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Totaling $3.81 Trillion in Value, the BrandZ™ Top 100 US Brands Are Worth More Than the GDP of Germany, the Fourth Largest Economy in the World

The BrandZ US Top 100 grew 21% over the last three years, faster than any other market

Amazon is the most valuable brand in BrandZ history, worth more than a third of a trillion dollars

Instagram is the fastest riser, almost doubling in value to climb 22 places in the ranking

UnitedHealthcare, Aetna, Airbnb and Taco Bell are newcomers to the Top 100 this year

The ability to offer consumers something they can’t get anywhere else has enabled US brands to grow their value far ahead of brands in other markets, according to the third annual BrandZ™ Top 100 US Most Valuable Brands ranking, announced today by WPP and Kantar. The total value of the brands in the Top 100 has risen 5% in the last year to $3.81 trillion, growing at twice the rate of the US GDP.

Thriving in uncertain times: Altogether, 54 of the listed US Top 100 brands have climbed in value over the past two years, by an average of +39%. The brands in the ranking are consistently strong, with 88 brands that were in the Top 100 in 2018 still listed today. The brands which consumers see as the most ‘meaningfully different’ (defined as truly meeting consumers’ needs in a way that makes their lives better) have grown their value 44% faster since 2018 than the least meaningfully different brands.

Amazon is the new no.1: Up 20% in brand value and leapfrogging Google (no.3, $303.22bn) and Apple (no.2, $303.38bn), Amazon is now worth more than a third of a trillion dollars ($334.65bn), the most of any brand in BrandZ history.

Fastest risers:Instagram (no.31, $28.88bn) grew 98% in brand value, followed by Pinterest (+45%), Salesforce (+40%), Chipotle (+33%), and Cisco (31%). Chipotle, the only non-tech brand in this group, rapidly returned to form through heavy innovation in food, delivery and digital ordering following the issues it experienced back in 2015. Successful innovations include Lifestyle Bowls that cater to specialized diets, in-store kiosks and a partnership with DoorDash.

David Roth, Chairman of BrandZ says: “With exemplary growth over the last three years and the variety of industries represented in the ranking, American brands are true global leaders. These brands are primed for continued growth, and even as economic headwinds mount, they are likely to weather the storm better than most.”

Reed Cundiff, CEO Kantar North America says: “Back in 2017, the high meaningful difference scores of this year’s fastest risers gave us early signs of their future success. Today, they are defined by their difference, purpose and innovation credentials. These brands fulfill people’s needs by innovating to create new categories and clearly delineating their offerings from those of their competitors.”

The brands in the US Top 100 come from 22 different categories, creating a diverse landscape which indicates that nearly any kind of company can build a strong brand in the US. Technology once again dominates, with 18 brands, worth $1.4 trillion, contributing 37% of the total value. The 11 brands in the retail category grew 15% to $517 billion, 13.5% of the total value.

Other highlights of the third annual BrandZ Top 100 US Most Valuable Brands ranking include:

Brand building continues to be an excellent investment in the US – the BrandZ Top 100 have delivered a 135% higher return than the companies in the S&P 500 since November 2017 – far higher than top brands in any other country.

US brands have a huge presence on the global stage, accounting for more than half of the world’s most valuable brands (54), a number which is at an all-time high.

The US leads all other markets on innovation, with 36% of all US brands ranking highly on this measure. The most innovative brand is Uber, followed by Amazon, Netflix, Disney and FedEx.

Delivering a great customer experience is crucial: According to consumers, Uber, Fedex, Pampers, UPS and Amazon provide the best experience.

It is harder than ever to make it into the US Top 100 – the brand at no.100, Clinique, is worth 46% more than the no.100 brand in 2017.

Black Friday was introduced into the United Kingdom by Amazon in 2010. Shortly after, it was turbocharged by Asda’s headline-grabbing, in-store frenzy in 2013 – which comically included fisticuffs over heavily discounted Blaupunkt televisions.

With IMRG reporting that consumers spent £1.49bn over Black Friday last year, it’s undeniable that Black Friday has become a significant event in the shopping calendar heralding the arrival of the festive season, for retailers and consumers alike.

Against a backdrop of uncertain trading conditions hampering consumer confidence, the sustainability of many brands and retailers arguably rests on successful fourth quarters. Black Friday presents a seismic opportunity of heightened shopping activity for brands and retailers to capitalise on.

With the countdown to the final weekend in November rapidly approaching – and some retailers already breaking cover with sales – brands might think that the fate of these efforts is now in the hands of their retail partners to deliver big numbers. After all, most commercial conversations, trade negotiations and demand-generation preparation for this period of heightened consumer activity has already been finalised.

