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National Geographic in India, with Gul Panag, brings stories of hope and change this Earth Day through Planet Possible

Through the riveting voice of Bollywood actor and environmental enthusiast - Gul Panag, the channel will premiere ‘Tiger Queen of Taru’ & ‘On the Brink’ as a part of its Earth Day special on April 22nd

National Geographic in India, with a mission to ignite hope and change among the planet-conscious viewers, is bringing in Planet Possible to celebrate Earth Day 2021. Bringing actor and environmental enthusiast – Gul Panag on board; Planet Possible seeks to inform, inspire and empower viewers by bringing them stories of ingenuity, grit, hope, and optimism. The celebrations will feature ‘Tiger Queen of Taru’ & ‘On the Brink’ that will premiere on April 22, 2021 at 12 pm & 1 pm on National Geographic India and Nat Geo Wild and will also be available on Disney+ Hotstar.

Encouraging viewers to bring about a change – either through the biggest or smallest of actions, Planet Possible aims to inspire people of all ages to step outside their realities, ask questions, look closer, and forge a deeper understanding of the world and their place in it. As a part of the initiative, the films - ‘Tiger Queen of Taru’ & ‘On the Brink’ will explore the life of wild animals living in the 21st century in India and share intriguing insights along with offering a fresh new perspective and nuances.

Directed by Indian documentary filmmaker – Aishwarya Sridhar for over six years, the film ‘Tiger Queen of Taru’ traces the remarkable life of Maya, a wild Bengal tiger living in the Tadoba Andhari tiger reserve, Maharashtra’s oldest and largest National park. ‘On the Brink’ series journeys through the sub-continent, immersing audiences in the most incredible landscapes and habitats in the country and bringing them eye to eye with the rarely spotted animals that are living on the edge of extinction. From vanishing Gharial crocodiles in Chambal River to Indian Pangolin in Papikonda National Park, Andhra Pradesh, the 2-part series will uncover the hidden and harsh reality, secrets and facts about the endangered species and help discover the key for their survival.

“At National Geographic, we draw audiences with our creative storytelling; taking them on immersive, empathetic journeys. With an unwavering commitment to the world we live in, Planet Possible hopes to provide a perspective-shifting inspiration through our narratives - ‘Tiger Queen of Taru’ & ‘On the Brink’ and illustrate the most effective ways to help our world. We are really happy to have Gul Panag join us in our mission to bring stories of hope and change for all the planet lovers across in the country”, said Kevin Vaz, President & Head - Infotainment, Kids & Regional Entertainment Channels, Star & Disney India

“I have grown up with National Geographic and I’m truly honoured that I got the chance to be part of their Earth Day special celebrations. The thought and cause behind Planet Possible is extremely close to my heart since I firmly believe that we should all be contributing towards our planet. I am urging people to take inspiration from the films and do their bit in making the world a better place to live in”, said Gul Panag

Planet Possible specials ‘Tiger Queen of Taru’ & ‘On The Brink’ will be premiering on April 22nd at 12 pm & 1 pm on National Geographic India and Nat Geo Wild. They will also be available on Disney+ Hotstar

Statutory Warning!

Plastic is injurious to health, aur iska prayog aapko beemar, bohot beemar bana sakta hai!

The global concern of plastic pollution refuses to cease. The current scenario and the glaring statistics around the world are a constant reminder of the crime we’re committing on Mother Earth, and the clock is ticking faster than ever! While we continue to stay at home and fight against the pandemic, let’s do our bit to save the environment and not make way for another one. On World Earth Day 2021, MTV brings a quirky brand film that reminds us, “Using Plastic is Crime” and its high time we take the onus to save our planet!

With its tongue-in-cheek representation, the brand film by MTV opens to a setting of a potential crime scene, where a masked killer is all set to choke a man with a piece of plastic. Much to the victim and the killer’s surprise, the Police arrives at the scene, leading on to a pressing conversation where the Policeman reprimands the killer on the careless use of plastic. The humorous representation in the film draws a bold parallel of showcasing the usage of plastic as a grave crime and leaves the viewers with a stark reminder on the same.

So, this World Earth Day, let’s say no to plastics, the MTV way!

The European Super League (ESL) is set to be a €2.5bn own goal. Brand Finance has been tracking the financial value of football brands for 15 years and this proposition is potentially the biggest shakeup to the game seen in that time. We calculate that the ESL Founding Clubs are likely to lose a combined brand value of €2.5bn, but that number could potentially be as high as €4.3bn.

Richard Haigh, Managing Director of Brand Finance, commented: “For the ESL ‘Founding Clubs’ the prize seems obvious - more money - but this ignores the huge risk that fans won’t follow and neither will the money. There is outrage in the home markets from both fans and leagues alike, but it is not clear yet what the repercussions will be. Will fans vote with their feet and leave the clubs many have supported their entire lives? Will the leagues impose fines, or point deductions leading to relegation and further financial loss?”

In the most likely scenario, we estimate that the annual loss for the Founding Clubs will be €1.1bn in revenue a year and the brands will all suffer significant reputational damage, leading to a drop in brand value of €2.5bn. This loss is a combination of lower broadcasting, commercial, and matchday revenue. It assumes that the UEFA will not allow the teams to compete in Champions League and the national leagues also remove the teams from their rosters.

Our analysis indicates that not only would the move inflict financial damage on the Founding Clubs themselves, but also on the other clubs in their leagues, which may lose up to 25% of their brand value.

