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Seventynine, part of SVG Media – India’s largest digital media platform today launched appjacketTMPLUS, a new In-App Advertising Platform that brings greater monetization capabilities to app developers and publishers.

appjacketTMPLUS is powered with enhanced features & controls for publishers including but not limited to the world’s first zero buffering and HD-quality video display technology. It also features revolutionary machine learning algorithm for best consumer targeting and reach, and a powerful mediation engine for best in class yield.

appjacketTMPLUS is an incredibly simple and powerful platform that for the first time adds a mediation layer, allowing app publishers to serve video or rich media ads from global networks irrespective of the app user’s location.

Leading app publishers like Nazara Games, Times Internet Ltd., HT Media Ltd, India Today Group, Bhaskar Group, Digivive, Zapak Games, Kompas etc. already use Seventynine’s in-app ad serving technology in their popular apps including Chhota Bheem, Gaana, India Today, Dainik Bhaskar, NexGTV and Live Mint. Seventynine serves in-app video ads to over 50+ million smartphone users in India.

Mustali Kachwala, co-founder at Seventynine said, “With appjacketTMPLUS, we have made in-app advertising even more financially rewarding for mobile app developers and publishers with the inclusion of a powerful global mediation engine. A wealth of user behavior information coupled with complex algorithms will ensure app developer gets maximum revenue at the same time consumer gets relevant advertisements. The new SDK will further strengthen our position as the mobile technology platform of choice, with over 350 leading apps and over 100 advertisers are already using our technology.”

appjacketTMPLUS puts 40+ levers of control over ads served in the hands of app publishers – they can for example control number, timing or even frequency of ads shown to each specific user. Further, publishers using appjacketTMPLUS can offer unprecedented value to mobile advertisers by targeting ads to specific geo-location, type of device used, or even type of content being viewed. For example, a music app like Gaana can serve a specific ad only to listeners of English songs, while serving another ad to listeners of Punjabi songs.

Seventynine’s technology allows publishers to create custom native ad spots at different times of app usage, at start, at exit or while in-use. It further offers native in-app locations for serving ads of different formats, including high-quality zero-buffer video ads, rich media ads with multiple calls-to-action, Interstitials or static banners. appjacketTMPLUS supports more than 10 innovative ad formats and engagement actions, provides built-in DMP and is compliant with leading international formats and industry standards.

As part of appjacketTMPLUS, Seventynine will offer its technology and technical support to large App publishers who maintain their own sales teams, and are looking for a robust solution to enhance their inventory offerings.

Ties up with Tubefilter and dick clark productions.

First Internationally Localized Version of the Streamy Awards to be Produced for Indian and South Asian Audiences

Culture Machine, leading digital entertainment company, in partnership with Tubefilter and dick clark productions brings the first internationally localized version of the Streamy Awards which honor the best in YouTube, Facebook, online video and the creators behind it. The awards show will be produced for audiences in India and South Asian territories including Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Bhutan.

“The prestigious Streamy Awards are a perfect fit with Culture Machine’s vision of creating entertainment for the Internet generation,” said Sameer Pitalwalla, CEO and Co-Founder of Culture Machine. “The South Asian market is amongst the top 3 Internet markets in the world, and our partnership with Tubefilter and dick clark productions is a step towards providing a platform that recognizes achievements for those pushing the boundaries of entertainment on the Interwebs.”

“Online video and digital entertainment is indeed a global phenomenon that has brought us closer than ever before, but the world still remains a mosaic of many diverse cultures and the creative communities that surround them,“ said Streamy Awards creator Drew Baldwin. “From the beginning, the Streamy Awards have always strived to showcase digital entertainment to broader audiences, and our partnership with Culture Machine marks an important first step in our mission to celebrate excellence in online video, no matter in what part of the world it is made.”

Our partnership with Culture Machine represents all of the elements we feel necessary for success in localizing the show,” said Mark Rafalowski, EVP, International Distribution, dick clark productions. “Digital networks and traditional media companies recognize the Streamy Awards as a truly unique program that bridges media consumption patterns across multiple demographics.”

The international partnership was announced at MIPCOM, the year’s most anticipated global market for entertainment content across all platforms, where Tubefilter and dick clark productions will continue to pursue the development of localized versions of the Streamy Awards for additional international territories in the next year.

