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About 74% Indians install 2-5 mobile shopping app

Criteo ,the commerce marketing leader, today announced findings from the ‘App Commerce Goes Big in Asia-Pacific’ study conducted with Retail Week Connect. With surging internet penetration, mobile retail and shopping apps are becoming a new-age trend in the Indian retail market. According to the recent survey commissioned by Criteo, about 74% of Indian respondents have installed 2-5 retail and shopping apps on their smartphones.

Many shoppers are now becoming more confident to shop using mobile phones, thanks to the new era of online payments, easy return policies, cash on delivery option, and free trial services being offered by leading retail brands. Certainly, a majority 80% of shoppers responded that they feel as comfortable and secure using mobile for online shopping as they do while using desktop/laptops. Also, mobile is no longer being used for purchasing only low-value items. Fashion (88%), electronics (78%) and health & beauty (54%) are leading categories in India encouraging about half of the respondents to purchase products/services 2-5 times a month. In the last three months, approximately 34% of Indian shoppers have clicked on an advertisement appearing in an app and purchased via their smartphone. The increasing use of smartphones is creating a great opportunity for brands to invest in mobile app optimisation and build a targeted marketing strategy to enhance mobile shopper engagement, leading to increased sales.

Expressing his views on the growing trend, Siddharth Dabhade, General Manager, Criteo India said, “In this cluttered retail market, brands need scale and personalisation to compete on an equal footing with their competitors. To do so, they must tap into an open commerce marketing ecosystem and use technology and data analytics to help shoppers find products of their choice and need. Criteo’s technology allows brands to engage with shoppers, creating relevant experiences on both retail apps and third-party platforms, thereby directly driving sales and profits.”

The Real Impact of Retail and Shopping App Experience

Mobile apps are becoming a crucial touchpoint for a shopper’s journey. In fact, it has become a must-have for majority of millennials in India using smartphones. From ordering food and buying groceries, to booking a cab, about 94% of smartphone users in India have discovered, searched for and purchased an item using a retail and shopping app.

A significant 75% of respondents believe that a bad retail and shopping app experience negatively impacts a brand’s perception. Conversely, about 98% said that a good app experience positively influences their opinion of a brand. Given that the effect of a good experience is stronger than that of a bad one, this underlines the importance of investing in customer experience and ensuring that an app meets the shoppers’ expectations.

Key factors and features that ensure a retail and shopping app meets expectations

Convenience: Over 40% of Indian respondents indicated convenience as their key driver for installing an app. This is followed by incentives and special promotions, or offers with 31% respondents voting it as a key driver. 16% said that personalised product recommendations influenced them to revisit and reuse a retail and shopping app. Retailers should ensure that their apps are as engaging and enjoyable to use as any news, social or gaming app. Gaining consumer attention should be the top priority for retailers.

Range and availability of products: The ease of accessing mobile apps anytime and anywhere gives consumers the opportunity to browse thousands of products, as per their choice and price preference – over 38% of respondents confirmed that availability of a wide range of products is what they valued most in a retail and shopping app.

Flexible payment options: About 15% of Indian respondents highlighted that unavailability of the cash-on-delivery option is the biggest barrier for them to use a retail and shopping app. Hence, availability of flexible payment options like online banking, mobile wallets and cash-on-delivery will encourage more consumers to use mobile apps to purchase products/services.

Customer Service: Nearly 85% of Indian respondents highlighted that being able to contact a customer service representative through an app is important for them. While another 70% indicated that the option to chat with a customer service representative in real-time via an in-app messaging function would be ideal.

Data Security Key to Building Trust in Brands

About 22% of Indian respondents do not feel comfortable submitting their personal and financial data on retail and shopping apps. Apps must, therefore, be developed and marketed as trusted platforms for online shoppers – by having brands prioritise shopper privacy and data protection.

A compelling new show in a debate format to question the authorities on behalf of the common man

​CNBC Awaaz, one of India’s leading Hindi news channels, launches a new debate-based show - ‘TAKKAR’. The high-intensity program will be graced by political leaders, authorities and dignitaries representing different sectors, who will engage in discussions on politics, finance, government policies and more. The engaging debates will bring-forth opinions and insights of the participants, on challenges faced by the common man. The show will witness the guest highlighting important issues and policies, thereby inadvertently educating the masses.

