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Zee Variasi teamed up with Agenda Suria and Praan to organise an exclusive Meet & Greet event at the 7th Penang International Indian Shopping festival for Malaysian fans of the popular TV series Satrangi Sasural.

The Penang International shopping festival is a phenomenal event as it sees about 200,000 shoppers annually! This year, the 7th Penang International Indian Shopping festival was held on this beautiful island from 14 – 19 July 2015.

Excited fans of Mugdha Chapekar and Ravish Desai, or better known here as Aarushi & Vihaan in the show, thronged to meet them close and personal, shaking hands, wishing them, taking pictures, selfies and getting autographs.

The two artistes were warmly greeted by their fans who were simply ecstatic to see them in person for the first time! The crowd was amazing, the air electrifying, and the reception perfect - way beyond expectations!

“This was first initiative of its kind by the team to build awareness for the drama slots among the local viewers in Malaysia, and in turn, we hope to see the viewership number grow. Zee Variasi would like to collaborate with clients and sponsors in future for many such events, with the objective to make Zee Variasi a name to reckon with in Malaysia”, says Kiren Gill, Head of Programming and Marketing, Zee Variasi.

Zee Variasi also ran an on-air contest where the winners were treated to an exclusive dinner date with the beautiful couple at The Indian Palace, Penang. They were joined by the Malaysian Minister of External Affairs YB Datuk Kohilan and his wife Datin Rajee, who is a huge fan of the show. Incidentally, Datuk Kohilan also happily posted pictures on his facebook!

92.7 BIG FM’s ‘The Breakfast Show’ jock, RJ Siddharth, was pronounced as Mumbai’s No. 1 Radio Jockey last year according to reports by Radio Audience Measurement (RAM).

Providing fascinating trivia and never-heard-before stories to movie enthusiasts in Mumbai, RJ Siddharth through the unique content of his show took listeners back to the timeless era of Indian cinema.

Following its success, the undisputed No. 1 radio show in Mumbai kicked-off in Delhi on April 6th 2015 mesmerising listeners in the capital every day from Monday to Saturday, 7AM - 10AM. Between this time, RJ Siddharth, a credible voice and a treasure trove of Bollywood’s most fascinating trivia, will join celebrity RJ Richa Anirudh who with her vast journalism expertise will be addressing Delhi city issues to find a solution and create impact in the capital of India.

As RJ Siddharth talks about the retro age of Hindi Cinema, he also seamlessly synchronizes the gap between legendary artists from the golden era and the Gen Y contemporaries who continue to make waves in Bollywood today. For instance, as a countdown to the birth anniversary of one of the most seminal music composers in the Indian Film Industry, R.D. Burman, spoke to artists like Vishal Dadlani, Amit Trivedi and more about their views on music and what makes Pancham Da a hit amongst music enthusiasts and artists alike.

The epitome of grace and beauty, superstar Rekha once said, “I don’t listen to radio but RJ Siddharth is the only name I remember!”

Having marked its niche in Delhi, RJ Siddharth has continued to offer the listeners there some unheard and inspirational stories of our very own retro stars thus offering them with a genuine, well-researched and evocative perspective on films, artistes and musicians of Hindi cinema in keeping with the brand proposition – Hit Thhe, Hit Rahenge.

Catapulting to No. 1 position within 6 short months of its commencement, The Breakfast Show garnered not only the highest market share of 20% but also the highest Time Spent Listening (TSL) amongst shows across the country and time-bands.   An avid film buff, RJ Siddharth with his impressive baritone voice won innumerable accolades as the voice of Mumbai at renowned radio awards including the New York Radio Awards 2014 and is now available to listeners in Delhi.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Ashwin Padmanabhan, Executive Vice-President and National Business Head, Reliance Broadcast Network Limited, said, "We are happy to announce that Delhi too will start its day to the voice of RJ Siddharth. The popularity of the show has reached its peak and Delhi being a very important market for us in terms of the spoken language and the stationality appeal, it felt like the right time to bring the show to the ardent fans of 92.7 BIG FM in Delhi. We have received tremendous response for the show in the capital and we are certain that the show will top the charts in the city soon."

Not just Rekha, listeners, celebrities and corporate bigwigs alike have shown their love and appreciation for the show.

Ace Director, Vidhu Vinod Chopra was also so impressed with the kind of knowledge RJ Siddharth possesses that he asked him to watch his movie ‘Broken Horses’, share his comments with him and then interview him again.

Noted music composer Pyarelalji, Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma, music director Anandji, Mega Star Amitabh Bachchan, Ajay Kakar – CEO, BSLI, Arijit Basu, CEO – SBI Life Insurance, Malay Dikshit – CEO, Tata Sky have all expressed their praise and adulation for his show.

Veteran Actor, Director and Producer, Amol Palekar also expressed his delight, “The way RJ Siddharth sheds light on issues in Mumbai and the way he talks to listeners, I am simply amazed. It is with so much love yet with firmness that he finds in his point of view that he talk to listeners about what happens and what needs to be done. I am truly impressed. I am a huge fan of the show and the man.”

