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The furor about ad blocking continues, with publishers in the countries most affected struggling to find a solution.  Advertisers know that ad blocking is bad, there’s no chance that your ad will work if it is not seen, but do they recognize the full downside of digital clutter? A new study demonstrates the power of cinema’s uncluttered media environment and indicates on what advertisers are missing out on.

The rise of ad blocking has proven what many people have long known; too much clutter reduces ad effectiveness by making people less receptive to advertising in general. We have seen it with TV, the more clutter there is in a country, the less bang you get for your TV buck. Now we are seeing it with digital channels too. However, instead of buying a DVR and actively skipping through ads, people can simply install an adblocker and, hey presto, all that clutter is just gone. Millions of people around the world now surf ad-free.

However ad blocking is just the tip of the iceberg. As the visible proportion of people’s growing disaffection with advertising, it is probably dwarfed by their instinctive ad avoidance, ’Don’t look at that video on the right... where is the X for that pop-up?... eyes on the text, don’t look away.’ Unfortunately, attempts to ensure ads are seen by making them more intrusive simply pushes more people to fight technology with technology. Rather than continuing down this slippery slope, advertisers ought to be asking themselves what the world would be like with less clutter. The answer is one where advertising is a lot more effective.

Just take a look at the effectiveness of cinema or movie theater advertising. There you have a receptive audience (they paid to watch the movie for a start) and there is little to distract people from what is being shown on the screen. The results speak for themselves, in a recent study of our CrossMedia database conducted for Digital Cinema Media, we found that cinema was one of the hardest hitting channels, vying with magazines for the biggest return on investment. Cinema advertising may not reach a huge audience by the standards of TV, but it offers a quality of exposure that is hard to find elsewhere. That quality is demonstrated by the fact that cinema delivers over four times the contribution to salience that TV does, and 20 times the impact on purchase intent.

Is the difference all the result of audience receptivity? No. For instance, spend on TV is often found to be far in excess of the optimal, reducing its overall efficiency, but audience receptivity has to be a major factor. As the Building Box Office Brands study notes,

“Cinemagoers are relaxed and receptive, therefore more likely to recall both the advertising itself and the brand which it's for.”

Now what’s not to like about that? Rather than demand more intrusive ad formats maybe advertisers should be seeking less cluttered environments, ones where their advertising will work more effectively. So what do you think? Please share your thoughts.


Written by Nigel Hollis,Executive Vice President and Chief Global Analyst at Millward Brown

Source:Millward Brown

Friday, 11 December 2015 00:00

Turner launches Oh!K channel in Hong Kong

Turner, MBC & PCCW team up to bring the best of MBC across pay-TV, SVOD and OTT

Hallyu fans in Hong Kong can now tune in to the very latest drama and TV entertainment from one of Korea’s major networks and content creators, MBC. Turner and PCCW have announced the availability of a slew of Korean entertainment, premium drama series as well as variety and music programming across a number of platforms.

From January 12, now TV subscribers can watch a selection of top-rated shows on Turner’s 24-hour linear channel Oh!K. In addition, effective immediately, MBC shows are available through now TV’s SVOD service, Oh!K On Demand, as well as via Viu, a newly-launched OTT service from PCCW. Another part of the Turner-PCCW agreement is the delivery of MBC shows on now TV’s upcoming free-to-air channel, launching in April 2016.

Phil Nelson, Managing Director and Senior Vice President for Turner in Southeast Asia, said, “This is an outstanding multi-platform partnership. In its short history, Oh!K has grown significantly with the addition of Hong Kong to our distribution roadmap. Likewise, our content partnership with MBC has allowed new audiences – across all platforms – exposure to a truly impressive and exclusive line-up of Korean content.”

Current MBC shows of note include Glamorous Temptation and Sweet Mob Family, which air on Oh!K within 24 hours of its premiere, and Korea’s number-one variety show Infinite Challenge the same week as its original telecast. In January, Hong Kong viewers will be treated to one of the biggest Korean shows of 2015 – She Was Pretty.

In terms of variety programming, Infinite Challenge has been at the top of its game for more than 10 years with hosts Yoo Jae Suk, Park Myung Soo, Jung Joon Ha, Jung Hyung Don, Hwang Kwang Hee and Haha competing with each other in hilarious ways to win the challenge of the week.

Mr. Hyuk Jae Choi, Director of Global Business at MBC, added: “This announcement is great news for fans of our content in Hong Kong. We know that they crave MBC dramas and variety shows in both Chinese and English, as soon as possible after their original Korean broadcast, and on platforms beyond just the TV screen. Through Turner, PCCW and MBC, this has become a reality.”

