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Publicis Groupe achieved the highest scores in both Current Offering and Strategy categories

Only partner with top scores in Vision and Market Approach criteria

Publicis Groupe announced that it has been named a leader in “The Forrester Wave™: Global Marketing Services Report, Q3 2022” by Forrester Research, Inc. Publicis Groupe was the highest ranked company in both Current Offering and Strategy categories and earned the highest score possible for media management services, customer data strategy & activation services, digital experience services, privacy thought leadership, workforce strategy, vision and market approach.

“Publicis Groupe champions integration with a connected tech and services approach,” notes the report. Furthermore, the report noted that it “has some of the strongest marketing capabilities in the evaluation, especially for media and data. The company uses a growth approach to media, benefits from its proprietary CORE ID product, and effectively leverages Publicis Sapient’s business consulting and experience development. Epsilon’s strong data privacy features make the Groupe a privacy thought leader.”

“The strength of our truly differentiated model continues to stand apart from the industry,” said Publicis Groupe Chairman and CEO Arthur Sadoun. “We are proud to be named a leader, not only for our vision, but in recognition for us that with future-proofing acquisitions like Epsilon and Sapient, integrated with our media and creative operations, we have unique capabilities to help our clients transform their marketing, optimize their spend and grow their business in these dynamic times.”

This latest ranking makes Publicis Groupe a Leader in four Forrester Waves in 2022, including: The Forrester Wave™: Customer Data Strategy and Activation Services Report, Q2 2022, The Forrester Wave™: Global Digital Experience Services, Q2 2022, The Forrester Wave™: Global Media Management Services, Q3 2022 and, now The Forrester Wave™: Global Marketing Services, Q3 2022

Zee News – most coveted and trusted news channel, announced its new campaign “Gyan Bhi Inaam Bhi” contest in order to provide a comprehensive contest experience to its viewers, which commenced on 14th August.

The contest is a part of Zee Media's efforts to adopt new ways to engage with the viewers and signify the growing popularity of news consumption. The national channel is posting questions throughout the day till 8:00 p.m., on zee news channel. The interested participants can answer by sending an SMS with the message "ZN, space, option (A/B)" to "57575".

The campaign has an integrated 360-degree marketing approach, leveraging multiple touchpoints for optimising reach and consumer engagement. The campaign is live across all ZMCL channels as well as multiple external Hindi GEC & movie channels. More than 20 Digital properties have been targeted and heavy promotions on trade with Print Ads, Radio, and OOH are planned.

Speaking about the ongoing contest, Joy Chakraborthy, Chief Business Officer, ZMCL, said, "We, at Zee Media, with a monthly reach of 500 million population spread across the nation, have always believed in the philosophy of engaging with the viewers & interacting with them. The Zee News campaign Gyaan Bhi, Inaam Bhi, is aimed at the same direction. I am looking forward to witnessing a large number of participants for this upcoming contest."

Expressing similar sentiments, Anindya Khare, Marketing Head, Zee Media, said, “Gyan bhi Inaam Bhi is an ideal campaign to connect with the audience and gratify them. In adopting such an innovative approach, we are coming out with a campaign which is not only limited to our target audience but also touching base with different age groups through relevant information dissemination.”

The new office space is a fusion of modern aesthetics with traditional elements to inspire collaboration and innovation.

The office is designed keeping the core values of Ownership, Empathy, Transparency, and Automation in mind.

ZentrumHub, a travel tech SaaS company specializing in Hotel API solutions, today inaugurated its new office in Pune. The opening ceremony happened in the presence of ZentrumHub clients, partners, and their powerful talent pool.

ZentrumHub powers nearly 30+ enterprise customers globally, and within the last 14 months, it has seen a 500% growth in revenue and team size, with the product widely accepted by customers.

As ZentrumHub aims to become the world's fastest and smartest hotel API and build markets globally, the new office will act as a focal point for the teams to experience state-of-the-art facilities, collaboration, and entertainment & engagement.

Abhinav Sinha, CEO of ZentrumHub said, "It's a proud moment for ZentrumHub. We believe this new office space will be our Centre of excellence for innovation in new product development and customer acquisition. We also want to use this premises further to find passionate people, nurture them, and help them grow in all aspects of the SaaS business, from product development to marketing."

He added, "We want our team to return to office in a phased manner. Most of our employees haven't met, so while we want them to break the ice, we also will place safety as priority."

From a listener’s perspective , the recent pandemic has proved beyond doubt the credibility and relevance of Radio: B Surendar tells MediAvataar India

Here’s the full Q & A:

1 . The media landscape is changing rapidly . How relevant is Radio in today’s context ?

From a listener’s perspective , the recent pandemic has proved beyond doubt the credibility and relevance of Radio . Whether it is creating awareness , allaying fears , connecting people to essential services or simply entertaining the public , radio stations and RJ’s have played an irreplaceable role . Not for nothing , Radio is considered the go-to medium during major calamities ever since it came into existence in the 1920’s . It’s not surprising that both in India and abroad , research surveys indicated a sharp jump in overall listenership during the pandemic peak .