A companion and a friend to most Mumbaikars, RJ Siddharth consistently shares issues faced by commoners in Mumbai. But that is not the only reason why his fans love him so much. His desire to help people in whichever way he can has earned him considerable fame and popularity among listeners. Such was his involvement during the auto-rickshaw strike, a crusade he spearheaded to ensure that stranded Mumbaikars across the city can safely reach the destination of their choice by coordinating with BIG FM vehicles. For this, RJ Siddharth ensured thorough support for citizens by roping in authorities – Mr. A.K. Jain - Central Railways PRO, Mr. V.K. Rajiv – Director, MET department and Mr. Sanjay Deshmukh – Additional Municipal Commissioner, BMC during heavy rains and Mr. Uday Varunjaykar – Mumbai Grahak Panchayat during the auto strike in Mumbai.

The show that has topped charts all year, enjoys immense popularity and love by listeners from all over Mumbai and is all geared up to create new waves across Delhi. Apart from Delhi, The Breakfast Show with RJ Siddharth also aired in Bhopal and Indore which started on May 25th, 2015 and airs every day from Monday to Saturday at 7AM – 9AM.

Holds Digital Garage in association with Google.

CarDekho.com, India’s #1 portal for cars hosted an event for automotive dealers called ‘The Digital Garage’, at Hotel Taj Palace, New Delhi, in association with Google. The event aimed at showcasing the global best practices and innovations in the digital-automotive domain. The event was attended by more than 100 Dealer Principals and other important stakeholders of the car industry from across India. The key note speakers for the event were Mr. Todd Rowe, Managing Director, Global Channel Sales, Google, Mr. Amit Jain - CEO of CarDekho and Mr. Umang Kumar – President, CarDekho.com & CEO of Gaadi.com.

The event emphasized the immense potential of digital technology, increasing role of internet in consumer car buying process and how an effective online presence can help automobile dealers serve their customers better & manage operations effectively.

The auto industry is continuously evolving and digital presence has become inevitable to remain relevant in this industry. According to independent consumer research studies, 75% car buyers research online first when they think of buying a car and out of this, 66% research using their smartphones.

With more than 4500 dealer partners, CarDekho has been at the forefront of bringing dealers online by creating innovative technology solutions for them. Last financial year, CarDekho & Gaadi together served 152 million visits and currently CarDekho has over 10 million unique monthly visitors researching and buying cars on its portal. According to an independent research, 59% of car buyers want to chat online with a dealer before buying a car. In line with that, CarDekho has unveiled a number of innovative products to improve dealer business such as online booking, cloud solutions, live chat & various other products that add measurability to the media campaigns.

Sharing his views on these emerging trends, Mr. Amit Jain, CEO, CarDekho.com talked about the measurability and efficiency of the digital media. The cost of leads generated through digital media is approximately 10-12x lower when compared to other traditional sources such as print media and online events. He further showcased success stories of partner dealers who adopted digital solutions along with leads from CarDekho and managed to generate ~2000 leads through their own websites. Another partner dealer received ~25 lacs impression for their online branding within 5 months providing a cost effective marketing medium.  Such effective and sustainable business value creation is possible only through great quality traffic and product leadership.

To give global context, speakers from Google, Mr. Todd Rowe and Mr. Sudarshan Sarma spoke about global trends in automotive domain & dealers around the world. Google is also involved in AdWords Premier partnerships, Android auto, and various marketing innovations in the auto industry globally.

CarDekho.com is a Google AdWords premier SMB Partner and aims to support dealers through every stage of their Digital Marketing Journey. “The Google AdWords Premier SMB Partner Program is a great way for small businesses to connect with companies who can help them make the most of their online advertising,” says James Sanders, Director of Channel Sales, APAC. “Guided by the expertise of our trusted partners like CarDekho.com, small and medium-sized businesses can maximize the value and performance of their campaigns.”

In the highly competitive automobile industry, with constant pressure on top-line as well as rising costs, digital technology can provide the much needed edge to both OEMs & their dealers.

Commenting on the future of digital partnership with dealers, Umang Kumar, President, CarDekho.com & CEO, Gaadi.com said, “In the age when 44% of customers have already decided what they want to buy before visiting an offline dealer, it’s imperative that dealers beef up their online presence. Cardekho is committed to help dealers in their digital journey by creating custom 360 degree packages to address their needs for digital leads, online branding, website and SEM.”

Nalin Kapoor, former Group Head,  Hyundai Motors; Current COO, New Car Business, CarDekho.com highlighted the importance of digital in the auto industry and the emerging needs of the OEMs and dealers in this space. He also expressed that CarDekho, already a significant contributor to overall national car sales through their LMS, Cloud solutions for both dealers and audience, will redefine the future of the online car selling business in India by offering unmatched value adding products to both dealers and buyers.

