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Engaging young viewers with indigenous stories and adorable characters, India’s leading kids’ entertainment channel, Nickelodeon has continued to be No.1 position in the kids' category for eight consecutive years. India’s biggest toon icon - Motu Patlu has been a big part of this success story. The adorable and loved duo are now celebrating 10 years of their fantastic journey of becoming the ultimate global icons.

From being born as characters in kids’ magazine Lotpot, to coming to life on television to being the first ever Indian animated character duo to have their statues at Madame Tussauds, Delhi, Motu Patlu’s meteoric journey has been unmatched. The everlasting bond with young viewers that now extends across OTT, consumer products, games and beyond is filled with milestones at every stage. Brought to life by Nickelodeon along with Cosmos Maya, the legendary Motu Patlu today reaches out to over 289 million viewers in 7 languages across the length and breadth of India. Here is recapping the most memorable and winning moments of India’s favourite Nicktoon’s #10tastic journey.

Victory with viewership

With an early achievement of being the highest-rated slot on Nick, Motu Patlu began its success story within the launch week itself in 2012 and since then continues to stay at the top and relevant a decade later, giving the category a much-needed impetus. A testimony to Nickelodeon’s challenging DNA, Motu Patlu’s exponential growth is visible through its current top position on the channel, contributing 45 percent to Nick’s total ratings and featuring amongst the top 5 shows of the category week on week.

Growing Global Fandom

With digital distribution, love for Motu Patlu has crossed national boundaries as they continue to entertain its young viewers across continents in different languages. With a screen-agnostic approach, Motu Patlu has delivered and entertained young viewers with 1000+ stories across 560 episodes, 25 movies, and 20+ games across iOS and Android further growing its fandom across the globe. In 2018, Google Trends declared Motu Patlu as the most searched Indian TV show in the world, making it one of the most significant milestones for the dynamic duo.

Building Advertiser Trust

Motu Patlu’s strong values, fandom and ratings have made way for integrations beyond FCT through product licensing, brand films, in-content product placements, adding significant brand building for advertisers in India. Motu Patlu’s popularity has led to patronage from leading advertisers including Colgate, Casio, Parle Products, Pratap Snacks, Perfetti Van Melle, ITC, Dabur among others.

Speaking on the fantastic decade of Motu Patlu, Nina Elavia Jaipuria, Head, Hindi Mass Entertainment & Kids TV Network, Viacom18, said, “Nickelodeon has truly been revolutionary in changing the face of kids entertainment in India. Ten years ago, the Indian kids’ entertainment category was in need of indigenous characters and stories and Nickelodeon, with the launch of Motu Patlu, successfully paved the way. With Motu Patlu, we built not just endearing characters but an iconic brand that has gone to be a category gamechanger amongst all stakeholders- kids, parents and our advertisers. We are thankful to our patrons and delighted on completing 10 very successful years and look forward to the next 10 with enthusiasm and zeal.”

On capturing young hearts and minds through its decade-old IP ‘Motu Patlu’, Anu Sikka, Creative, Content & Research, Kids TV Network, Viacom18, said “A decade ago, when we decided to give life to Motu Patlu on television it was a leap of faith. Not only were we introducing kids to our first homegrown indigenous IP but also introducing kids to two adult but adorable characters in a world dominated by international kid toons. Apart from being an exemplary piece of great storytelling, it is the affability and relatable camaraderie that made the duo a runway hit. From being launched as our homegrown IP to becoming global icons today, Motu Patlu’s width and depth of stories and immense fandom makes it the most successful and largest kids IP in the country. Motu Patlu’s success is a testimony to our deep understanding of kids content and propels us to continue tapping white spaces, launch new IPs and enthrall kids with great stories and characters for India. We are extremely thankful to Lotpot and Cosmos Maya for being a part of this legendary success story.”

"Motu Patlu have grown to become icons that have carved a space for themselves in India’s story of homegrown toons and we are elated on being a part of this journey. We are very happy that we were able to bring characters to life that have become an intrinsic part of a kid's childhood. We are delighted to have partnered with Nickelodeon on this journey which was truly visionary and one that opened avenues for growth for animation industry in India.” said Ketan Mehta, founder & MD, Cosmos Maya.