The riveting show, TAKKAR, will be hosted by the dynamic anchor - Amish Devgan. He will be seen interrogating participants, who are accountable for bringing about a change in conditions that create a challenge for citizens in their daily lives.

Commenting on the show Alok Joshi, Managing Editor, CNBC-Awaaz & CNBC-Bajar says, “The core idea behind ‘TAKKAR’ is to bring forward a platform that truly addresses issues faced by the common man and gives the people in power a fair opportunity to explain their side of the story. The show is packaged in an engaging yet simple format to ensure that our audience grasps the information and the discussions conducted on the show. Our news channel has always consciously brought forward shows, in captivating formats, to throw light on current affairs and situations in the nation. Through this offering, we aim to amplify the message with the presence of renowned personalities, who will address topics that genuinely matter.”

CNBC Awaaz anchor Amish Devgan says, “Healthy debates are one way we can attempt to raise people’s voice and opinions about policies and laws governing our society. There is a dearth of such platforms that are especially devoted to presenting claims and arguments of both the sides on trending controversial issues. ‘TAKKAR’ is conceived to address these issues and give a chance to our participants to justify their actions.”

The show will be aired on CNBC Awaaz, 9pm Monday to Friday​.

Wednesday, 25 October 2017 00:00

&pictures celebrates 10 years of Jab We Met

A story about selfless love, passion and living your life to the fullest, Jab We Met mesmerized viewers when the film first released in 2007 to packed theatres. Directed by Imtiaz Ali, the film stormed the box office and emerged as a blockbuster within a couple of days. And it wasn’t long before this Kareena Kapoor and Shahid Kapoor starrer achieved cult status. Now, as the film celebrates the 10 year milestone following its release, &pictures, Naye India Ka Blockbuster Movie Channel, gives viewers the opportunity to relive the Jab We Met experience through Geet (Kareena Kapoor Khan) and Aditya’s (Shahid Kapoor) story on 26th October 2017 at 10:30 AM. Along with Kareena Kapoor Khan and Shahid Kapoor, the film also saw memorable characters like Anshuman (Tarun Arora), Roop (Saumya Tandon), Dada ji (Dara Singh), and many more.

Director Imtiaz Ali says, “When making a movie you try to do your best, you write your best, you try to make it as natural and fun. But one thing I have realized is that if you put artificiality in a film and try to make it spicy, for that moment, those things start looking very redundant very soon. Keeping it pure is very essential in order for it to be remembered. The movie is about positivity; it gives you hope, makes you smile, especially that part when Kareena Kapoor, on the terrace of her building, tells Shahid, “Life is a game. Let’s enjoy it. Getting stressed about it doesn’t make it easier”. I think that was the icing on the cake in the film. I feel elated that people love the simplicity of the movie. It is not the usual love story where the boy meets girl and they fall in love. You can relive the magic of Jab We Met on 26th October on &pictures SD at 10:30AM and &pictures HD at 8PM.”

Actor Saumya Tandon who essayed the role of Geet’s sister, Roop, recollects, “Jab We Met was my first film. I remember I was called to the Ashtavinayak office and I met director Imtiaz Ali. I was not sure about doing a small role in Jab We Met. Imtiaz gave me the film script and asked me to read Geet’s dialogues and he read Aditya’s lines. We were reading aloud and, as I read along, I almost got swept into the scenes. The dialogues were so endearing the script was so fresh that I fell in love with it. By the end of the reading session totally charmed by Imtiaz and the script of ‘Jab We Met’. I’d decided in my head I will be a part of this.”

The story of a miserable business tycoon, Aditya, Jab We Met follows his life when he chances upon a chirpy and overly enthusiastic Geet during a train ride. Their paths continue to cross, to the extent that Aditya finds himself in charge of ensuring that Geet reaches her family in Bhatinda safely. Along the way, Geet showcases the happy-go-lucky side to her personality which teaches Aditya many life lessons which help him to build a strong future. But life, for Geet, comes to a stumbling halt when after eloping to Manali to meet the love of her life Anshuman (Tarun Arora), she finds herself lonely and heartbroken.

What went wrong in Geet’s fun-filled life? Will Aditya be able to rescue her?

