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The brand's fresh campaign is centered around the idea of asking better questions to drive progress.

HT Media Group, India's leading media and entertainment conglomerate, is proud to announce that Mint, an award-winning business publication, has unveiled a fresh brand campaign, #AskBetterQuestions, anchored in the idea of asking better questions to drive progress. This is in with the Group's mission to Empower, Engage and Entertain Millions Through Trusted Content Every Minute, Every day. The digital campaign aims to empower readers through thought-provoking ideas and commits to upholding high reporting standards that address questions arising in audiences' minds.

The publisher of popular editions, including weekend magazine Mint Lounge, and personal wealth brand Mint Money, Mint continuously invests in in-depth reportage, data analysis, and top-notch journalists and expert columnists to power readers' personal growth.

The Mint's #AskBetterQuestions series comprises three videos that share a common objective: to help people achieve their goals and thrive by addressing the questions on their minds. The three videos showcase the drive and determination of the youth in India, featuring individuals from diverse backgrounds striving for success in their respective fields. One features a C-suite executive seeking ideas to grow his business, another showcases a budding entrepreneur responding to the global food crisis created by climate change, and the third follows a young investor exploring opportunities in the international stock market to diversify her portfolio. Mint enables these individuals to unlock their vision and think ahead through thought-provoking, trustworthy, and reliable content.

Sarah Banerjee, Brand Marketing Lead at Mint, believes that the youth of India are optimistic, go-getters, confident, ambitious, and curious entrepreneurs in life and spirit. She said, "Mint's credible journalism provides clarity and precision, enabling Indians to make informed decisions. Through the #AskBetterQuestions campaign, we want to inspire our audience to ask better questions and ignite their curiosity. And we will continue to answer those questions and guide them on their journey of exploration and progress through our high-reporting standards."

Sarah added that this campaign would resonate with both business and non-business readers, as questioning the status quo is a fundamental human trait.

Mint appointed dojo as the creative agency for this campaign.

Amit Sinha, Founder and CVO, dojo, said, "It was a great opportunity to collaborate with Mint, one of the most respected business dailies in South Asia, to design an audience-focused campaign that sparks imagination and transforms its audience into forward-thinkers, generating innovative solutions for their own growth and progress. #AskBetterQuestions aims to broaden perspectives and inspire a growth mindset within society."

A publication with exclusive collaborations with The Wall Street Journal and The Economist, Mint now has a robust digital presence with iOS and Android apps, a popular website, and trustworthy journalism in multiple formats. Its immersive experiences include market dashboards, personalized notifications, videos, podcasts, and originally-crafted newsletters, appealing to business and non-business readers who value challenging the norm and thinking ahead.

HT Media Group is one of India's largest media and entertainment conglomerates. Its brands, spanning print, audio, and digital, including Hindustan Times, Mint, Hindustan, OTT Play, Shine.com, Slurrp, Healthshots, TechCircle, VC Circle, Fever FM, and HT Smartcast, enjoy widespread popularity and trusted credibility.




From mobile to streaming, CTV to FAST and gaming to e-commerce, diversification is the key to success in the expansive region.

The Asia Video Summit marked a successful return to Hong Kong, with almost 300 delegates attending the conference in person and virtually.

Hosted by the Asia Video Industry Association (AVIA), the Summit conversations centred around the key themes of ‘The Making of Korea and the Model for Who’s Next?’, ‘Video at the Crossroads’, ‘Technology Taking Over’, ‘The State of Video 2023’ and ‘The Advance of Advertising’, with a special opening session to set the stage, led by Henry Tan, Special Adviser, Astro & Chairman, Astro Awani and Vivek Couto, Executive Director, Media Partners Asia with Louis Boswell, CEO, AVIA.

While recognising there are many important and challenging issues evolving in the industry, the mood was upbeat across the two-day summit. The conversation with Couto and Tan touched upon much of this and while recognising the importance of advertising on premium video which was growing, Tan also added that there was no better business than long term subscription, even if for now the mantra of streaming companies was to give the consumer full flexibility.

Discussing how Korea had generated such success in ‘How The Wave Was Launched’, Peter Choe, CEO Blintn said that the Korean “export mindset” had been a key factor while Hyun Park, Producer and Advisor, Studio Dragon, said that the Koreans were very good at changing their style of storytelling to capture the market. However, the most important was to understand what the consumer wants, and that’s what Korea has become so good at, added Jeeyoung Lee, GM, Korea, Warner Bros. Discovery.

This focus on content continued with local experts on Chinese and Thai entertainment. In both markets, a good ecosystem of support and incentives was welcomed to nurture local talent. Cooperation within the region could possibly push growth across Asian markets, said Desmond Chan, Deputy GM, Legal and International Operations, TVB. There was particular optimism around the prospects for Thai content, and while recognizing this, Prof. Pirongrong Ramasoota, Commissioner, The National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission, Thailand, stressed the importance of “light-touch governance” to allow “industry players to be more creative and innovative with their content.”

