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Glance launches ‘Lock Screen Trends Report, 2022’

Users watch content on lock screen nine out of ten times before unlocking their phones, report finds

Based on engagement patterns of over 200 million Glance users across India and Southeast Asia, the report reveals lock screens are now integral to users’ daily content consumption habits

Glance, the world’s leading lock screen content platform, today launched ‘Lock Screen Trends Report, 2022’ - a comprehensive report on content consumption and user behavior trends on mobile phone lock screens. Based on engagement patterns of over 200 million Glance users across India and Southeast Asia, the report sheds light on emerging trends and media consumption habits.

According to the report, Glance’s visually rich content cards that appear on lock screens have become a significant part of consumers’ daily content consumption habits. On average, consumers unlock their phones 70 times in a day and consume content on their lock screen 9 out of 10 times, or 65 times in a day. There is a 35% year-on-year (YoY) growth in lock screen content consumption between December 2020 and December 2021. Users are not only consuming more content on the lock screen but are also sharing lock screen content more frequently. Sharing of lock screen content is up 55% YoY between December 2020 and December 2021.

Bikash Chowdhury, Chief Marketing Officer of Glance said, “Glance has transformed the lock screen from being a boring, static space into a dynamic and interactive surface for LIVE content consumption across content genres. Be it entertainment, current affairs, games or sports, consumers can now enjoy the content they love, 24/7, without downloading any apps. A single glance is bringing creators instant fame as they can connect with millions of consumers on their lock screens. Brand marketers, developers and smartphone makers too have a new and powerful medium for engaging with their audiences.”

The findings in the report are based on insights from users on Glance and Roposo, a creator-led live entertainment commerce platform, on Xiaomi, Samsung, Vivo, Realme and Oppo smartphones, as well as consumer insights, third-party data, and industry reports.

Trends in India

What users are watching on lock screen

While content related to entertainment, sports, travel, food, and fashion are user favorites, a revival in the automobile sector is driving consumption of content in the Auto category.

The report also highlights differences in consumption patterns between weekdays and weekends. Users prefer information-centric content such as current affairs during weekdays and engage more with entertainment-based content such as movie trailers on weekends. The report sees a shift in prime time - the time of day at which most users watch content. While 9 p.m. has been the traditional primetime for television, lock screen content consumption surges from 7 PM and hits its peak at 11 PM.

LIVE – The New Frontier of Content Consumption

Users are watching more live, interactive content on the lock screen. They are also actively participating in live streams through interactive polls, AMA, questions, comments, and gifting. Gaming is the most popular live category, while entertainment and commerce are gaining traction. More than 12.5 million users watched live game streaming on their lock screen between December 2021 and February 2022. Users also love influencer live streams, including paid masterclasses, ticketed live shows, music concerts, stand-up, and fashion shows on Glance.

Game’s on – Time spent gaming on lock screen surges

Gaming as a category has seen a massive jump in engagement on Glance, with users spending 36% more time on games YoY (16 minutes). Live gaming watch time has grown by 45% within a six-month period. Users are also interacting more with these live games through polls, AMAs, rewards, etc.

Live Entertainment Commerce

Live entertainment commerce - where creators showcase products during live sessions - is gaining huge traction amongst users who love the ease of product discovery on lock screen. On Glance, live shopping is powered by Roposo, India’s first creator-led live entertainment commerce platform.

Trends in Southeast Asia

The report further outlines trends in Indonesia - a market where Glance has a major presence. Users in the country consumed 97% more lock screen content in 2021 compared to the year-ago period. Sharing of lock screen content by the users went up by 70% YoY. News, technology, nature & wildlife, entertainment, and health & fitness were the most preferred content categories amongst users in the geography.

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