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41% Indians watch IPL on their mobile phones

Indian Premier League brings about major changes in the way people make use of their mobile devices and social media accounts.

According to a recent study, out of 1037 participants surveyed, 41% of users said they watch IPL on their mobile phones while 52% watch it on their TV sets. Cheaper 4G mobile phones and rock bottom internet data prices have led to this gradual change among viewers in their content consumption pattern.

“IPL is a big event for India as millions of people are hooked onto their TV sets and mobile phones to follow each match regularly. Our survey has shown interesting trends in this space, and going ahead we believe more and more viewers will switch to their mobile phones to keep track on their popular IPL teams and matches with content consumption on TV gradually going down versus mobile phones,” said Mr. Sahil Chopra, Founder & CEO- iCubesWire.

IPL is also a major discussion point among Indians on social media as significant 73% of the respondents said they discuss IPL matches on social media platforms and an overwhelming 86% said they watch IPL indicating a solid following of the popular cricket league.

This survey commissioned by iCubesWire was conducted to understand the sentiments of Indian cricket match viewers and was done over two weeks across India.

In terms of preference for social media platforms, 56% of the respondents said that they share their views on IPL with others on Facebook, 20% said Instagram and 14% preferred Twitter. Surprisingly, Clubhouse, the new social media entrant in India also grabbed 4% share among the respondents.

When asked if the viewers have a look at the advertisements shown in between or they just change channels during breaks, 54% said they continue watching the ads and only 17% switched the channels.

The survey further shows that fantasy cricket league apps have made major inroads among Indian cricket fans with 57% of the respondents said they have paid money to participate in various apps which have come up over the last couple of years.

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