And from an advertiser’s perspective , after a covid related hiccup in year 2020 things are returning back to normal rapidly with the healthy growth of 2021 expected to continue at least till 2024. Globally , unlike Print media which has seen a dip , other traditional mediums like Radio , TV , OOH , etc have shown tremendous resilience in the light of the digital media onslaught (which only gained more speed during the pandemic).

Radio players across the world are learning to not just survive but thrive by leveraging the audio and digital revolution that is happening around us. Hence it goes without saying that working seamlessly on Radio , BTL , Digital , Podcasting , Music streaming , Content syndication , etc is the only way to face the future and thankfully we seem to have the creative talent and enterprise to do just that

2 . Tell us how has the FM Radio industry has evolved over the years in India ?

In spite of its late arrival in India , FM Radio industry has done creditably well over the past 20 years . They say that there is a good in every bad , delayed launch also meant that it coincided with the mobile revolution in India with FM becoming an integral part of the mobile handset which in turn helped its connect with the youth in particular and also fast tracked its overall growth .

Crippling issues like the steep licence fees in the initial years followed by the high music royalty payments a little later cropped up but got sorted out before it was too late enabling a strong double digit growth in the past 12 years or so except for the covid interruption.

The main genre in Radio is the music one and in India most of us are operating in that space though our non-music content like RJ talk (on various topics like movies , music , social/city issues , sports, etc) , Sparklers (Humour capsules , pranks & characters ) , etc have always caught the imagination of the audience who sometimes look at us like an radio GEC channel .

With the kind of positivity and credibility standards radio stations have maintained in India and the responsible role we all had played during the pandemic , we deserve to get access to other genres like News & Current affairs , Live Sports , etc and even more importantly to digital broadcasting options with low entry barriers . More pro-active steps required from the decision makers to explore the full potential of this amazing medium.

3. Radio ads are very memorable and generate excellent consumer recall and a high call to action. Your thoughts?

While the video route to enter the mind space of potential target audience for any brand is highly impactful it is also a lot cluttered , the audio route in comparison is not all that congested . Thus audio messages which connect emotionally and creatively play in the theatre of the audience mind is sure to leave a strong impact. Radio creatives do work , no doubt about that !

If you also develop a unique ‘sonic tune’ which can help the TG connect to your brand instantly, one can derive optimal benefits . The ‘visual imagery’ effect  (i.e if you manage to create visuals thro audio it is supposed to be five times more effective than normal visuals) can also be put to great use for certain ad categories like Auto , Telecom , Durables , etc

On the ‘call to action’ aspect , Radio serves as an efficient last mile reminder to the consumer thanks to its immediacy . That’s exactly the reason why online/offline retail use the medium heavily to either drive traffic to their websites/apps or to ensure physical walk-ins to their shops/showrooms.

4.Is Digital FM, Satellite radio and other game changers like Spotify and Apple Music making a dent on the popularity of FM ?

While these options may look somewhat new to us in India , the most advanced country with the most evolved media industry USA has already seen the traditional radio FM industry co-exist with other audio options like music streaming , podcasting , smart speakers , etc and exploit the new opportunities created by the huge audio revolution . There is space for every audio option to grow as the audio pie is expanding . Also these non-linear audio platforms themselves offer great scope for audio and creative specialists like us to expand our business .

Digital , HD or satellite radio options are not yet available to private FM operators and we are hopeful that we would be given that option sooner than later on industry friendly terms .

5.How has digital and social media opened up opportunities for Radio hosts and stations?

Red FM network stations and our RJ’s along with a few other radio brands were already popular across cities and towns in India as people look at Radio as an intimate one-to-one medium and Radio Jockeys as Friend-Philosopher-Guides whom they can relate to , identify and interact with very easily . In other words , Radio is the original social media which is not new to sharing , caring , story telling or building communities . Interestingly , Facebook had engaged our services on a big project to identify social stories about unsung heroes around a year or so back At the same time , we do focus a lot on major digital platforms and Red FM’s FB pages in Telugu , Kannada , Hindi & Malayalam and our Suryan FM’s Tamil page regularly figure in the Top 5 to 10 Radio FB pages in the world in terms of interaction competing with the very best .

The advent of social media and other digital platforms has surely helped us reach out to existing as well as newer audiences also pitchforking our RJ’s as bigger local influencers on Radio as well as our digital channels .

6 .Standing ovation on completing 4 exciting years of Magic FM Hyderabad. Tell us a bit more about the journey. What is the ‘magic recipe’ behind the adoration and popularity of Magic FM ?

Magic FM , the exclusive retro FM brand in Hyderabad, has captured the hearts and imagination of the public by playing music from the golden era of Tollywood , the 80’s & 90’s, recapturing the magic moments that era’s super stars and mega hit movies . Our Rj’s talk skilfully touch nostalgia emotions of that era including the lifestyle aspects then and make it relevant to today’s context for our primary target audience aged between 30-50 years .

Celebrities of the past and the present era including the revered , legendary singer SPB and the popular stars and music directors have added a lot of value to our content . Our team there is upbeat about the prospects for this emerging brand in the immediate future

7.The Best Businesses Are Built Around Passion. What are your views on this?

