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The series has been a stupendous success since the release of its first season. While the first two seasons were greatly appreciated by audiences making it probably the most viewed series on Indian OTT, the recently launched season, Ek Badnaam…Aashram 3, has also very quickly and successfully entered the 100MN viewership club within 32 hours of its release.

The series seems to be setting newer benchmarks with every passing season. The first two seasons of Aashram have received a total viewership of around 160MN unique users. Also, within six hours of the trailer release of season 3, the show was trending at number 1 on YouTube across India. The love and appreciation that audiences have shown for Season 3 is unparalleled. The storyline, the characters are all the talk of the town since its release on 3rd June.

Aashram is a show that highlights the life of a megalomanic Baba Nirala. In this season, Kashipur Waale Baba Nirala has become fearless and, his lust for power has been accentuated, making him unstoppable. He believes to be above all and thinks he's God. The power of Aashram is at its peak. This ‘Badnaam’ Aashram continues to exploit women, indulge in the drugs and illegal activities to gain power and position in the society. On the other hand, Pammi is having sleepless nights to seek revenge from Bhagwaan Nirala.

Gautam Talwar, Chief Content Officer, MX Media said, "At MX Player, our aim is to always offer path-breaking narratives. We encourage storytellers to showcase authentic stories that build strong resonance with our audiences, strengthening our promise of entertaining and keeping viewers engaged. Ek Badnaam…Aashram 3, as a series, has scaled up our viewership and is testimony to that. Season 2 had 50Mn in less than 17 hours and season 3 has crossed 100Mn in just 32 hours of the series launch. We will continue creating powerful engaging content and thank our audiences for their unwavering appreciation."

Producer and Director Prakash Jha says, “We are incredibly proud of Aashram and all the seasons that we’ve released so far. The viewers have once again shown their love and we are humbled by their response. The entire cast and crew have worked tirelessly and we’re happy that we’ve had great support from MX Player and look forward to our future associations too. We thank our viewers for their unwavering support.”

The series features an ensemble cast comprising Bobby Deol, Aaditi Pohankar, Chandan Roy Sanyal, Darshan Kumaar, Anupriya Goenka, Esha Gupta, Sachin Shroff, Adhyayan Suman, Tridha Choudhury, Vikram Kochhar, Anuritta K Jha, Rushad Rana, Tanmaay Ranjan, Preeti Sood, Rajeev Siddhartha and Jaya Seal Ghosh.

Stream all episodes of Ek Badnaam…Aashram 3 for free now, exclusively on MX Player.

Launches three brand-new shows – The Superwomaniya Show with Stutee, Filmy Fever with Anurag Pandey aka Picture Pandey & Fever Café hosted by local RJs in each city.

Your afternoons will never be the same again!! Fever FM India’s leading radio station has gone ahead and revamped its entire afternoon band starting from 11am onwards with brand new shows & a fresh new playlist. Fever 104 FM launched three national shows in the afternoon time bands to ensure your day is never devoid of quality infotainment!

From 11am to 1pm, The Superwomaniya of Fever Fm, RJ Stutee, will delight the audience with a strong new show talking about the Superwomaniyas of our country. The show aims to build a strong community for women, aiming to give them a safe space to talk about various issues and openly share their opinion without any judgements. The show targets not only women but will be an inclusive show where men, women and non-binary everyone is invited!

After that Stars Ka BFF, Picture Pandey goes live with Filmy Fever from 1pm to 4pm. He will greet the audience in a completely new upgraded avatar. Picture Pandey is your go-to man for all kind of filmy gossip, breaking celebrity news, and a daily dose of entertainment from the filmy universe!

Next up, from 4pm to 5pm Fever is introducing local shows under the banner Fever Café hosted by local RJs, where the jocks will discuss all things local. It is a hyperlocal show targeted to cover everything that a denizen needs to know. Be it about the local cuisine, entertainment, celebrity appearances, events or information on any new businesses, local initiatives and much more that the city has to offer. The show will provide you with all the entertainment and information on everything going on in your city.

So come along with Fever Fm on this new journey and have a good time. Fever 104 FM is here to help you make the most of your weekdays.

"Fever FM is taking up the reins to rejuvenate and invigorate the afternoons," says Ajit Dheer, CEO – Radio and Entertainment, HT Media Ltd and Next Mediaworks Ltd. "All these shows are very carefully curated, having gone through a rigorous process of research and testing with the actual TG. Based on a strong market understanding of the customer cohorts that we cater to, it was important for us to focus with programs with sharp targeting which unlocks great advantage to our advertisers as well as they can reach out to very sharply defined audience with minimum spillover. I am super excited to launch these new shows and revamp Fever’s afternoon line up completely. That’s not all we are in the process of bringing more new shows, which we will be announcing soon as well."