The topic of monetization was also widely debated over the two days of the Summit. Gaming and e-commerce were seen as additional touchpoints and opportunities for cross-pollination with video to grow the consumer base. Ivy Wong, CEO, VS Media, shared that one-click purchase and seamless integration was what made e-commerce so successful in China, compared to other regions where consumers will have to go through several clicks to make the purchase. For William Wong, Head of Solutions Engineering, HK, Akamai Technologies, the key takeaway was not to focus on a single platform, but to diversify to capture different markets.

With the shift from linear to digital advertising, the time for CTV (Connected TV) could be upon us as “CTV is here to stay and will continue to grow. Dollars follow eyeballs. . . premium content with quality will actually earn more credible trust for our brands,” opined Douglas Choy, GM of Inventory Development, The Trade Desk. Gavin Buxton, MD Asia, Magnite, added that collaboration was key in terms of cross measurement to take CTV onwards, with audience and ad experience being the key driver behind that.

Louis Boswell, CEO, AVIA, presented highlights from a recent commissioned research[1] that measured the impact of advertising in a premium OTT environment versus mass streaming video environments (UGC / video sharing services) including (1) consumers felt that premium OTT was higher quality (58% OTT vs 36% mass) and commanded higher attention than mass streaming video environments (49% OTT vs 35% mass); and (2) both product recall (10% uplift) and brand recall (12% uplift) were significantly higher for the same ads when shown in a premium environment.

Closing off the Summit with a positive outlook, Alexandre Muller, MD APAC, TV5MONDE, said that Asia was where there were growth and opportunities for the video industry. “There are definitely challenges but people are excited because we are looking for solutions,” said Roger Tong, CEO, AsiaSat. “The bright spot is the diversity that we are seeing. . . There is so much diversity that it allows us to be more creative and if we maintain our creativity in solving the problems, then we will be able to perform better,” concluded Tong.

The Asia Video Summit is proudly supported by Lead Sponsor Create Hong Kong of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Gold Sponsors BytePlus, InvestHK, INVIDI, Irdeto, Warner Brother Discovery and Silver Sponsors AsiaSat, Broadpeak, Endeavor Streaming, FashionTV, France24, Lightning, Magnite, MEASAT, Nagra, Paramount, Publica






‘Sadhguru’ TV is Featured Across over 100 Connected TV Platforms Bringing Inspirational Programming from Sadhguru and The Isha Foundation

Known to produce and distribute content created by social media stars and digital content creators, QYOU Media India announces that it has entered into a partnership with globally recognized spiritual leader, Sadhguru, to launch a new eponymous channel dedicated to delivering his holistic and inspirational spiritual and wellness programming. In association with the Isha Foundation, the channel aims to impart his renowned practical wisdom and powerful yogic practices to help viewers manage their body, mind, emotions and fundamental life energy.

The channel will feature the yogi, mystic and spiritual master, Sadhguru’s candid interviews with Indian and international personalities, enlightening lectures and life lessons, calming and enriching music from the library of the Sounds of Isha along with guided meditation and yoga for inner well-being. Viewers will be provided with an opportunity to embark on a journey of personal growth and provided with a unique space for unbridled expressions on life, mysticism and spirituality. Sadhguru has built an extraordinary following on social platforms with over 25 million worldwide followers and subscribers across YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and more.

Sadhguru TV Powered by QYOU Media will be exclusively available on the Q Play app along with leading Connected TV platforms including Samsung TV Plus, Amazon Fire TV, Xiaomi, TCL, One Plus and dozens of other Connected TV (CTV) brands. The new channel adds a major new category to strengthen QYOU Media India’s growing list of channels in the emerging FAST (Free Ad Supported TV) channel ecosystems that are rapidly becoming a phenomenon both in India and globally for attracting massive television viewership and accompanying advertising revenue.

Speaking on launch of Sadhguru TV Powered by QYOU Media, Krishna Menon, COO, QYOU Media India said, “Since the launch of QYOU Media India we have been introducing universally appealing channels that are genre-defining. Our partnership with the Isha Foundation for the launch of ‘Sadhguru TV’ on Connected TV is a testament to our commitment for our viewers. The channels thought-provoking programming is sure to take viewers on a transformative journey filled with growth and self-discovery. We are certain that the channel will keep viewers engaged, positively and help us build QYOU Media India as a one stop destination for quality and differentiated content.”

In an effort to combat piracy and support legal streaming - manoramaMAX, the popular OTT platform, has launched an anti-piracy campaign with their new movie release “Live” which is directed by acclaimed filmmaker V.K Prakash.

“Live” cast including Mamta Mohandas, Shine Tom Chacko, and Priya Varrier, has taken a bold step in urging viewers to watch the film exclusively on manoramaMAX, the leading OTT platform delivering exclusive Malayalam content.