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How to Learn from a Global Life

Global Cosmopolitans adapt to new situations so seamlessly they often don’t realise how they did it. Learning from your global life can help you define a creative edge of difference from your international experiences.

Liv has a Swedish father and an Indian mother. She grew up in Kenya. She says she can pass for a Moroccan, Indian or even a member of the Shawnee Native American tribe. With mastery of four languages, she fits easily into many cultures. Schooled in Sweden and Switzerland, she has since worked in hotel management in the United States, Switzerland, Sweden, Myanmar, Thailand, Morocco and Bali.

It would be easy, but wrong to assume that Liv’s languages and cross-cultural knowledge explain her success in the tourism industry. Certainly they play a role, but Liv’s skill is understanding people. This comes from her genuine curiosity and soft, approachable style that have gained her trust and respect wherever she has lived. She has the ability to observe and relate to the world around her.

Understand your adaptive capacity

Moving to a new culture requires adaptation to new values, attitudes and behaviours. An adaptive capacity is needed for meeting the challenges of a global life. When Global Cosmopolitans talk about new situations, they often adapt so seamlessly that they can’t describe how it happened, but Liv’s story gives us an indication of how to define, but also appreciate your mosaic of diverse experiences and use the skills you may not know you have.

Global Cosmopolitans develop characteristics resembling what social psychologists and psychologists refer to as high adaptive capacity. They go beyond just knowing how to learn in uncertain environments and combining knowledge in creative ways; they actually create opportunities for reinvention so that they can thrive in their new circumstances.

Miki, who is Japanese, moved to Italy when she was 13, but having returned to work in Japan for a German company, she found herself adopting two different personas. “When I had something to say to one of the (Japanese) managers, I had to first knock on their door and act as if I was too shy to open it. If I acted the same way with my American GM, he would either get angry or would ask me what I did wrong,” she says. Miki adds that adapting to a new location is “almost like a sport that I play by reflex rather than by thoughtful process.”

Build relational awareness

Such relational challenges are always taking place for Global Cosmopolitans. Therefore, it is essential to make quick connections and avoid social isolation and frustration. The ability to deal with multiple and diverse people and problems is a significant skill.

As a teenager, Liv worked in Stockholm as a luxury hotel maid and in Geneva as a waitress at a hospital restaurant. She worked alongside Chilean political refugees who had been professionals, such as doctors and teachers, back home. She has learned not to assume and she applies an open-minded approach to all her staff, asking them how they plan to grow.

Change as opportunity

Constant change is not easy. Global Cosmopolitans often express ambivalence about losing what they have worked hard to build. They miss their friends, food and places. Such change, however, is passive, it happens to you. But a fluid approach that welcomes change calls up powerful internal forces from a person’s own values, background and depth of experience. This can make change active, something that happens for you, which helps Global Cosmopolitans seek out more opportunities for development.

Discomforts and mistakes along the way should be framed as learning opportunities. If they become feelings of regret and an aversion to future movement, change becomes increasingly threatening.

It is equally important to help others accept the change. When someone makes a significant departure from their current situation, friends and family only ‘knew’ them in a previous context.

The change may alter their availability or present new and unfamiliar behaviours. Helping significant others manage the loss of the person they knew and the acceptance of a new persona is an important task that can keep relationships from becoming obstacles to future growth.

Observational capacity

To accomplish integration into a foreign country, Global Cosmopolitans need to be keenly aware not just of what they know but also of what they don’t know and need to find out.

Their cultural competence has to be a blend of cultural knowledge and skills with highly developed self-awareness. A careful observation of other people allows Global Cosmopolitans to see the world from another person’s perspective and suspend judgment, opening the way for clear dialogue.

Feeling comfortable with the uncertainty of knowing that they don’t know allows Global Cosmopolitans to excel at finding out. This capacity is a fundamental business skill and a crucial asset to companies seeking opportunities in times of crisis.

Use kaleidoscope thinking

Joining multiple pieces of information together is difficult, especially for Global Cosmopolitans, who have another dimension of complexity to process. Highly creative approaches to flexible and original thinking can be beneficial, using what Rosabeth Moss Kanter calls “kaleidoscope thinking skills”. A kaleidoscope can produce very different patterns when the same coloured bits inside are shaken up. The same image, she says, applies to perception; “often it’s not reality that’s fixed; it’s our perspective of reality. Creativity and innovation come when we can shake up our thinking and challenge conventional patterns.”

