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Publics takes a humorous route to break the monotony of boring cement campaigns for Ambuja Cement’s new campaign starring world-renowned wrestler The Great Khali.

The TVC illustrates the difficulties faced by Khali while trying to live a normal life in his house. The irony is that his stature and strength which has made him world famous has become a reason for his struggle. Finally, Ambuja Cement comes to the rescue of Khali and provides him a home which is strong enough for the giant.

Speaking about the campaign Bobby Pawar, Managing Director, Chief Creative Officer, Publicis said “For ages Ambuja Cement has sported the tagline ‘Giant compressive strength’. We stared at that for a little less than ages, and the dominoes started falling. What if there was a giant, who is too big and too strong for this world, especially his home? What if we did a ‘mockumentary’ of his troubles? Wait a minute, there is an Indian giant, WWE World Champion Great Khali. Hallelujah! But wait, won’t the idea seem kinda obvious in hindsight? Okay, let’s also make him dance. The client bought it. We made it. The rest is virus, I mean viral. PS: The film is just the tip of the iceberg. Great Khali will be popping up in unexpected ways; on the web, on billboards, and in on-ground activations, pretty soon.”

On the strategic front, Partha Sinha – Managing Director, Publicis said “Ambuja has the reputation for being the strongest cement. We needed to look at a new narrative to tell the strength story. Something that's fresh, engaging and brings the point home. The Great Khali helped us do all of that. Both the brand and the endorser fed off each other's reputation for strength.”

Jigar Fernandes- Executive Creative Director, Publicis said “We knew we were on to something the moment the idea struck. And it was cool to see the client sharing our enthusiasm instantly. It was a lot of fun taking it from there. Khali was an absolute joy to shoot with, happily giving all those back-breaking takes, back to back!"

Ajay Kapoor, MD & CEO, Ambuja Cement -Since the beginning Ambuja Cement has believed in making the strongest cement. People look at strength as the most important aspect in cement. The idea was to use Kali in a very interesting way to portray Ambuja Cement’s strength. After all the strongest man needs the strongest house to live in.”

Sanjay Gupta, CMO, Ambuja Cement commented “Ambuja Cement is known for its Giant compressive strength. Similarly Khali with his size and stature is also known for his strength. The idea was to marry the two giants in way that would bring out the core proposition of Ambuja Cement.”


Team Credits:

Director: Ayappa

Executive Producer: Anand Menon

Producer: Milin Shah

Agency: Publicis, Mumbai

Agency team: Bobby Pawar, Jigar Fernandes, Jignesh Maru, Ganesh Iyer, Chandan Jha, Ankul Singh

Line Producer (Mumbai): Mrinal Chodankar

Production Manager: Rajesh Margaj

Line Producer (Delhi): Kaushik Guha, Shailendra Kaushik, Lalit Malik

Dop: Vikash Nowlakha

1st AC - Srinivas Achary

Production Designer - Mustufa Stationwala

1st ad: Karan Tejpal

DA: Mandakini Menon

Ad's - Shruti Srivastava & Akshay De

Asst Producer - Alok Potnis

Costumes: Abhilasha Sharma

Makeup - Rohini Foregard

Casting: Sumit & Bhavna

Stunt Team - Parvez Shaikh, Riyaz Shaikh, Vinit

Editor: Prakash Kurup

VFX House: Metropolitana (Spain)

Music: Sameeruddin

Sound Engineer: Kenneth Basumatari

Post: Daniel Fernandes

Wednesday, 14 October 2015 00:00

The Next Generation Social Analytics is Here

Although analytics go hand in hand with digital marketing, some marketers haven’t delved into the different types and capabilities analytics can offer, such as social analytics.

In recent years, social analytics has become a go-to source for consumer insight.  It can tell us what consumers are or aren’t interested in and also help predict which offers or new products will be profitable in the future based on a consumer’s online interactions. With the help of social analytics, marketers can get a better understanding as to why a consumer may have opened an email but didn’t click or why they browsed a website but didn’t make a purchase.

However, this information is only brushing the surface of what’s possible for social analytics.

With all the tweeting, posting and sharing on social media marketers can learn a lot about how consumers perceive their brand but what will take social analytics to the next level in the future?  It’s time for marketers to not only take note of all the opinions flying around social media but use next-gen social analytics tools to discover what consumers care about.  Whether the conversations are surrounding your brand or not it will help form better ideas for offers, targeting and much more.

Get real-time campaign performance feedback

The best part about social media is that it’s what people are talking about at that very moment.  A marketer can easily discover which part of an ad had a connection with the consumer or what changes they need to make to a campaign and can make those adjustments in real-time.

Learn why customers purchase what they do

With the ability to see what consumers are saying about products across many social platforms at once, marketers can get a full grasp of what influences consumers to make purchases.   Marketers can use that information to better target their audience with future campaigns.

See competitors customer feedback first-hand

It is always a good idea to keep an eye on a competitor’s customer feedback as well.  It can give marketers a great opportunity to adjust their campaign strategy and target those users that showed the most interest or dissatisfaction in a competitor’s product.  By checking out the feedback from competition, marketers are essentially getting “free” feedback without the complaints to go along with it.

Nip problems in the bud before they escalate

Social analytics can help with both a customer perspective as well as financially.  By using next-gen tools it is easier to see how marketers, investors, etc. should prioritize their investments.  If a product is clearly not selling, a marketer can remove it from their website or change their offer before they lose much money during production.