However, this is a wild misconception, and even brands that don’t own the retailing and distribution of their product can still bolster performance without the need for additional margin-erosive and race-to-the-bottom discounting activity.

But what can brands really do across their retail and marketplace offerings to stand out from competitors and make the most of the Black Friday period?

Get the basics right

A high proportion of brands are still under-optimising product pages across retailers and marketplaces such as Amazon; it only takes a few minutes to find examples of highly sought-after brands with poor photography and ambiguous or uninspiring product descriptions. Whilst some of this can be attributed to the retailer, brands that aren’t proactively monitoring and tightening content across their products are essentially leaving sales on the table. We know from various studies that eCommerce merchandising plays a critical role in decision making, with as many as 87% of consumers rating product content as extremely important when deciding to buy with video content increasing conversion by as much as 86% (Forrester).

Aside from the basics, a well-optimised product page is paramount in driving conversion. It’s also a common factor in determining a retailer’s internal site search. With 82% of smartphone users reportedly consulting their phones before making an in-store purchase (Bazaarvoice, 2018), it’s evident that digital plays a significant role in product discovery and research. To capitalise on the intensified volume and intent over the coming weeks, brands should make it a priority to ensure products have reflective and impactful product titles, benefit-driven and immersive descriptions, strong photography and rich lifestyle-led video content where viable.

Stand out from the crowd with media

Offering discounts is simply not enough for brands to stand out over the Black Friday period. An increasing number of retailers now offer bespoke onsite media opportunities for brands to engage in, alongside Amazon Sponsored Products or network-wide platforms such as Criteo Sponsored Products. These allow brands to boost the visibility of products through a pay-per-click model on targeted search results across various marketplaces.

“With more product discovery, research and purchasing now taking place online – and given the importance of visibility in a world of the infinite shelf – retail media presents an excellent opportunity to gain an advantage over the Black Friday period by standing out against competitors,” said Nicole Kivel, Director of Criteo Retail Media. Certainly, prominence as close to the point of transaction as possible during this period of heightened consumer interest is an exceedingly attractive prospect for most brands.

Whilst some caution should be applied to ensure that brands are efficiently and profitably considering retail media as a key part of their mix, it unquestionably offers brands an opportunity to protect, and in most instances, punch well above their share over this crucial trading period without the need for further discounting.

Extend the consideration period beyond a single weekend

Brands looking to unlock potential in the final quarter should extend the consideration period for both brand and products beyond the Black Friday weekend.

“Taking part in promotional build-up events with our retail partners or considering tactical above-the-line activity in the weeks running up to Black Friday allows us to get our products to the forefront of customer’s minds, and into the consideration set, ahead of the Black Friday noise,” explains Jonnie Norgate, Customer Marketing Manager at Electrolux. “Extending the consideration period beyond a single weekend has definitely been effective for us.”

Awareness and consideration are almost as vital in a consumer’s decision-making process as price and availability. Stealing the thunder of competitors in the lull ahead of the disruptive Black Friday period is advantageous, particularly in larger-ticket categories and considered purchases such as consumer electricals, luxury and potentially even beauty.


With a mere couple of weeks to run, the fate of a strong Black Friday campaign is entirely achievable beyond the strength of deals and availability through retail partners. Proactive brands can absolutely drive awareness, share and ultimately sales throughout the Black Friday, Cyber Monday and festive period by simply optimising the basics, leaning on emerging retail media solutions and thinking about widening the consideration period of their brand and associated product catalogue.


Written by Stuart Johnston,Global Commerce Associate Director at Zenith

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Emirates and ATP renew Premier Partnership

Emirates and the ATP today announced a renewal of their highly successful partnership, with the award-winning airline signing on as Premier Partner and Official Airline of the ATP Tour for an additional five years, beginning in 2021.

The Premier Partnership renewal will extend Emirates' commitment to the sport to 2025, having first been associated with the ATP since 2013 when the airline was a Platinum Partner.

As Official Airline and Premier Partner, Emirates will continue to receive global marketing rights and exposure through iconic on-court net branding at 60 tournaments worldwide. In 2018, ATP tournaments delivered Emirates brand exposure to a cumulative dedicated audience in excess of 1 billion, while the ATP's worldwide platform also provides Emirates with an outstanding opportunity to showcase its unrivalled hospitality.

"It's been a successful partnership so far and a great fit for our brand. As a global airline serving 158 destinations across 85 countries, and the ATP Tour itself taking place in 30 destinations to which we fly, along with the growing popularity of the tour, it remains a strong platform for us to connect with our customers, hence the decision to continue to being a Premier Partner and the Official Airline of the ATP Tour," said Boutros Boutros, Emirates Divisional Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications, Marketing and Brand.