Whether it’s about brands , businesses or the small but crucial moments in everyday work life , without passion you cannot build anything significant .

The case for passion is even more stronger for the Media and Radio business which are primarily driven creatively . I strongly believe it is passion which holds back talented people in the radio industry , everything else comes after that

8.On a personal note, what have been the highlights of your career so far? Your key learnings?

I had started my career with highly professional and structured pharma MNC’s like Hoffmann La Roche and Organon which believed in training industry professionals on in depth product knowledge , marketing and communication skills .

Fortunately , I did my management education after some quality work exposure and was so very conscious about how and where I can put to use the my learnings in the B school . One of the biggest takeaways was to look at every management problem you face from a stakeholder’s perspective to get it right and your main objective is to optimise stakeholder wealth keeping highest standards of ethics and integrity in mind .

Though my entire stint in the media industry exceeding 25 years has been exciting with high job satisfaction , the highlights for me are the industry crisis periods in 2001-02 and then in 2008-09 followed by the mother of all the most recent Covid pandemic . To help your people , organisation and industry tide over the crisis by ensuring the neck is always above water is what makes your entire career worth the while !

Nestlé retains position as world’s most valuable food brand, valued at US$20.8 billion dollars

Yili and Lays increase in brand value (top 3)

Hershey’s is the world’s strongest food brand

Belvita is the world’s fastest growing food brand (just ahead of a few others)

New entrant Haitian breaks into top 10 brands in ranking top 10

According to the world’s leading brand valuation consultancy, Brand Finance, Nestlé remains on top by a significant margin, with its brand value worth almost twice as much as the second most valuable brand in the ranking, Yili (brand value up 10% to US$10.6 billion).

Every year, leading brand valuation consultancy Brand Finance puts 5,000 of the world’s biggest brands to the test, and publishes around 100 reports, ranking brands across all sectors and countries. The world’s top 100 most valuable and strongest food brands are included in the annual Brand Finance Food 100 ranking.

Despite new supply chain pressures and the continued impact of COVID-19, Nestle continues to consistently pursue its long-term brand strategy by innovating new products and moving forward in its digital transformation. Nestlé credits their decentralized structure as the reason for its agility in responding to changes in consumer needs, customer demands and supply chain challenges, which is correlated with its brand value growth.

Nestlé has invested in developing solutions that meet changing consumer preferences by anticipating growing trends, rapidly testing new ideas and bringing products to market and believes that investment in research and development enables its growth. Nestlé’s long-term strategy is centred around respect for the future.

Savio D’Souza, Valuation Director, Brand Finance commented: “People are returning to the brands they love, they are hungry for Nestlé, Yili and Lay’s! Food brand values are back above pre-pandemic levels.”

Yili and Lay's increase in brand value (top 3)

Chinese dairy brand Yili achieved a brand value increase of 10% to US$10.6 billion and continues to stand out as the market leader in milk and other dairy products in China. Yili reported that high-growth categories including cheese, powdered milk and bottled water have all experienced sustained rapid growth as Chinese consumers perceive immunity building benefits, along with nutritional and health benefits associated with high-status dairy products.

Lay's increased in brand value by 31% to US$8.6 billion. COVID-19 brought about a shift in customer snacking preferences and that continued into 2021 as consumer social events were curtailed and heavily restricted. Lay's, which embraced a more digital presence throughout the pandemic with the promotion of its products on various online shops such as Amazon in particular, continued to achieve large sales volumes as a result.

Hershey's is the world’s strongest food brand

In addition to calculating brand value, Brand Finance also determines the relative strength of brands through a balanced scorecard of metrics evaluating marketing investment, stakeholder equity, and business performance. Compliant with ISO 20671, Brand Finance’s assessment of stakeholder equity incorporates original market research data from over 100,000 respondents in more than 35 countries and across nearly 30 sectors.

Hershey’s is the world’s strongest food brand, moving up from second place last year to the top spot this year with a Brand Strength Index (BSI) score of 89.8 and a corresponding AAA+ brand rating. This year, Hershey’s delivered a record year of production and subsequent sales and earnings growth. The mass-market American chocolate brand has proven that despite challenging conditions and disruptions worldwide, it is more than able to respond to these with confidence and it has delivered another year of very strong performance.

Belvita is fastest growing food brand in the world - Belvita’s brand value grew by 62% to US$1.6 billion

The world’s fastest growing food brand is Belvita (brand value up 62% to US$1.6 billion). Belvita biscuits were developed for those people around the world that skip breakfast due to their busy schedules and every year over 9 billion are made. The brand’s ’Snacking Made Right Report details what efforts were made to create a more sustainable snacking company. Its desire to lead is evident, particularly in areas where it can assist in delivering a more positive impact with initiatives such as the creation of a thriving cocoa sector and also in reducing its environmental footprint by reducing packaging waste.

New entrant to top 10

Another brand that achieved substantial brand value growth was that of Chinese brand Haitian. The brand is currently valued at US$5.8 billion and is sitting at the 8th spot, moving up four positions from last year and now sitting in the Top 10.

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