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Generative AI can be used to create new content from scratch, such as news articles, product descriptions, or social media posts. However, it's important to note that while generative AI can produce high volumes of content quickly, the quality may not always meet the standards of original content, so bring in the human element to balance it.

1. Content augmentation: Generative AI can be used to augment existing content by generating additional content that complements or expands on the original. For example, a generative AI tool can be used to create blog post summaries or social media captions for existing content.

2. Personalization: Generative AI can be used to personalize content for individual users based on their interests and preferences. For example, a generative AI tool can be used to create customized email newsletters for subscribers based on their reading history.

3. Content suggestion & optimization: Generative AI can be used to optimize content for search engines and other discovery platforms. For example, a generative AI tool can be used to create headlines or meta descriptions that are more likely to attract clicks.

4. Idea generation: Generative AI can be used to generate new ideas for content creation based on trends, keywords, or other parameters. For example, a generative AI tool can be used to suggest new topics for blog posts or video content.

5. Translation Services: Generative AI can be used to automatically translate content into multiple languages, allowing publishers to reach a global audience more easily.

Perils of AI for the original content publishers

1. Legal Issues: One of the biggest risks is the possibility of violating copyright laws. Generative AI has the capability to produce content that could potentially be similar to or even identical to existing content, which could lead to legal issues and infringement claims.

2. Quality and Originality: Generative AI can produce large amounts of content in a short amount of time, but the quality and originality of the content may be lacking. AI-generated content may lack the depth and complexity that human-generated content can provide, leading to lower engagement and a lack of interest from readers.

3. Brand Reputation: Using generative AI for content creation can also damage a brand's reputation if the quality of the content produced is below par or if the content is found to be plagiarized. This can lead to a loss of trust from readers and a negative impact on the brand's image.

4. Over Dependence on Technology: Relying too heavily on generative AI for content creation can also create a dependence on technology that may be difficult to break. This can limit a publisher's ability to think creatively and come up with original content ideas, leading to a lack of diversity in the content produced.

5. Devaluation of original content: If generative AI is widely adopted, it could lead to an oversupply of content, which could decrease the value of original content. Publishers may need to find new ways to differentiate their content to remain competitive.

6. Ethical concerns: Generative AI can be used to create content that is misleading, deceptive, or harmful. Publishers must consider the ethical implications of using AI to create content and ensure that they are using the technology responsibly.

How to control AI from unauthorized content crawling

It is not possible to completely prevent AI from crawling online content because search engines and web crawlers are essential tools used by search engines to index and rank web pages. However, there are a few ways that online content creators can make it more difficult for AI to crawl their content:

1. Use Robots.txt: Content creators can use a robots.txt file to instruct web crawlers on which parts of their website they do not want to be crawled. This file can help exclude certain pages or directories from being indexed by search engines.

2. Implement CAPTCHA: Implementing a CAPTCHA on the website can prevent automated scripts or bots from crawling the website. This can be an effective way to stop unwanted crawling by bots.

3. Use JavaScript: JavaScript can be used to block bots from crawling the website by displaying content only when certain actions are taken on the website.

4. Use "noindex" tags: "Noindex" tags are HTML tags that can be added to individual pages to instruct search engines not to index them. This can be useful for pages that contain sensitive or private information that should not be publicly accessible.

5. Implement access controls: Content creators can use access controls, such as passwords or user accounts, to restrict access to certain pages or sections of their website. This can help to limit the exposure of sensitive content to unauthorized users, including web crawlers.

6. Use content delivery networks (CDNs): CDNs can help to limit the visibility of a website's origin server and make it more difficult for web crawlers to access content.

Generative AI can be a powerful tool for original content publishers, allowing them to create more personalized, optimized, and engaging content for their audiences. However, it's important to use these tools responsibly and ensure that the content produced is still unique and valuable to readers. While generative AI can provide new opportunities for content creation, it's important for publishers to approach it with caution and weigh the potential risks and benefits before incorporating it into their content strategy.

Ultimately the power should rest with original online content creators to determine the level of access they want to provide to their content and the potential risks associated with blocking access to their content for AI and its human users. I strongly believe that some Legal and governmental controls will come in sooner or later in this space.

Like the age old saying “ you got to tame it before you can ride it”

Authored by Boby Paul, Senior General Manager – Marketing, Manorama Online

Agencies from the USA Lead the Shortlist followed by the United Kingdom, Germany, and Canada; Area 23, Ogilvy, McCann, VMLY&R, and FCB Top Shortlist

New York Festivals Health Awards has announced the 2023 Shortlist.