As per the latest BARC data for week 40, 2022, 1st India News has raced ahead of News18 Rajasthan with 44% share in the 15+ ALL TG (SOURCE: BARC; TG: 15+ ALL; MKT: RAJASTHAN (URBAN); WEEK 40, 2022; 24 HRS; SHARE% OF TOP 3 CHANNELS BASIS IMPRESSIONS 000’S)

1st India News has been consistently performing better than the competition in the Rajasthan Urban market on a weekly basis among the key TG of 15-50 Years Male Female ABC TG

In the same TG, 1st India Rajasthan has prevailed over the competition News18 Rajasthan week-on-week basis, with 46% share in week 39 and 45% share in week 40, 2022 respectively (SOURCE: BARC; TG: 15-50 YEARS MF ABC; MKT: RAJASTHAN (URBAN); WEEK 39 & 40, 2022; 24 HRS; SHARE% OF TOP 3 CHANNELS BASIS IMPRESSIONS 000’S)

Launched back in 2013, 1st India News boasts of a strong reporter network of over 2000 reporters and has deployed a reporter in each constituency of Rajasthan. The channel is usually the First-to-break accurate news. The latest BARC data clearly reflects that 1st India News is the preferred news channel of discerning Hindi news viewers in Rajasthan.

Mr Manoj Jagyasi, Chief Business Officer, said, “For regular updates and high impact news days, viewers tune into 1st India News for its credible and diverse news content. Key national advertisers and top clients in Rajasthan trust 1st India News to effectively deliver on their brand campaigns. We offer a wide range of customized media solutions which has increasingly attracted interest of advertisers and media agencies alike”

More performance spend and greater emphasis on flexible budgeting likely in 2023

Marketing and advertising budgets are coming under increasing pressure and heavy scrutiny from finance directors in the volatile and unpredictable 2022 marketplace, according to new research. Nevertheless, some of the world’s biggest brands remain committed to maintaining planned investment despite the threat of recession in many markets.

A new study from the World Federation of Advertisers (WFA) and Ebiquity assessed the intentions of 43 multinational companies. The sample included five of the world’s top 10 advertisers by spend, which collectively invest more than $44bn in advertising. Just under a third (29%) of those surveyed plan to decrease spend in 2023, with the same proportion claiming they will invest more next year. Four in 10 say they will maintain their budgets at 2022 levels. Three quarters of the sample "agree strongly” or “agree” that 2023 budgets are under heavy scrutiny, with marketers required to justify investment.

Regional differences

There is more evidence of a potential cut in spend in EMEA compared with APAC. In EMEA, for example, a third of respondents agree there could be a significant (more than 10%) or slight decrease (0-10%) next year, compared to 30% who are planning a slight increase in spend. By contrast, in Asia Pacific just 15% envisage a slight decrease while 35% plan a slight increase.

Shift to short-termism

The big change in behaviour seen in the research is a different emphasis in the way that money will be allocated next year, with greater emphasis on short-term, performance marketing. Twenty-eight per cent of respondents say they will seek to boost performance, compared to 21% who are focused on increased brand spend in 2023.

The big winner will be digital, with 42% saying they will increase spend either slightly or significantly, with offline media such as TV, radio, print, and outdoor likely to suffer. Nearly half of respondents are planning to cut offline investment and a quarter are looking to make a significant cut (of more than 10%) in print spend.

Increasing flexibility

The other major change is the move towards more flexibility in investment. This means greater use of biddable/auction-based platforms, a long-term change in the way media is bought particularly on digital channels. This approach also allows brands to hold back funds, should the economic conditions dictate. Fewer than one in 10 respondents (9%) are planning to increase the proportion of budget allocated to upfront commitments.

“It is encouraging to see that a number of clients are planning on standing firm and taking heed of the well-taught lessons of previous recessions, which show time and again that those who continue to invest or increase their ad spend emerge stronger from periods of economic uncertainty,” said Stephan Loerke, WFA CEO.

“As brands are required to achieve more with less in 2023 to optimise the value of their investments, it makes sense to review expenditure and cut ineffective and wasteful spend first,” added Nick Waters, Ebiquity’s Group CEO. “Sustaining investment is one thing, but there is a risk to long-term brand health by over-investing at the bottom of the purchase funnel. It is a natural instinct to want to see immediate results from media investment but the longer-term trade off needs to be weighed carefully. It becomes more expensive to re-build brand credentials once they have slipped.”