When Liv looks at her life that way, with each move, she knows that she must give the kaleidoscope a turn so that she can see her life from a different perspective and look at the pieces from different angles.

The key components for the development of your global skillset; the adaptive capacity, relational awareness, different ways of knowing and multiple lenses and perspectives provide the tools to understand, recognise and integrate across complex global dynamics.

Rules in one country often disappear or transform in another in the same way that business ideas emerge from ideas that are developed in one part of the world but are highly valuable in another. Learning to deal with change and moving from a sense of loss to a stage of transformation create a base of experience that can help Global Cosmopolitans manage change in organisations or start compelling new ventures.


Authored by Linda Brimm,INSEAD Emeritus Professor of Organisational Behaviour and the author of Global Cosmopolitans.

Source: INSEAD

Available across Dell’s range of Inspiron Notebooks, Desktops & All-In-Ones and Vostro notebooks

Dell India, India’s leading end to end technology solutions provider today announced its “#ShareTheJoy” festive offers for consumers. The ‘#ShareTheJoy’ campaign inspires the sentiment of goodness which prevails throughout the festivities, seeing Indians reach out and share the joy of celebration in order to spread the festive cheer.

This festive season, Dell wishes to be a part of their consumer’s celebrations by adding excitement to their shopping experience and offering enthralling gifts on its entire Inspiron and Vostro range of devices. These offers are valid on purchases made between October 1st and November 15th, 2015.

Ritu Gupta, Director, Marketing, Dell India said, “Festivals are an occasion for togetherness and celebrations with all our near and dear ones. It is also a season for exchanging gifts and sharing the joy of celebration. This festive season, we wish to celebrate with our customers and encourage them to #ShareTheJoy with the power of technology. With the launch of our new Festive campaign, we aim to sweeten our customers’ experience with special offers available on our entire Dell Inspiron and Vostro range.”

“Dell is committed to enabling PC awareness and reach across the country. With these offers we hope to provide our users with their choice of form factor that caters to their usage needs, and inspire them to spread festive cheer using Dell’s technology solutions. Understanding that many of our customers are also first time users of personal technology, we are taking additional steps to safeguard the performance of our devices by equipping them with anti-virus software and security features like Absolute LoJack® Theft Protection Software. These features provide an extra layer of protection that give users peace of mind and enhances their experience with our brand.” continued Ritu.

The win comes on the back of a multi-agency pitch. The Small Big Idea will be responsible for creating brand awareness across social platforms

Digital Agency, TheSmallBigIdea (TSBI), has bagged the digital mandate for Ethnicity.  Ethnicity is a niche brand having an eclectic collection of Indian ethnic apparel like fusion wear, everyday wear and trousseau along with jewellery, artefacts, home & accessories for the contemporary Indian.

The year and a half old start-up, founded by 2 ex-Television professionals has made quite a mark with a steady flow of client acquisitions. Harikrishnan Pillai & Manish Solanki, Founders, TSBI says, “Fashion brands are always exciting to work on because of it pretty much features on most youngsters ‘things-I-care-about-list’. Ethnic wear has a unique, eclectic place in the minds of the consumers, and our challenge is to engage audiences on social by touching the right cords. The strategy is a well knit program that encompasses multiple platforms like facebook, twitter, instagram and pinterest. The idea is to make the brand socially omnipresent and then engage all its stakeholders across platforms.”

With its inception in 2008, Ethnicity has completed 6.5 years and has expanded its business pan India across 13 cities with 24stand alone stores & 23 Centrals.

Ethnicity has the largest collection of fusion wear and kurtis under one roof with brand palette comprising of Global Desi, W, Aurelia, Peppertree, Rain and Rainbow, Morpankh, Manyavar, India Circus, Poparazziand and many more.

Mr. Aparnaa Raje, CEO, Shree Balaji Ethnicity Retail Ltd. commented on this association, “The brand Ethnicity is aggressive about its online approach and the recent onboarding of The Small Big Idea (TSBI) as the social media agency is one of the first few steps towards it. The team at The Small Big Idea (TSBI) come with a unique cross-industry experience, which we are certain, will bring freshness into the brands social presence”


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