"We are delighted to have Emirates extend their Premier Partner status as the ATP Tour continues to soar in popularity as a truly worldwide sport," said Chris Kermode, ATP Executive Chairman & President. "The Tour looks forward to further enhancing the exceptional partnership that has already been built, and the renewal reinforces the benefits the global platform of the ATP Tour provides to such a highly regarded and established brand in the sports marketing world."

FCB Health Network Named Global Healthcare Network of the Year; Area 23 is Healthcare Agency of the Year

Grand Global Awarded to Marcel “Black Supermarket” and BETC São Paulo earns Global Good Award

The Global Awards®, honoring the best work in Healthcare & Wellness and Pharma (Rx) Advertising, announced the 2019 award winners on Thursday November 14th at a celebration held at 393 NYC in Tribeca in New York City.

FCB Health Network was in the spotlight earning the title of Global Healthcare Network of the Year for the third consecutive year. The network took home a total of 4 Global Gold Awards, 5 Global Silver, 8 Bronze, and 16 Finalists.

Area 23, an FCB Health Network Company, was recognized with the title of Global Healthcare Agency of the Year for the third year running. The agency earned 3 Global Gold Awards, 2 Global Silver Awards, 7 Bronze and 8 Finalists.

“When I was coming up, it was a career goal to just win a Global award. So, being recognized as the Global Awards Agency of the Year for the third year in a row is news that is hard to comprehend. Of course I want to thank the Area 23 teams that put their blood sweat and tears into making the work as great as it can be, but I would be remiss if I didn’t thank the real heroes here, the clients… who absolutely had to go out on a limb to approve, fund, and fight for this work.”—Tim Hawkey, Chief Creative Officer, Area 23

“Black Supermarket” from Marcel Paris was center stage earning the prestigious Grand Global Award. Client Carrefour challenged the agrochemical lobby and law that allows access to only 3% of existing fruits and vegetables in the Official Catalogue of Authorized Species. The campaign challenged people to go to the Black Supermarket and to sign the petition to change the law in the name of biodiversity and health, and they succeeded.

The first annual Global Good Award went to BETC São Paulo for “The Dissolving Poster” for client Habitat for Humanity. The campaign was launched to protect areas in countries like Brazil where it rains all year round and the accumulation of standing water results in outbreaks of Aedes aegypti mosquito, which transmits Dengue, Zika and Chikungunya viruses. To raise awareness, special posters were created that inform people on sunny days and dissolve when it rains to kill the mosquitos before they hatch.

The Global Good Award was selected by the Executive Jury from top-scoring Gold entries or campaigns whose goal is to encourage social good and beneficial behavior to facilitate change resulting in a positive outcome for individuals, causes, society, and the welfare of animals and the environment.

The 2019 Global Awards Regional Agency of the Year Award is awarded to the highest scoring agencies within a region:

McCann Health Shanghai, Shanghai China – Asia Pacific

Marcel, Paris France – Europe

BETC São Paulo, São Paulo, Brasil – Latin America

The Classic Partnership Advertising, Dubai UAE – Middle East & Africa

Area 23, New York City, USA – North America

“The Global Awards celebrates 25 years of tradition, and this year’s standout work is representative of the innovative work being created around the world. Many of our judges noticed a marked increase in the quality of work entered, and that’s what 25 years of competition is really about raising that quality,” said Fran Pollaro, Executive Director of New York Festivals Global Awards. “We’re honored to recognize cutting edge Healthcare & Pharma (Rx) work that is raising awareness not just about life threatening health issues, but coping well with illness, and ultimately living well.”

The 2019 Global Awards honored entrants with three levels of awards, Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards. The 2019 Global Awards Executive Jury honored agencies and their creative work with 11 Global Gold Awards, 15 Global Silver, 19 Global Bronze, and 135 Finalist Awards from entries initially judged by the Grand Jury and eight worldwide live juries.

Entries from agencies around the world created on behalf of prominent brands in both Pharma (Rx) and Health & Wellness. Winning campaigns effectively engaged consumers and healthcare professionals and employed a vast spectrum of techniques including technological innovations, print and website design, live activations, apps, OOH experiences, 3D animation and collaborative partnerships.

Entries striking Gold include: Area 23’s “Get Up Alarm Clock” for Lartruvo. The 3G-enabled Get Up alarm clock operated through Twitter and utilized a custom DM inbox allowing friends and family of patients with soft tissue sarcoma (STS) to send them messages of support daily. The messages were then projected onto the bedroom ceiling at the patient’s desired wake-up time. Area 23 earned 2 additional Global Gold Awards for “One Word” for Constant Therapy, a wonderful example of gripping animation and storytelling representative of the patient’s struggle with this illness.