Find out what other brands consumers are talking about

Not only can next-gen social analytics tell marketers what people like about competitor’s brands, it can also help find any new competitors and unique ways to market your brand.  What are people excited about and how can you incorporate a part of that into your own campaign?

Thanks to next-gen social analytics, marketers have a wide scope of what consumers are thinking, good or bad.  They can focus on social conversations that matter and will improve ROI.   As the age of social media continues to thrive, it is more important now than ever that marketers focus on the abilities of next-gen tools and implement them within their campaign planning.


Written by Erica Lievens

Source: yeslifecyclemarketing

Hosted by TV actor Sharad Kelkar the series will premiere on 19th October, 2015 at 9pm

ID, India’s only Hindi entertainment channel dedicated to true stories of investigation, mystery and suspense is all set to present a new series with the launch of SHAITAAN: A CRIMINAL MIND. Hosted by popular television actor Sharad Kelkar, the series will investigate some of the most frightening crimes in an attempt to decode what goes on in the minds of the people who commit these shocking acts.

Since its launch in 2014, ID has caught the imagination of the Indian television viewer with its unique and engaging themes and programmes. Reaffirming the channel’s commitment to present compelling mysteries to audiences in the country, ID will launch SHAITAAN: A CRIMINAL MIND.

‘SHAITAAN: A CRIMINAL MIND‘ will premiere on 19th October 2015 and will air Monday to Saturday at 9 PM on ID.

The new series will expose the darker side of our society where crimes are committed for reasons that are sometimes beyond understanding. These people seem like everybody else, until they go over the edge and do the unthinkable. Sharad Kelkar lends his unique style and personality to the series as he unveils the stories behind each crime. He delves deep into the mind of these offenders to find out the reasons that made them commit these acts of violence.

Rahul Johri, Executive Vice President and General Manager, South Asia, Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific said, “ID continues to present the best programmes in the investigative genre on Indian television. The new series SHAITAAN will present true stories of real-life cases through dramatic reenactments and will recreate the in-depth investigation that led to justice being served.”

From the story of a teenager who kills his entire family on being ill-treated by his step-mother, an incident in which a small town resident busts a child-trafficking racket in search of her lost son to the heart-wrenching story of a young girl who committed suicide when forced and humiliated by her employer, SHAITAAN: A CRIMINAL MIND will reveal the dark side of the human psyche in a way to show people that crime never pays.

To find out what goes on inside the mind of such criminals, watch SHAITAAN: A CRIMINAL MIND, from 19th October, Monday to Saturday at 9 PM on ID.

Fever FM has decided to increase the ad rates by 20% across all stations with immediate effect.

Since entering the market nine years ago, Fever FM has established itself as a leader in its four markets. Across the 4 metros Fever enjoys 17.5 million listeners and leads 6 of the 8 drive times. Fever also leads across day parts in Delhi and Bangalore (in the non Kannada category). Source - RAM data, week 39.

Talking about Fever FM’s decision to increase the advertising rates Mr. Harshad Jain, CEO – Radio and Entertainment, HT Media Ltd. said, “Fever has the highest Time Share Listening (TSL) in all its markets, the highest market share in Delhi and Bangalore, and is among the best performing and fastest growing radio stations in Mumbai and Kolkata. What’s more, in the core TG of 20-34 yrs SEC AB, Fever has the leadership market share across metros. Therefore, the increase in price is related to Fever’s consistent and rapid growth in listenership. We look forward to partnering our clients and offering them great value, and the unique Fever advantage.

Lowe Lintas Hyderabad has won the creative mandate of Mobizz, the mobile app offering from Mantena Technologies Pvt Ltd.

The agency won the business after a multi-agency pitch. There was no incumbent agency on the account; rather it is the first time that Mobizz has chosen to lean on the services of a creative agency.

As its creative partner, the mandate for Lowe Lintas Hyderabad would be to launch the brand in India, which also includes arriving at a brand idea for Mobizz.

Sharing his thoughts on appointing Lowe Lintas Hyderabad as its creative partner, Ramakrishna Karolla, Co-Founder & CEO, Mobizz said, “Mobizz is an innovative mobile app that redefines the way consumers connect and interact with relevant businesses. After looking at multiple agencies, we realized that Lowe Lintas correctly understood the brand idea that we had envisaged for Mobizz. We are confident that through this partnership we will build Mobizz as a valuable consumer brand that transcends time and boundaries.”

Mobizz is a feature-rich and user-friendly mobile application that enables businesses to create their eShops in minutes with all their products and services displayed in their profile. With this offering, users can reach out to any business of their choice based on location through a free call, chat, SMS etc. In fact business owners can easily grow their customer base by providing the best service through multiple options available via Mobizz.

Commenting on the new business win, GV Krishnan, President – Lowe Lintas Bangalore said: “Mobizz is an important win for us. In spirit, Mobizz is a start-up but the solid foundations of the Mantena Group will see it catapult to the top. We genuinely believe that this product impactfully addresses a current consumer need-gap. Going forward, we look forward to creating a famous and endearing brand.”

Mobizz is the flagship product of Mantena Technologies, which is part of the Mantena group of companies. Since its inception, the group has grown exponentially and has built a strong reputation in a very short time. The Mantena Group has diversified presence across industries such as Information Technology, Construction, Infrastructure Development, Fisheries, Power Projects and Agriculture.


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