Hugo Hensley, Head of Sports Services at Brand Finance, commented: “In our view the result will be damaging for the clubs involved. The sentiment of fans online is overwhelmingly negative, with negative posts outweighing positive ones 3 to 1. Negative sentiment like this will inevitably lead to lower matchday spend and commercial revenue in the clubs’ home nations, which is still the lion’s share of any European club’s income.”

If not from the domestic markets, then the revenue will have to come from the US or China, but an uplift in either of these geographies seems unlikely. In both the US and China, the domestic leagues are by far the most popular as measured in Brand Finance’s Football Fan Survey. 31% of US fans prefer Major League Soccer and 21% of Chinese Fans prefer the Chinese Super League – and these numbers are already strengthening year by year. Both are countries that will more readily put their resources behind home grown team brands than foreign ones if the opportunity presents itself.

China is no longer an undeveloped market for European and North American football brands to grow. As we have seen in our studies of other industries, Chinese brands are growing fast. Many of these brands, like Evergrande, are starting to become household names in Europe and it is only a matter of time before we start hearing about Chinese Football clubs more regularly. The European Super League launch plays into their hands.

David Haigh, Chairman of Brand Finance, commented: “In 2011, President Xi Jinping announced his dream to see China win the World Cup, a dream many thought impossible, but as a result the game has received investment at all levels in the country. If the ESL Founding Clubs think that the Chinese market is a vacuum available for them to fill, they are in for a nasty shock when they discover there’s only one true ‘super league’ in China.”


Source:Brand Finance

Carat India, the flagship media agency from the house of dentsu international, has appointed Dipika Bhasin as Executive Vice President.

In her new role, Dipika will lead the agency’s North & East offices and focus on developing & managing Carat's senior client relationship in addition to helping the agency drive the growth for its North and East markets. She will report into Anita Kotwani, CEO, Carat India.

Armed with more than 20 years of experience, Dipika has expertise in working with diverse teams, functions, industries, and has worked on challenging business leadership roles to drive business growth. In her previous stint with PHD Worldwide, Dipika held the position of Senior Vice President and was responsible for media management. She pivoted the digital media operations and their effectiveness for marketers in the media mix. She has worked on top brands like LG, Vivo, Royal Enfield, HP, SC Johnson, Perfetti, Maruti, Snapdeal, SAP, Adidas, Nissan and also various non-profit organisations. Additionally, she has also worked with Aircel and on brands that include consumer durables, FMCG, e-commerce and auto.

Speaking on the appointment, Anita Kotwani said, “As we strengthen and reshape the Carat offering for the Indian market, we needed a leader who is well networked, connected and understands the nuances of the Northern markets. Dipika, with her expansive & stellar work done across brands and categories, was our ideal choice as she brings in an integrated experience of the new-age eco-system. Her strong connections with the brands and marketers will ensure that the growth path crafted for Carat gets delivered in this market.”

Commenting on her new role, Dipika Bhasin added, “I am excited to be part of Carat India and to be working with an inclusive and diverse team. I would want to focus on expanding our footprint by strengthening seamless planning, digital transformation and innovation in the media space to help our clients grow. The commitment of the Carat team to deliver value for clients and partners are reckoned by the industry. It is a homecoming for me and I really look forward to strengthening the portfolio of our team offerings in collaboration with dentsu international. Looking forward to partner at all levels and deliver growth and value consistently.”


The Indian Express and the Financial Times have today announced a major partnership centered around a series of high-level, online events that will explore the steps required to revive India's global competitiveness, as the Covid-19 pandemic continues into its second year.

The series, entitled "India's Place in the Post-Pandemic World", will be co-produced by The Indian Express and FT Live, the global conferences and events division of the Financial Times Group. The events will gather policy, business and finance leaders from India and overseas to debate how the country can remain a leading player on the world stage, both economically and diplomatically, as it rebuilds after the pandemic.

The first event, on April 22, will focus on "India’s Quest for Economic Power" and feature a live keynote interview with the Minister of Finance and Corporate Affairs, Smt Nirmala Sitharaman; a presentation by the FT's Chief Economics Commentator Martin Wolf, on India's place in the post-COVID world economy; and an exclusive fireside chat with the UK's Minister for Investment Lord Grimstone.

This will be followed on May 20 by "India, China and the US: A New Geopolitical Landscape?", a close look at India's troubled ties with China and how New Delhi's relationship with the US will evolve under the Biden administration. Events focused on Banking & Finance, and Technology & Sustainability, will be held in September and November.

John Ridding, CEO, FT Group said:"We are delighted to be launching this series of events with The Indian Express, one of India's most respected news organisations, with millions of loyal readers not just within India but also overseas. The speed and shape of the global recovery will depend significantly on how quickly large and dynamic emerging markets like India can get back on their feet. These online debates will be an important platform to discuss the role policy-makers, investors and business leaders can play in reviving India's competitiveness, in the context of global economic, geopolitical and industry trends."

Anant Goenka, Executive Director, Indian Express Group said: "It's a pleasure to partner with the FT, one the most respected and innovative news organizations in the world for this series. At these times of atmanirbharta, India's relationship with the world and the global view of India are both crucial to understand. The FT and the IE have brought together our formidable journalistic resources to create this important and exciting stage, and an equally interesting audience. We are looking forward and grateful to the Honorable Finance Minister Smt Nirmala Sitharaman for agreeing to do the inaugural interaction.

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