifting demand and finding new formats to create fresh content.

Marketers may need to pivot their channel spends, but can find ways to maximize their audience reach and tap into emerging preferences.

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