Oh!K (Channel 154) will be part of now TV’s Asia Entertainment Package, and available with English and Traditional Chinese subtitles and Korean audio.

Oh!K, which launched in Singapore in 2014 and then Malaysia earlier this year, features an impressive line-up of first-run series. It is powered by content from leading Korean broadcaster, MBC, best-known for its hugely-popular recent productions such as Shine or Go Crazy, Jang Bo-Ri is Here, Kill Me, Heal Me, and Hwajeong.

Friday, 11 December 2015 00:00

NYF to honor David Hill

David Hill, Legendary Sports Television Executive and Father of FOX Sports,Honored with 2016 New York Festivals Lifetime Achievement Award

New York Festivals Television & Film Awards will honor David Hill, legendary veteran sports executive, live event specialist and Father of FOX Sports, with the 2016 Lifetime Achievement Award. Mr. Hill will receive the award at the New York Festivals International Television & Film Awards gala on April 19, 2016 at the annual NAB Show.

New York Festivals TV & Film Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes prominent industry leaders whose accomplishments and contributions have advanced their field and made a lasting impression on the industry.

David Hill has defined excellence in sports television during an illustrious career that spans more than three decades on three continents.  Mr. Hill’s career in America began when he was named FOX Sports’ first president in December 1993.  He then built FOX’s new sports division from the ground up in only eight months. Mr. Hill went on to become chairman of the FOX network in 1997 and through 1999 guided both sports and the network’s prime time programming. In 1999, he returned to sports full time and was named chairman of the FOX Sports Media Group where he drove development of Fox Sports Net, then a coalition of 21 regional sports networks, and the launch of SPEED Channel, Big Ten Network and FOX Sports 1 and FOX Sports 2. In addition, he served as head of entertainment when News Corp owned a majority interest in DirecTV.

“I’m thrilled  that New York Festivals Television & Film Awards has elected to honor me its 2016 Lifetime Achievement Award, especially when you look at the accomplished careers of those who have received this distinction before me, particularly Geoff Mason, Ken Aagaard and Dave Mazza – not a bad bunch,” said Mr. Hill. “Television is truly a collaborative effort, and from Australia, to the U.K., and finally the U.S., I’ve had the good fortune of working with hundreds of amazingly talented people who joined me in taking risks and forsaking tradition, and I share this award with each and every one of them.”

The consummate innovator, Mr. Hill influenced the medium via expanded use of technology to enhance the at-home experience for sports television viewers.  His revolutionary concepts have created the modern sports television viewing experience and include the FoxBox constant score and clock graphic; the on-screen first down line, which has its roots on the FoxTrax glowing hockey puck; improved in-game audio using Dolby surround sound and innovative microphone placement, including in bases, outfield walls and foul poles; Diamond Cam, Catcher-Cam and Gopher-Cam; satellite tracking in NASCAR, allowing on–screen identification of cars with speed, race position and data and much, much more.

Mr. Hill also served as Senior Executive Vice President of 21st Century Fox, chairman of National Geographic Channels and was an executive producer at Fox for “American Idol” for the iconic show’s final three seasons.

His stellar broadcast reputation and business acumen finds Mr. Hill and his new production firm, Hilly Productions, a highly sought-after live event specialist. Earlier this year, the Emmy-winning live television executive was tapped to produce the 88th Academy Awards telecast airing on Sunday, February 28, 2016.

The 2016 TV & Film award-winners will be announced at the annual NAB Show taking place on April 19th in Las Vegas. New York Festivals Television & Film Awards will celebrate the 2016 World’s Best TV & Films℠, as well as present the Lifetime Achievement Award, Broadcaster of the Year, Production Company of the Year, and United Nations Department of Public Information Awards. For more information on NYF’s Television & Film Awards visit: www.newyorkfestivals.com/tvfilm/

The deadline to enter the 2016 Television & Film Awards competition is December 31, 2015. Entry details and competition rules and regulations can be found on the NYF Television & Film Awards website www.newyorkfestivals.com/tvfilm/. To view the complete list of categories click: HERE

All Entries in the 2016 competition will be judged online and screened by New York Festivals TV & Film Awards Grand Jury of 200 media professionals from 30 countries around the globe.  All award-winning entries will be showcased on the NYF’s TV & Film Awards website.