Burger King India has assigned its digital mandate to Havas Worldwide (Creative) India, the creative arm of Havas Group India.

The scope of the mandate will include creating cornerstone digital campaigns, social media as well as online response management, among other things.

Havas Worldwide India has been focusing on fortifying and updating its core expertise and offerings over the last two years. In 2021, Havas Worldwide India witnessed a growth of over 30% across its Mumbai and Delhi offices, thanks to significant business wins that include Tata Cliq Luxury, Bel Cheese, P&G, Vivo, and Celio, to name a few. The agency has also been strengthening its teams to bring in the best talent. As the agency's growth momentum continues in 2022, it will continue to come up with clutter-breaking work to deliver on its promise of making a meaningful difference in the lives of brands, businesses, and consumers.

Speaking of this association, Kapil Grover, Chief Marketing Officer, Burger King India said, “We are excited to have partnered with Havas Worldwide India, which comes with a track record of path-breaking digital campaigns for brands across markets and categories. We are confident that their expertise and market understanding will help us deliver innovative and groundbreaking digital campaigns; thereby further strengthening Burger King India to become the most lovable brand in the digital space. We look forward for a long and fruitful partnership.”

Commenting on the partnership with Burger King, Manas Lahiri, Managing Director, Havas Worldwide (Creative) India said, “In today’s cluttered digital ecosystem, only brands that come up with engaging, differentiated content make people sit up and take notice and we at Havas Worldwide India have been doing exactly that over the past few years. Burger King is one of the most audacious brands in the world today, known for creating truly innovative campaigns that become the talk of the town and we’re confident we will be able to create more such path-breaking, meaningful work for them.”

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Is Data Science transforming Travel?

“Intuition is thinking that you know without knowing why you do.” Decisions made solely on Intuition without data backed evidence are bound to fail. Intuition without data is a fallacy. Yes, Data is the new Oil!

Post Covid-19, travel as an Industry is on its rise again. People are revenge travelling. After seeing a significant dip in the global travel spending from 2019 to 2020, the recovery is beyond expectation for everyone.

To add to it, cheap flights, affordable hotel prices, and lots of travel apps that help travellers plan and navigate their trip enabled people to travel more. There are many more Expedias and Airbnbs getting build across the globe.

Where Data lies?

Travel industry collects huge amounts of data about its customers. This data comes from a variety of sources, both internal and external. It can be structured, as with the fields and records in a database, or unstructured free-form data. In the travel industry, big data can include information about:

• Demographics
• General Preferences
• Destinations
• Meals
• Transportation preferences
• Booking activity and frequency
• Paying Capacity

With access to affordable Data warehouses and Data lakes, collection and storage of Data has gone quite easy. With all this terabytes of Data getting stored, it becomes critically essential to analyse this data through Data Models. Hence, big data becomes a critical tool for airlines, hotels, reservation and booking websites and many others that are striving to improve their services and customer experience every day.
Debunking AI & ML

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a vast area of computer science that studies how to teach computers to think and act like a human. To achieve Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning may (or may not ) get used. Machine Learning is more about building models (supervised or unsupervised) that predict the final output with high accuracy, i.e. reducing false positive and negative. But this is easier said than done. The quality of Output will largely depend on data quality, attributes used for calculation and algorithm.

Given the limitless amount of data available today, we have barely scratched the surface of big data tech. Big Data has so much potential that, if used wisely, its impact on the travel industry could be as big as the internet’s.

Now let’s understand few ways in which Big Data can play an unprecedented role in bringing more efficiency in the existing Travel Businesses

- Defining Product and Business Strategy
- Customer Personalization
- Building Recommendation Engines
- Enhancing Pricing Strategy


Data science is about to change the face of the travel industry. It is assisting Travel Businesses to provide a unique experience with a personalised touch, thereby improving their overall acceptance rating. In recent years data science has become one of the most promising technologies bringing changes to various industries. It has shifted the way we travel and our attitude toward travel arrangements. With the heights of innovations continuously happening in Data stream, there is a huge scope for businesses to invest more on the core of their Data Science and give a more personalized and cherishing experience to their Customers.

Written By Ahmad Danish, Group Product Manager of TravClan. Danish is a highly acclaimed Product Professional who has previously launched and scaled multiple Global Products for Companies like Practo and Tracxn. He is known for his Product acumen and data driven insights.

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