Consumer Behavior during holiday breaks: India E-commerce Sales & Statistics

Admitad tracks sales of online buyers in India during the holiday break Dec 25 - Jan 8

Over the time, the consumer habits and behaviour of purchase keep on evolving. As online retailers gain more presence, individuals and their purchase experience start focusing on e-shopping especially during such holiday periods. The next wave of retail is winning by e-commerce that connects all the consumers touch points and provide the cohesive experience for online shoppers. Along with mobiles dominance there is an expansion in various categories and increasing demands for overseas products.

To make the right insights this year Admitad has pulled out the Statistics & trends of the New Year Sales (2017-2018 vs 2018-2019 holiday periods) along with its expert partners analysis and found out the following:

Digital Equipments & electronics: Online platforms have become the default place where people buy electronics and household items. The sales of digital equipments & electronics on the Admitad’s platform went up almost x3 this year with 10 times hike in the average check. This is led by the exclusive brands and products online as well as the attractive pricing and discounts that are offered to by both retailers and manufacturers from time to time.

Health & beauty: This category emerged as a fast growing category and its success is largely driven by the leading player in this space , who has become a trendsetter in the Industry. The growth of this category on Admitad’s platform goes up by more than 2 times in comparison to last year. The increasing consumer trust on online health care and beauty products lead to the average check of x14 times higher during the holiday break. By having various campaigns in this category more publishers turn up to participate with Admitad platform and results in better ROI.

Goods from China: Foremost 11.11 was even bigger in 2018 as compared to 2017. The cross border trade have shown a jump on Admitad platform with x1.4 time upward graph than last year’s holiday sale. Whereas the average check goes down by 0.6 times but still it has attracted more publishers to participate in the cross border campaigns. Brands like AliExpress, Shein and others have gained popularity in India in 2018 and this has added to the increase of cross-border products sales in the country and online cross border buyers.

Sales during the holiday break have come up to a dip in a few categories in 2018-19 than 2017-18. The average purchase check for online hypermarkets & sport goods has shrunk by 0.6 and 0.4 times respectively. Another top category, that during the holiday break witnessed a dip of x0.2 average check downfall is fashion.

The holiday period of 2018-19 revealed some of new and fast-growing categories on Admitad platform. Online Furniture, Music sphere & Food Delivery are counted as the fastest emerging categories for this time of the year. With the average growth rate of x2.2, consumers made this time x6 times more food orders online. The growth of furniture & music online sets another trend for the year and opens up new spheres for the new age publisher to perform in.

To conclude here, apart from the overall organic growth that has been experienced by the industry, advertisers have also spent more money on advertising and promotional activities, which has motivated affiliates to put more emphasis on promoting these brands. At the same time, advertisers have been very aggressive in offering deals and discounts to consumers, and this has also helped fuel the growth. Online buyers in India are gradually shifting more towards online purchase due to massive offerings of coupons & discounts, which during the holiday period became even deeper and more aggressive.

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