Their collective message emphasizes the importance of supporting the creators and the industry as a whole by watching the film only through authorized channels. As part of this campaign, a video has been uploaded to YouTube, seemingly offering the entire film for free. However, after the initial few minutes, the cast of "Live" appears on screen, using this clever twist to convey their anti-piracy message. They address the viewers directly, urging them to refrain from engaging in piracy and instead encouraging them to download the manoramaMAX app to watch the complete movie legally.

This innovative approach not only catches the attention of potential pirates but also provides an opportunity to raise awareness about the harmful effects of piracy on the film industry. In conclusion, "Live" movie's anti-piracy campaign exemplifies the industry's determination to combat piracy and promote legal streaming.

manoramaMAX, the exclusive OTT platform for Malayalam content, has emerged as the go-to destination for Malayalam cinema enthusiasts. The platform continues to redefine the OTT experience for Malayalam cinema enthusiasts, ensuring best-in-class entertainment while actively contributing to a piracy-free ecosystem.







The BT Best B-School & HR Summit, held at Delhi’s ITC Maurya on June 22, 2023, saw the best minds in the business discuss and deliberate the skillsets necessary for future business leaders and the evolving nature of management education in the VUCA world, among a host of other issues.

The highlight of the event was the unveiling of Business Today’s 24th edition of its India’s Best B-schools issue by Rajeev Chandrasekhar, Minister of State of Electronics and IT, Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, in the presence of Aroon Purie, Chairman & Editor-in-Chief, India Today Group. Incidentally, the results of the BT-MDRA India’s Best B-schools Survey 2023, which is the definitive compendium of the best business schools in the country, were broad-based this year to introduce three new categories—one-year MBA courses, executive education programmes, and the best edtech firms that offer management courses—reflecting the evolving nature of management education.

The proceedings kicked off with businessman-turned-author Ashwin Sanghi decoding how students can master the art of doing business. Next, a discussion with Minister Chandrasekhar revolved around the roadmap needed to impart the necessary skills in the backdrop of the government’s focus on developing a semiconductor ecosystem in India. Further, in light of the recent announcements made by chip-manufacturing companies during Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s state visit to the US, the minister advised students about the scale of opportunities that will be in India. “If you’re doing an electrical engineering degree or an electronics degree or computer science degree or an MBA or any other degree, you certainly need an industry-specific, domain-specific skill. So, I would ask people that you do an MBA but to also do a certification programme that aligns your broad knowledge to a specific domain capability.”

Shedding light on how a B-school education can become a great enabler for students looking to build a career in today’s fast-moving world, Pramath Raj Sinha, Founding Dean, Indian School of Business and Founder & Chairman, Harappa Education, said that now students constantly need technical and functional training to keep pace with the ever-evolving world.

The event also saw sessions where Prof. Bharat Bhasker, Director, Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad; Prof. Bhaskar Chakrabarti, Dean-Academics, Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta; Dr Varun Nagaraj, Dean, SP Jain Institute of Management & Research (SPJIMR); Prof. Sangeeta S. Bhardwaj, Acting Director, MDI Gurgaon; and Fr S. George, S J, Director, XLRI Jamshedpur, discussed how B-schools are keeping up with the times in the age of AI. The discussion revolved around the need to keep reinventing B-school education so that students are better equipped to deal with emerging technologies.

Next, Ashutosh Gupta, Country Manager–India, LinkedIn, discussed the critical necessity of making the right connections. This was followed by a discussion on the new trends in the future of work, featuring Priyanka Anand, VP & Head of HR, Market Area South East Asia, Oceana & India, Ericsson; Shailesh Singh, Director & Chief People Officer, Max Life Insurance; Prabir Jha, Founder & CEO, Prabir Jha People Advisory; and Dr NS Rajan, Former CEO, IDFC Foundation, Former Group CHRO, Tata Sons & Global Partner, EY. They agreed that the future of work will be defined by flexibility, courage, and a great company culture.

The event also saw a discussion, featuring Dr N. Venkata Sastry, Director, SRM Institute of Science and Technology and Vinay Padroo, VP HR & Administration, Radico Khaitan, on Remodelling the Education & Skilling Ecosystem, while Aviral Bhatnagar, an alumnus of IIMA and VC Investor, Venture Highway, shed light on how a B-schools education is a boot camp for life.

Then, a panel consisting of Hari Krishnan Nair, Co-Founder & CEO, Great Learning; Raghav Gupta, MD, Coursera; Pranjal Kumar, Chief Financial Officer, Eruditus Executive Education; and Ranjita Raman; CEO, Jaro Education deliberated on how edtech platforms are making education better. One interesting takeaway from the discussion was that the demand for Generative AI courses has experienced an unprecedented surge in the past four-five months. The evening wrapped up with a stand-up act by comedian Anmol Garg.

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