Friday, 11 December 2015 00:00

2015 Midas Report Rankings Announced

McCann XBC New York #1 in Financial Advertising and Marketing Communications

The Midas Awards® for the World’s Best Financial Advertising℠ team announced the 2015 Midas Report rankings. The Midas Report, unveiled in 2010, was launched to recognize and rank the most successful global companies in the financial and marketing communications industry.

The Midas Report creative ranking system is based on points earned for winning entries and provides a historical account of the highest ranking companies within the competition. Midas Report points are calculated as follows:  King Midas Award, 9 points; Midas Award for Innovation, 7 points; Gold Ingot Award, 6 points; Silver Ingot Award, 4 points; and Finalist Certificate, 1 point.

This year’s Midas Report rankings were extremely competitive. Agencies from around the globe with a robust number of points competed for coveted slots. McCann XBC New York scored the number one slot with 96 points, up from last year’s number one by 31 points.

We are so lucky to work with clients who care about putting meaningful, impactful work out into the world every day, all over the world. And our team is honored to be ranked number one in the Midas Report because of that work.” - Joyce King Thomas, Chairman & Chief Creative Officer, McCann XBC New York

Jupiter Drawing Room Johannesburg, South Africa was in the spotlight ranking #2 with a total of 79 points, up a dramatic 32 points from last year’s report.

“The Jupiter Drawing Room, Johannesburg is extremely proud to be ranked #2 in this year’s Midas Report and having consistently ranked for the past five years. I don't think it's a co-incidence that as every year goes by, we win more and more awards on the Absa business. Certainly, we feel the depth of the relationship we have built up over the years, and the understanding our teams have developed for the business and each other, has been a major factor in achieving this remarkable success.” – Tom Cullinan, Creative Partner, Jupiter Drawing Room, Johannesburg.

FP7/DXB Dubai (Part of McCann Worldgroup) had a strong showing in this year’s rankings, coming in with a total of 76 points.  FP7/DXB Dubai was a staggering 42 points up from their place on the on the 2014 Midas Ranking report.

Financial brands are often considered creatively placid. But, with the right balance between strategy and creativity, ideas can win hearts, minds and profits. Midas Awards deserves plaudits because it recognizes and celebrates such work in financial advertising. As part of the winning teams, we're very happy and grateful to have the chance for our work on Emirates NBD, MasterCard and Daman win for their creativity and effectiveness. And to be recognized as one of the top agencies amidst great work in financial advertising from around the world." - Tahaab Rais, Regional Head of Strategic Planning, FP7/MENA (Part of McCann Worldgroup).

Earning a spot on the prestigious Midas Report solidifies an agency’s place as a leader in financial advertising and marketing. David Diamond, managing partner at Diamond Integrated Marketing Toronto, Canada had this to say about the Midas Report. ”We are thrilled to be back on the list. It is an honour to have our work recognized by such an esteemed panel of judges from around the world.”

The 2015 Midas Awards Grand Jury of international client and agency leaders awarded

1 Grand Midas Award, 1 Midas Award for Innovation, 61 Midas Gold Ingots, 72 Midas Silver Ingots and 124 Finalist Certificates. The 2016 Midas Awards saw an impressive 23% increase in entries this year from 21 countries worldwide.

Friday, 11 December 2015 00:00

Switch on the TV, it’s the trend to watch

While no one can deny the increasing presence of digital, evidence clearly suggests that TV is not going anywhere in a hurry.

With tighter budgets and increased delivery demands, agencies are increasingly feeling the pressure to do more work with less money.

As a result, the industry is going through a massive re-evaluation. One consequence of this is an increase in project-based work. The other is an increase in the number of multi-discipline agencies. Everyone is trying to make sure that they can give their clients’ everything they need so they don’t look elsewhere. Above-the-line agencies expanding their offering is nothing new, but we are seeing traditionally specialist niche disciplines, expanding to become full-service, self-contained agencies, offering what above-the-line agencies do in addition to their specialist discipline.

This raises a whole host of questions and as usual, the harbingers of “The death of TV” will take this opportunity, as they’ve done with so many, to predict yet another nail in the coffin of traditional above-the-line advertising and as a result the absolute death of TV.

Miraculously, TV advertising turned 60 this year, still reigning king in terms of spend, with a massive grand total close to R33 billion in 2014 – 73% of total advertising media spend, accounting for far more than just a piece of the pie. That’s also about 42 times as much as the total spend on digital for 2014, so while overlap is increasing between the two mediums, the weight in where this is happening is clear. And while no one can deny the increasing presence of digital, evidence clearly suggests that TV is one medium that won’t be switched off.


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