The international New York Festivals Health Awards honors the world's best healthcare advertising and celebrates creative achievement within the healthcare advertising, marketing, and communication space beyond the barriers of language and culture.

"NYF Health is proud to Shortlist this year's impressive creative work in healthcare, wellness, and pharmaceutical emanating from some of the world's most prominent agencies," said Scott Rose, President, New York Festivals Advertising Competitions. "The caliber of this year's work was exceptionally forward-thinking and impactful. Leading edge entries from around the globe demonstrated innovation and truly impressed the NYF Health Awards Grand Jury."

This year's Shortlist was thoughtfully determined by the NYF Health Awards Grand Jury from Healthcare, Wellness and Pharma entries submitted from 29 countries around the globe.

2023's Grand Jury panel selected 264 entries to advance to the trophy round. All Shortlisted entries progress to live judging rounds to determine award rank determined by the 2023 NYF Health Awards Executive Jury populated with award-winning industry experts and thought leaders. New York Festivals Health Awards Executive Jury is led by 2023 Executive Jury President, Adam Hessel, CCO for Ogilvy Health.

Entrants advancing to the next round utilized a wide spectrum of strategies to create engagement and deliver creative result driven work for prominent brands. Agencies employed activations, experiences and events, influencers, social video, Out-of-Home, digital marketing, technology-based engagement, branded entertainment, integrated campaigns, altered reality, animation, and visual effects to position brands, engage consumers and health care professionals, and achieve market growth.

For 2023, US Agencies led the Shortlist this year with 164 entries advancing to the next round, agencies from the United Kingdom saw 25 entries move on to the next round. In addition, Germany advanced with 15 entries and Canada with 14 entries.

A global view of entries achieving Shortlist status include Spain advancing with 7 entries, Hong Kong with 6, Brazil with 5, and both Australia and Colombia saw 3 entries Shortlisted. Agencies from India, The Netherlands, and Poland each saw 2 entries move to the next round. Argentina, Denmark, Honduras, Japan, Pakistan, Singapore, and Thailand each saw a single-entry advance.

The NYF Health Awards will celebrate creative work with the following new award. The New York City Award will honor advertising that captures the cutting-edge vibe of New York City.

For more information on the 2023 NYF Health competition visit: HERE. View the NYF Health Awards 2023 Shortlist HERE.

The channel has registered 115% increase in TVTs during prime-time; 9 pm show News Ki Pathshala registered 158% growth in its TVTs

The channel marked highest growth in the category on Digital with 90% increase in views in the last financial year

Making a big impact in the Hindi News space with innovative and differentiated content formats, Times Now Navbharat, has emerged as the fastest growing channel in the Hindi News Category on the back of fastest news, exclusive news breaks and most viewed prime-time shows - News Ki Pathshala and Sawal Public Ka. Surpassing its contemporaries with a wide margin, the channel has registered 115% increase in TVTs in the prime-time band. The channel has also achieved an astounding growth of 90% in its video views on YouTube and Facebook in the last Financial Year 21-22.

Navika Kumar, Group Editor, Times Network and Editor-in-Chief, Times Now Navbharat said, “We are extremely proud to witness Times Now Navbharat’ s promising growth and strong resonance with the viewers, since its launch. With superior news content and interactive show formats that focuses on issues that directly impact the people, Times Now Navbharat has successfully redefined the Hindi News genre to become the preferred Hindi channel of the viewers on TV and social media. I am confident that these numbers will only further our zest in scaling Times Now Navbharat to new heights and set new industry benchmarks.”

Making an indelible mark in the prime-time band with its one-of-a-kind show format, the channel’s 9 pm show News Ki Pathshala has registered a staggering growth in its TVTs with 158% increase, highest in the cohort (BARC| HSM| 15+ Pay| Growth basis AMA in Wk.18'22 Vs Wk.13'23, WD 2100-2200hrs). Recording a consistent increase in viewership on a weekly basis, the show in the latest Week13’23 secured a TSV of 6.3 minutes, ranked at No.3 in the category and 11% market share (BARC| HSM| 15+ | Weekdays 2100-2200hrs).

