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Work-from-home drives up demand for OTT content

Subscription for educational and fitness apps rises: Bobble AI report

Apps like Houseparty, Amazon Prime, Netflix, Udemy, and Lose Weight at Home leading the category during the lockdown

Social distancing and work-from-home have prompted Indians to navigate mobile apps and set up a routine for their quotidian entertainment and vocational needs. Unable to leave their homes to socialise with friends and family, watch their favourite movie in a cinema, people are increasingly turning to their smartphones for daily essential, skilling and fitness needs. Average screen time has increased manifold since entering self-isolation.

Bobble AI which is empowering the Next Billion Indians by making their communication personalized, expressive and smarter with its cutting-edge Artificial intelligence around input methods has released a report to better understand consumption pattern and user behaviour on smartphones ever since the nation-wide lockdown has been imposed.

*This trend report is based upon the anonymised and aggregated insights collected on Bobble AI platforms post and during the COVID-19 outbreak in India. This information is made available by Bobble AI for educational purposes as well as to give out general information on the usage of various apps and websites.

Bobble AI data intelligence and analysis shows:

Staying connected

● As every organization in a span of a mere one week has shifted towards the virtual world, video conferencing platforms have become imperative. Video Conferencing applications like Zoom, Google, Hangouts, Google Duo, and Houseparty have seen a 71.11% increase in time spent, with a 104.12 % increase in active user count.

● House party has seen a massive increase of 215.97% in time spent, along with an overnight spike of 8142.55 % in active users.

Followed by Zoom with an increase of 141.69%in time spent, with an 85.43% increase in engagement rate and a 2542.23% increase in active users.

Fitness and me

Apart from work from home, workout from home is a new furor.

● Fitness applications like, Lose Weight at Home, Cure.fit, Home Workout has seen a 39.50% increase in time spent with a 14.72% increase in engagement rate, and 104.53% increase in daily active users.

● Lose Weight at Home has seen a 46.98% increase in time spent, with a 49.33% increase in active users.

Up-skilling and reskilling

● E-learning platforms like Udemy, Unacademy and Byjus have seen an 82.73% increase in time spent, along with a whopping 122.62% increase in engagement and 25.12% increase in daily active users.

● Udemy has seen a 119.05% increase in time spent, with a 36.93% increase in engagement.

Entertainment, entertainment, and entertainment

● OTT platforms like Hotstar, Amazon Prime and Netflix have seen an 82.63% increase in time spent.

● Netflix has seen a whopping 110% increase in time spent, with a 50.71% increase in engagement rate and 54.80% increase in active user count.

● Followed by Amazon Prime Videos with a 98.92% increase in time spent, with a 32.75% increase in engagement and a 23.52% increase in daily active users.

Engaging on Social media

With the complete lockdown, Social Media and Messaging apps have also seen an instant boom.

● Applications like Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, and Twitter have seen a 46.28% hike in time spent, with a 49.23% increase in engagement and a 29.55% increase in daily active users.

● There is a 57.64% increase in time on WhatsApp, with a 49% increase in engagement.

● Followed by Instagram with a 50.30% increase in engagement rate.

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