FCB Health New York earned the Global Gold for “Still Not Out of The Water” for client Colin’s Hope. The print and website campaign were designed to be a resource for parents and caregivers worldwide by providing a multifaceted prevention approach that included information about lesser-known drowning symptoms—ones that can occur even after leaving water. The campaign provided audiences with the most accurate information so that they can act accordingly in a drowning event.

McCann Health was in the spotlight taking home the Global Gold for “The Urban Eye Test” for OCO Optometrists. The OOH eye test conducted in London during Oct 2018 utilized floor panels that were placed on streets and sidewalks that became diagnostic tools for poor eyesight. A QR code tagged to each location allowed users to instantly book an optometrist appointment, allowing the ability to monitor how people’s on-street diagnosis became actual eye tests.

Double Global Golds went to Publicis Life Brands UK’s “Commitment To Harmony” for client Tremfya. The animated 3D film starts with hypnotic and seemingly abstract shots of objects moving within a beautifully synchronized machine designed to depict Janssen as masters of harmony. The film illustrates how Janssen’s skills and abilities allow them to flawlessly manufacture the seemingly impossible – products that can remove disease with minimal impact on the rest of the body, positioning Janssen not just as a pharmaceutical company, but as absolute masters of harmony.

Serviceplan Health/Serviceplan Group Germany earned the Global Gold for “Made in Fukushima” for client Meter Group. The March 2011 tsunami that hit the Fukushima Daiichi Power Plant caused a meltdown of the nuclear reactors contaminating Japanese farmland. Environmental technology specialists from METER developed a sustainable decontamination method allowing rice to grow safely. The technological data was turned into an easy to understand book made from the rice straw grown on decontaminated fields to educate people and remove the stigma. A 1000 copies of the first edition of Made in Fukushima was sent to decision makers in the environment and food industries and positive PR resulted in the rise in price of Fukushima rice.

Students Rasesh Patkar, Swarna Thomas, and Laura Starace of the Miami Ad School Hamburg were honored with the Global Gold for “d-spot” for client Durex. The winning digital/mobile entry targeted young people who know about the consequences of unprotected sex yet refuse to carry protection with them. To inspire them to carry a condom with them every day, Durex condoms were turned into little pocket-passwords for free Wi-Fi hotspots.

Agencies from around the world were honored with Global Awards. McCann Health UK earned 1 Global Gold and 2 Silver; McCann Health New York was honored with 1 Silver and 3 Bronze; McCann Health Shanghai earned 1 Global Silver and 1 Bronze and McCann Health India was recognized with a Global Bronze Award. Both Tracy Locke Brasil and FCB Lisbon were each honored with 2 Global Silver Awards; Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness earned 1 Global Silver and 3 Bronze; FCB Chicago earned 2 Global Bronze Awards; and Langland UK was honored with a Global Bronze

Running parallel with the New York Festival’s Global Awards ceremony in New York, Bravo!, an annual Australian event, celebrated Global Award winners in the Asia Pacific region. Bravo! is made possible by dedicated Bravo! Co-chairs, Craig Chester, Executive Creative Director Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness and Toby Pickford, Chief Creative Officer, Ogilvy Health and the Australian Doctor Group who sponsored the November 14th celebration in Sydney. Global Awards were present by The Australian Doctor Group’s Managing Director Bryn McGeever.

To view 2019’s Australian winning entries please visit the Global Awards Winners Showcase. To view the 2019 New York Festivals Global Awards winners, please visit: HERE.

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Katy Perry visits Radio One Mumbai

While in Mumbai, pop sensation Katy Perry visits Radio One Studio India’s only International radio network

Ahead of her concert this weekend in Mumbai, the International pop sensation Katy Perry visited the studio of Radio One in Mumbai on 14th November 2019.

The star was given a taste of the Indian hospitality with a grand welcome. The Radio One team was dressed in yellow and pink, Katy’s favourite colours. The welcome was followed by exclusive dance performances on her songs by RJs of fever network, which left Katy spell bound.

Katy was specially intrigued by celebration of “Children’s Day” in India and the ideology behind it. While interacting with the kids present at the studios, Katy bonded with them on their shared love for chicken nuggets.
Katy, who runs a strong and deep connection with India, was elated to be in Mumbai, especially at the Radio One Mumbai studios where she was enthralled by the sheer energy and excitement in the air.

Talking about the pop star’s visit, Harshad Jain, CEO, Radio and Entertainment, HT Media Ltd., said, “We are thrilled to have an international icon like Katy Perry visit us at our studios to have an exclusive chat with her fans & our listeners. Radio One, India’s only international station, has a strong association with international stars and the biggest music festivals of India and it only gives us more pride and joy in establishing this strong connect with Katy Perry on her visit to India for our listeners.”

Radio One, India’s youth destination, is part of the Fever Network which houses other FM brands namely, Fever FM and Radio Nasha.

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