Bringing a paradigm shift in the style of news presentation on Television, ‘News Ki Pathshala’ anchored by Sushant Sinha decodes the news and current affairs with fresh perspectives for its viewers. A huge hit on digital platforms ‘News Ki Pathshala’ is one of the most shared and liked TV news shows on various social media platforms. The show that connects with the masses with an in-depth and easiest explanation of complex issues, with clear facts, garnered 92 Million views on Facebook and 32 Million views on YouTube in March (Source Youtube : Vidooly , Facebook: Crowdtangle).

Top Tier C-Suite Creative Leaders Discuss Modern Marketing in 2023

New York Festivals® Advertising Awards and Paul Marobella, CEO of VOKAL, the Digital Transformation Consultancy, launched episode 2 of NYF’s newest content series “State of the Biz.”

In this latest episode, Paul teams up with four A-list industry game-changing leaders to discuss what modern marketing means in 2023.

“State of the Biz” – What Does Modern Marketing Mean?

Host - Paul Marobella, Chief Executive Officer, VOKAL

* Jason Harris, Chief Executive Officer, Mekanism
* Laura Maness, Global Chief Executive Officer, Grey
* Lisa Pillet, Global Chief Marketing Officer, Fossil Group
* Brenda Tsai, Chief Marketing Officer, State Street

Together these C-suite innovators, known for their high stakes decision making ability and strategic skills, together share their perspective on modern marketing.

Through thought provoking questions and insightful analysis, the panel explores what a balanced go-to-market strategy looks like, how data-driven marketing is evolving, creativity in the era of AI, the shift in talent strategy as technology advances, cultural relevance, and more.

“Our North Star with NYF’s State of the Biz is to deliver thought-provoking, informative, and powerful insights from our industry’s best and this month’s panel is no exception. Our key takeaway is that the magic of modern creativity and marketing is perpetual, constantly shape-shifting, requiring the best marketers to not only lean into innovation for growth but continually build on the never-changing truths of brand and marketing strategy. This truly is a pivotal moment in advertising and marketing history.” –Paul Marobella, Chief Executive Officer, VOKAL

A masterful interviewer, both fluent in digital + data, Paul brings his unique hybrid experience and insights to the series as host. He’s the definition of a modern marketer with over 20 years working with immersive digital experiences within the agency and brand space. His 360-degree perspective provides him with the industry connections to assemble some of the most amazing minds in advertising, marketing, and brand building to come together to discuss the “State of the Biz.”

“We’re excited to continue this series with Paul and these powerhouse creative executives. This latest episode is definitely worth watching as Paul and his panel of C-suite innovators share their perspective and industry insights on the evolving industry landscape,” said Scott Rose, President, New York Festivals Advertising Awards Competitions.

The official deadline to enter the 2023 New York Festivals Advertising Awards is April 28, 2023. For more information on categories, rules and regulations, visit HERE. To enter your work into the 2023 Advertising Awards, visit HERE.

MakeMyTrip, India's leading online travel company, has witnessed a massive 60% increase in user engagement apart from a 6X increase in unique customer responses with a globally recognized customer engagement platform, Netcore Cloud.

The brand had recently leveraged Netcore’s AI-powered email delivery platform to create and deploy AMP Emails, enabling it to achieve this significant feat.

MakeMyTrip, with its vast customer base, relies heavily on email campaigns to communicate with its customers and keep them informed about the latest offers, promotions, and travel packages. In such a scenario, it is critical to ensure that emails are delivered right to the inbox. Hence, it increases the chances of the customer opening the mail and engaging with them. AMP Emails are interactive emails designed to engage users in their inboxes without redirecting them to other websites. By delivering highly relevant and targeted AMP emails, Netcore helped MakeMyTrip achieve exceptional results in improving customer engagement.

Speaking about this success, Abhinav Narula, Vice President - Marketing, MakeMyTrip  said, "Netcore's AMP email platform has revolutionized our email marketing campaigns. The highly personalized and targeted emails gave us an uplift in unique opens by 45% and a 6X increase in unique responses. Additionally, AMP Emails have also helped us add newly engaged users by over 60%, which is a remarkable achievement in the highly competitive travel industry."

Ramesh Srinivasan, CEO - India Business at Netcore Cloud said, "We are thrilled to see our AI-powered platform, Raman, making a significant impact on MakeMyTrip's email marketing campaigns. Our focus on innovation and customer-centricity has helped us build products that deliver value to our customers, and we are committed to continuing to do so."

The partnership between Netcore and MakeMyTrip is an excellent example of how AMP Emails can help companies achieve exceptional results in email marketing campaigns.

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