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Fists of Fury fly on Zee Studio throught October

Catch the martial arts movie festival, that will make you say ‘WHAT THE FU?!’  Starting 5th October, Mon-Fri at 9:00 pm

The premium English movie channel will present the biggest martial arts film festival on television with its specially curated property - ‘Fists of Fury’ offering some cult and contemporary handpicked movies. Starting this October, 9pm on Mondays – Fridays is going to be ‘FUL OUF SUP PAH ACK SHN’ (full of super action) only on Zee Studio.

‘FISTS Of FURY’ will feature movies like, Karate Kid 2 & 3, Curse of the Golden Flower, Bloodsport, Death Warrant, Lionheart, Badges of Fury, Myuai Thai, Kung Fu Panda, The Tuxedo, Champion, Pirate Brothers, Special ID and Shaolin Girl.

Get ready for some kicks and punches as Fists of Fury showcases combat packed performances by Jackie Chan, Jean Claude Van Damme, Jet Li and the martial arts superstar of today, Donnie Yen.

Nothing else beats action the way martial arts does, hence Zee Studio will present its viewers with the best movies that will make you say ‘WHAT THE FU?!

Witness this heart-thumping martial arts fest from the 5th to 23rd of October only on Zee Studio ‘See it all’.

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