Celebrate #10YearsOfJabWeMet as the film airs on &pictures at 10:30 AM on 26th October 2017!

Httpool and Twitter are pleased to announce the appointment of Httpool as Twitter’s official ad sales partner for Malaysia from October 1 2017, expanding the advertising support for marketers in Malaysia.

Brands and advertising agencies across the country can now work closely with an experienced Httpool Malaysia team to leverage Twitter Ad solutions to amplify their marketing objectives.

“Malaysia is an important emerging market for Twitter as a platform. We are committed to providing more support for advertisers in this market and are pleased to announce the collaboration with Httpool in Malaysia,” said Chandan Deep, Head of Reseller Partnerships, Asia Pacific, at Twitter. “With this partnership, we look to expand service levels and help more advertisers in Malaysia reach a global audience on Twitter.”

Three out of every five people on Twitter follow at least one brand. And 80% of people on Twitter are also active on mobile, giving advertisers the perfect opportunity to catch people on the go, in a moment when their content is most relevant. In fact, one in three people who have visited a brand on Twitter go on to make a purchase from that brand.*

"Twitter is unique because of its public, real-time, conversational nature. People come to Twitter to connect with their passion and seek expert opinions. This presents brands with a live connection to their users and allows them to reach the most influential audience, with the right message in the right moment. We are excited to partner with Twitter to bring its advertising proposition to Malaysia and look forward to helping advertisers to grow their communities, tell their story, increase loyalty and ultimately increase referrals and sales,” said Milind Pathak, Managing Director Httpool -Southeast Asia.

“The partnership with Twitter in Malaysia is a natural transition given the scale of our global partnership across 22 markets in Europe and more recently in India. Httpool team in Malaysia will provide first rate service to Twitter’s existing and new clients by collaborating with Httpool’s global offices and centers of excellence on best practices and brand strategy” said Sunny Nagpal, Co-Founder & Managing Director Httpool APAC.

The appointment of Httpool as Twitter’s official ad sales partner gives brands more access to the full line of products, services and support available from Twitter in Malaysia.

GMI Research has recently published a new report titled “The report on “Global Small Satellite Market by Type (Nano, Mini, & Microsatellite), by Application (Earth Observation & Meteorology, Scientific Research & Exploration, Surveillance & Security, Communication), by End-User (Civil, Commercial and Military), by Geography – Global Forecast to 2021”.

The global small satellite market was estimated at USD 1986 Million in 2016 and is projected to be valued at USD 4364 Million by the end of 2021, registering a CAGR of 17.05% during forecast period. Increased investment in space science, growing demand for high resolution earth imaging and rise in number of space missions by the government authorities worldwide are the key factors bolstering the growth of the small satellite market.

Based on Product Type, Nanosatellites is projected to be the fastest growing segment

Nanosatellites provide quicker, cost-effective and reliable access to space. These satellites can be used for complex space missions such as disaster management, environmental monitoring, scientific research and exploration, communication, military intelligence, navigation and other academic purposes. The less stringent regulations, less complex manufacturing process and low cost are the key factors fuelling the growth of nanosatellites market.

Based on Application, Earth Observation & Meteorology segment is estimated to hold the largest market share in the small satellite market

The earth observation and meteorology segment is estimated to capture the largest share of the total small satellite market due to the increased demand in the commercial, civil and military use globally. These satellites are capable of monitoring situations such as cyclones, hurricanes, earth quakes, powerplant disasters, storms, volcanic activities, among others.

Based on End-User, Commercial segment is projected to grow at the highest rate during the forecast period

The commercial small satellite market is projected to grow at the highest rate during the forecast period due to rise in the research & development activities worldwide. The satellite based navigation systems and internet services will be the key trends which will fuel the growth of said market. The use of geospatial technology for earth imaging applications such as agriculture monitoring, navigation, natural disaster monitoring has further spurred the commercial small satellite market.

Asia-Pacific is expected to witness a substantial growth in the small satellite market during the forecast period

The increasing focus towards lowering total mission costs is the key factor propelling the growth of the said market in the region. The government of emerging economies in the region are investing substantially on their development as these are satellites are cheaper, reliable and more economical. The small satellite is expected to register further growth in the emerging economies such as India and China.


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