"The perception about radio consumption is that it is a morning & evening primetime entertainment medium is a big myth." says Gaurav Sharma, Chief Programming and Digital Strategy Officer, Fever Network. “Today’s media consumption habits have changed. All day-parts are consumed equally with strategic co-hort segmentation. Our content team at Fever FM offers a unique array of content where there is something for everyone on Fever Fm. In fact, all our shows are primetime heroes!"

This Environments Day Red FM is asking their listeners to do a partnership with the plants by taking care of them & planting more trees. As part of the initiative, we will ask listeners across authorities, celebs, schools, offices to have this Ped partnership with RedFM.

The initiative is announced in association with UN Environment.

Popular RJs of RED FM like Mallishka from Mumbai, Praveen from Kolkata & RJ Kisna & Rohan from Delhi will share the stories about the oldest trees from their cities. Joining hands for planting one tree and taking care of it looks like a small step but this पेड़ Partnership will help our coming generations too.

So, Stay Environment Healthy with RedFM ki Ped Partnership… Kyunki teri kisi bhi partnership se zyada important hai Ped Partnership.

Aaj Tak India’s no 1 news channel has launched Aaj Tak Campus (ATC), a one-stop online guide for college admissions and competitive exams, offering creative solutions to students for career planning and skill building.

The ATC platform provides students with an opportunity to take an Aaj Tak Campus National Aptitude Test (ATCNAT). This unique online exam, which can be taken after registering on the https://www.aajtakcampus.in , will enable students to analyse their level of preparation for the entrance exams of their choice.

The catalogue of exam covers JEE, NEET, CLAT, IPMAT, CUET, SSC-CHSL, SSC-CGL, UPSC-CSE, Bank PO, Bank Clerk.

Participating students will be given an achievement certificate and a test outcome which will include a comprehensive analysis report, including subject-wise breakdown, percentile, and more.

Top rank holders of each category will also feature on the digital platforms of India Today and Aaj Tak.

The report, titled ‘The Ormax OTT Audience Report: 2022’, is an in-depth profiling of Indian SVOD & AVOD audience

Media consulting firm Ormax Media announced the release of its latest research report on the Indian streaming category, titled The Ormax OTT Audience Report: 2022. The report, based on research conducted across more than 6,000 SVOD & AVOD audience in urban India, is India’s largest profiling study on the streaming category.

As per Ormax Media’s 2021 estimates, India’s digital video audience universe stood at 353.2 Million, of which 31% were SVOD audience while the remaining (69%) were AVOD audience. In this follow-up report, the SVOD and AVOD groups have been profiled in depth, on various aspects of their digital video consumption, such as viewing behaviour, languages, format & genre preference, subscription drivers & barriers, media habits, etc. The report is now available for subscription for streaming platforms, brands and content producers.

The report reveals that the audience are watching content across multiple languages, because of the presence of dubbing and subtitling options that are widely available, especially on SVOD platforms. An Indian SVOD audience watches content in 4.6 languages on an average. A large share of audience of content in the four South Indian languages comes from outside their native state. For example, 88% Malayalam content viewers are from outside Kerala, while 82% Tamil content viewers are from outside Tamil Nadu. The AVOD outlook on language content is more conservative, primarily because of the low presence of multi-language dubbing on AVOD services, including YouTube.

Dubbing has also fuelled the growth of English and other foreign language content, including Korean. 65% SVOD audience and 43% AVOD audience in urban India watch English language content, though a sizeable section among them (more than half) prefer to watch it in an Indian language via dubbing.

Average number of languages of content consumption among SVOD audience are higher in the Southern states, with Karnataka leading with an average of 5.7 languages. UP, Rajasthan, MP & Chhattisgarh rank the lowest on this measure, at an average of less than four languages.

Speaking about the report, Shailesh Kapoor, Founder & CEO, Ormax Media, said: “Streaming is a fast-growing category in India, and hence, it is important for content creators and marketers to constantly upgrade their understanding of the audiences, their taste, their viewing habits, and their viewing triggers. This report is a comprehensive update on how the behaviour and choices of Indian OTT audience have evolved over the course of the pandemic years, where there was unprecedented exposure to streaming content”.

Speaking about another key finding besides the growth of multi-language content, Kapoor said: “A lot of AVOD content is being made in India today with an SVOD lens. However, this report reveals that the formats and genres preferred by SVOD and AVOD audience are significantly different from each other. Since streaming has come up in India only recently in a big way, a lot of content greenlighting in the category has happened on instinct so far, without any robust consumer data to aid the decision-making process. The Ormax OTT Audience Report is our endeavour to help platforms make more informed content choices”.

As an aside, we are often asked if the OSIL lists are based on box office data, social media presence or endorsements undertaken by film stars. The answer is that they are not. All OSIL reports are based on primary research, where audience are asked to name their favorite stars. Their choices may get impacted by the three factors listed above. But we do not explicitly account for these factors. These factors must cut through to the audience, and reflect in their favorite star choices, to have an impact in the OSIL reports.

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