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Is your business geared up for the post COVID-19 digital era?

COVID-19 pandemic has cast a spotlight on the urgent need for business’ resilience and digital capabilities.

Today both B2B & B2C businesses are equally impacted due to the pandemic as billions of citizens face lockdowns across the globe. Businesses need to react to these sudden and dramatic changes which impacted their supply chains, customer interactions and expectations, as well as employee productivity and availability. Life has changed for all of us and virtual proximity is at its peak while we practice social distancing in real life.

No data is yet available to gauge how much the COVID-19 crisis is inducing digital transformation, but some early numbers suggest that digital transformation is certainly top of mind as business priorities.

It’s not business-as-usual as the pandemic has changed the consumer’s mindset and is forcing businesses to accelerate the shift to digital and directto-consumer (DTC) models. Consumer habits and behaviours may go back to the pre-pandemic days sooner or later but as of now there is a surge in consumer digital behaviour and its here to stay for a long time.

Digitally mature businesses have better resilience and ability to handle the challenges that such crises demand. Businesses therefore will need to ramp up their digital initiatives to leverage the “new reality” and rethink their digital strategy that is data-driven, customer focused and agile.

No longer can business leaders deny the value addition that digital technologies bring to their businesses. The COVID-19 pandemic is forcing business leaders and owners to relook at the investments towards their digital initiatives and consider them as core business initiatives.

We anticipate accelerated investments towards digital initiatives that enable businesses to handle the fast changing customer demands and identify trouble spots in core business processes to quickly mitigate them. Mobility, digital customer experiences & secure remote working environment for business continuity could be a great example in this case.

A report from BCG suggests that digitally mature businesses who had invested in areas such as AI and new ways of working could better handle the current crises situation and adapt to the radical changes in customer behaviour and business environment.

COVID-19 crisis was impossible to predict with conventional wisdom and forecasting tools. However, there are important lessons that we can learn and carry forward these learnings to the future that has been redefined. For business continuity, businesses should be focussed on reshaping their strategy, assess alternative / digital operational methods and respond quickly - which is where we step in. nxtnew Digital Business Consulting was formed to address the pressing need to enable businesses to take that first step towards their digital transformation journeys.

We started out as an independent about 2 years ago after two decades of successful careers in the corporate world. Our focus is to help businesses prepare for the new reality, tackle immediate needs while strengthening business outcomes. We help businesses build adaptable data and digital platforms with an emphasis on business continuity, expansion and innovation.

32% of senior executives rarely update their operating model, according to initial data from an ongoing intelligence operations survey by Accenture and Oxford Economics. We encourage businesses of all sizes to proactive ly work towards data-driven digital customer journeys that are sustainable and revenue focused.

We strongly believe that digital transformation is a joint venture between the CEO and the CIO and taking the digital first approach should be an integral part of a business strategy. nxtnew Digital Business Consulting aims to be the bridge between a company’s business strategy and their digital transformation objectives by collaborating and co-creating their digital strategy. We work as extended team members to bring in the digital knowhow across technology, marketing & customer experience design.

Our key service offerings are:

• Digital strategy

• Digital product strategy

• Data strategy

• Marketing transformation strategy

• Digital customer experiences

Why should you partner with us?

• We combine strategy, technology and creative, to help CXOs envision and build what’s next for their business.

• We apply design thinking to business problems, in order to generate effective and innovative outcomes, that are sure to result in enhanced customer experiences.

• We bring two decades of experience in media & entertainment, telecom and BFSI sectors in India.

Since our inception, we have worked with businesses of all sizes across sectors such as media & entertainment, manufacturing, real estate and consumer goods to define their digital strategy. We are conscious of the fact that businesses will seek cost-effective and agile strategies amid the uncertain times. Our framework ensures that the transformation journey is broken down to smaller components that are quicker to implement, show rapid results and are not investment heavy.

It’s about taking one step at a time in the right direction.

About the Founders:

Devyani Ozarde- Founder, Director

Devyani is a digital media professional with over two decades of experience in digital strategy, developing & managing digital products & platforms and has worked with organisations such as Sony Pictures, BCCL, Reliance and rediff.com. Before founding nxtnew Digital Business Consulting, she led the digital technology function at Sony Pictures Networks India where she launched and managed a range of digital products & platforms including OTT, TV-to-Digital experiences, Social media command centre, CRM, Data Analytics, & Content marketing.

An art school graduate and with combined skills across creative, technology & marketing, Devyani likes to call herself a creative technologist. She is constantly looking for new opportunities & innovations to help businesses reach out to their customers effectively. She evangelises creative application of digital technologies for achieving greater business outcomes.

As the Founder and Director of nxtnew, Devyani wears the chief creative technologist’s hat and is responsible for technology solutions & general management.

Avvanti Gupta-Co-founder, Director of Business & Strategic Alliances

As a partner and co-founder, Avvanti is responsible for client acquisition, strategic alliances and partnerships. In the course of her two decade-long career, she has driven sales and growth strategy for several large organisations across Telecommunication, ITES, BFSI, as well as startups offering emerging tech for business like AR, VR & Cyber- security. She has also led large teams and business verticals for revenue growth.

Avvanti is committed to building long-term relationships through partnerships and alliances as she believes in the combined strength that an ecosystem can offer. She has driven these relationships across a wide spectrum - from large global clients in the emerging markets to small specialised businesses. An economics graduate with an MBA in marketing, Avvanti has always been a gold medalist. Today she is driven by the challenge of making digital a board room topic.

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