Dealer principals who attended the event took out numerous learnings and were keen to participate in the future growth of online marketing for cars. Talking about the success of Digital Garage - “CarDekho is giving us excellent results in terms of market coverage, generating incremental leads. We are looking forward to expanding this relationship across all our brands.” – Mohan Mariwala, Auto Hangar, Mumbai

"Amit is very passionate about what he is doing and what he has already done at CarDekho. We at FADA, definitely look forward to interacting with him. I was very impressed with the real life situations he has dealt with in developing his products. I think, dealers would love to adopt what he is doing." – Nikunj Sanghi, Director - International Affairs & past President - Federation of Automobile Dealer's Association, India

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CNN-IBN presents Smart Agriculture

Bringing voices from the field into the homes of urban audiences

The agricultural sector in India has made significant strides in the last three decades, with the emergence of smart practices that are being adopted by farmers. CNN-IBN in partnership with Monsanto, presents a one-of-a-kind series titled ‘Smart Agriculture’ that gives you an insight into how modern technology along with smart and sustainable farm practices are rejuvenating Indian agriculture.

The series will enlighten viewers about smart agricultural practices being used, to help increase productivity and minimize challenges. It underlines how agriculture can be a profitable proposition with technology and agronomic practices that minimize resource use, reduce input costs and enhance productivity.

Based on a consumer centric approach, Smart Agriculture will demonstrate the latest agricultural practices through case studies of farmers across the length and breadth of India, interspersed with informative bytes from the industry experts. It will talk about the growing use of practices like contract farming, drip irrigation, farm mechanization to name a few; the complexities and challenges faced by the Indian farmer; and the state of agricultural policy making.

Radhakrishnan Nair, Managing Editor, CNN-IBN, said “The whole objective behind Smart Agriculture is to acquaint our audience with the changing trends and the developments in the field of agriculture. Our aim is to present a layman friendly show to create a connect with our viewers.”

Don’t miss ‘Smart Agriculture’ starting from 25th July, every Sat & Sun @ 4:30 PM exclusively on CNN-IBN.

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Get off your pedestal

It’s long been the mantra of marketing specialists to build brands that are so attractive and magnetic that people are drawn irresistibly to them, like moths to a flame. In truth, it’s much more likely that the brands we’re all developing and running are much less important to people than we might like to think.

In the developed West, we’ve lived through an era that we might call peak consumerism. In the 90s and 00s austerity wasn’t a concern and people had more disposable cash and getting credit was relatively easy and cheap to buy. People were generally happy to define themselves as consumers, with the brands they chose acting as signifiers of whom they were or whom they aspired to be. The perfect recipe for brand marketers who duly stood on their branded pedestals and spouted aspirational lifestyle messages and waited for the crowd to assemble around them.

Clearly things have changed. Today millennials are far  less inclined to see themselves primarily as consumers.  They identify with many different things, but critically they see themselves as being in charge, they don’t abdicate their identity definition to brands so readily. They want to be defining it for themselves.

This power shift isn’t restricted to the young; increasingly we’ve seen and heard from people across the generations that if they choose to buy a brand continually they expect something back for that behaviour. People aren’t interested in the old concept of brands – they’re looking for something altogether different.

Ultimately, the power has of course always been with the purchaser, what’s changing is how brands need to present themselves. Where once being an aspirational demi-god on a pedestal kind of worked, today it’s better to acknowledge that actually lots of brands are operating in the swamp, surrounded by competitors, all clamouring to be heard.

In this situation, what’s vital is that brands are both interesting and useful – neither one by itself is sufficient, it can’t be an either/or. Being useful is primary, the “thing” has to perform well, and some very functional-oriented brands are currently thriving – the rise of discounters being an example of this. The more a brand has to cut through noise the greater being useful is necessary – people are looking for convenient solutions and ways to make their busy lives easier. The global success of Uber is a prime example of this with convenience and functionality being at the heart of its proposition.

Usefulness is also being taken beyond a brand’s core functionality – British Gas’ Hive has given people convenience and control of their heating beyond the traditional service, and Nike has provided people with exercise apps that gives their brand a function beyond apparel to sit at the heart of people’s exercise regime.

Making the brand interesting is a different kind of challenge. Brands need to be interesting on three levels. Firstly, be interesting to people. Having a clear, insight based role in peoples’ lives to guide choices about what the brand does and does not do. Secondly be interesting in context.

Having a role, or mission in wider culture (and knowing how  to deliver this appropriately) so that the brand becomes naturally amplified through events that are already happening (see cultural vibrancy article on p.6). And lastly, just be interesting per se. Having a style and character of its own so it’s distinctive and memorable every time.

Brands like Nike and Uber in particular, have managed to tick all the boxes. Both have strong, confident characters and both play a role in people’s lives as well as being a part of a wider culture – Nike in the health and exercise movement and Uber through technological disruption. Virgin Atlantic is another great example of providing a functional service while being distinctive, relevant and culturally vibrant.

Of course there are many brands where status is still a major influencer, and admittedly I’m exaggerating this for effect, but the principle holds that if you want to cut through and stand out in a crowded market you need to challenge yourself to be both as useful and as interesting as possible.


Source: Added Value


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