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NYF AME Awards Announces 2022 Award Winners

Seven.One AdFactory / Creative House “#flutwein - Our Worst Vintage” Earns AME Best of Show and Platinum

Platinum Awarded to ALMA DDB USA, Havas Middle East, Special NZ, and AMVBBDO UK Earns AME Green Award

New York Festivals® AME Awards®, celebrating effectiveness world-wide since 1994, announced the 2022 award-winners.

The international AME Awards Grand Jury awarded the following: AME Best of Show (Grand Award), 4 Regional Platinum Awards, 1 Green Award, 25 Gold, 31 Silver, 39 Bronze and 30 Finalist Certificate Awards for their ground-breaking results-driven work. For a complete list of 2022’s AME award-winning entries, visit award winners.


Seven.One AdFactory / Creative House / White Rabbit Budapest / WallDecaux was honored for their innovative work “#flutwein – Our Worst Vintage” with the top AME honor Best of Show (Grand Award) and the AME Platinum – Europe. The campaign, created for client Flutwein, also earned 3 Gold Tower Awards.

"Flutwein" (Flood Wine) was created by the catastrophic flood that destroyed more than 50 wineries in the Ahr Valley, Germany. 200.000 bottles of wine, soiled with mud and dirt, survived the disaster, and became the newly created #flutwein brand uniting over 50 independent wineries from the Ahrweiler region under one label. #flutwein bottles were available on the crowdfunding platform Startnext in exchange for a donation and became Germany's most successful crowdfunding campaign.

Impressive results include 100,000 euros donated after the first day. After the first week, the goal of 1 million euros was reached. The value of the wine rose by 4500% and collected more than 4,4 million Euros. Flutwein reached twice the effectiveness of the most successful German crowdfunding campaign to date. Press coverage reached a total of over 800 million gross contacts.

“It is a great honor for us to conclude the first year of our new agency department “Creative House” with such great international recognition. Creativity matters, and when it comes to disasters, creativity can be a game changer with a huge impact on society. We are proud of our friends & partners WallDecaux and White Rabbit Budapest, as well as Startnext and many others who have walked this path with us for the Ahr Valley. Now we look forward to our next campaign for the region, which will start in a few weeks.”—Tom Schwarz (Managing Director) and Daniel Koller (Director Strategy Content & Creation) from the Seven.One AdFactory / Creative House

“We strongly and truly believe that creativity can be and must be effective. Flutwein campaign is a brilliant example of that. We feel extremely honoured to be part of it.”—Levente Bálint, CEO, White Rabbit Budapest

Four prominent international agencies were recognized by the AME Grand Jury with 2022 AME Regional Platinum Awards.

Asia Pacific

Special New Zealand earned the 2022 AME Platinum Award - Asia Pacific for “David's Unusables” for Motor Neurone Disease New Zealand. The agency also earned 2 Gold for the campaign.

To increase awareness of the debilitating disease that causes muscle deterioration, Motor Neurone Disease, Special NZ utilized a media-led idea that charted the ‘real-life’ decline of David Seymour by selling items he could no longer use on NZ’s leading e-marketplace – Trade Me (a NZ version of Ebay). The TradeMe store – David’s Unusables, showcased 33 items listed in a timeline relative to David’s physical deterioration and told the story of David’s loss. This auction also became a vehicle for storytelling. Results include 41 individual PR articles worth over $230,000 (USD) and 7.9 million impressions (duplicated reach).

“It’s fantastic to see that David’s Unusables has been recognised by our peers around the world for its achievement in raising awareness of the nature of Motor Neurone Disease amongst a huge proportion of New Zealanders. Congratulations to all of the winners and thanks to the wonderful judges for volunteering their time.”—Rory Gallery, Chief Strategy Officer, Special New Zealand

Middle East & Africa

Havas Middle East was awarded the AME Platinum Award – Middle East & Africa for “Liquid Billboard” for client adidas. Liquid Billboard earned 3 additional Gold Towers.

To launch adidas’ new inclusive line and inspire women to embrace water with confidence the agency designed and created the Liquid Billboard, the world’s first swimmable media space. The 5-meter high and 3-meter-deep billboard doubled as a fully usable swimming pool capable of holding 11,500 gallons of water. The billboard invited women to dive in and become the heroes of the campaign and the new inclusive line. Results—the activation sparked social conversations about making swimming more inclusive as a sport across 60 countries in 6 continents and earned organic PR in over 40 languages reaching 350+ million people with $6 million earned media. The campaign resulted in a 70% sell-through of the new inclusive line within 4 weeks.

“The Liquid Billboard campaign is a great example that good creativity drives business results.
One outdoor placement, a global reach of millions of people and a very successful launch of a new product. While also contributing to adidas maintain its position amongst the top creative brands in the world.”—Fabio Silveira, General Manager, Havas Middle East

To view the 2022 award-winning entries, visit award-winners.

North America

Alma DDB USA’s “Better With Pepsi” scored the AME Platinum – North America. The campaign also earned two additional Gold Towers.

As a challenger brand Pepsi shined a light on the unspoken cultural truth that was tapped into for the campaign, which is that for 30+ years, the top three U.S. burger chains have denied consumers the opportunity to enjoy their burgers with Pepsi due to exclusivity deals with Coke.

The core building block of the initiative was the paper artwork that uncovered Pepsi’s logo in the wrappers of the top burger chains. With three key images, the campaign was simple, yet unforgettable. Impressive results—Adweek claimed it was the brand’s best work in years, 3.6 billion impressions including OOH, Twitter, programmatic (TMZ, Radar Online, Perez Hilton), and print. 1.3MM Twitter engagements at an 11% engagement rate, 720% higher than the typical Pepsi trademark benchmark of 1.34%. The OOH drove 1.16M impressions across NYC, LA, Dublin OH, Miami and Chicago, with the New York Post print driving an additional 181K impressions and led to a 29% increase in brand consideration.

“It’s an incredible honor for all of us at alma to be awarded the AME Platinum Award for North America, especially for a campaign like Better With Pepsi that exemplifies the power of simplicity, craft and an undeniable cultural tension. I couldn’t be more proud of our team and thankful for our partners at Pepsi for their collaboration that led to such a globally celebrated campaign, and one that can hopefully continue to remind us of the influence print advertising still has in today’s fast-paced consumer culture.” —Alvar Suñol, co-President and Chief Creative Officer

AME Green Award

AMVBBDO UK earned the prestigious AME Green Award for “Hope Reef” for client Sheba. The campaign also earned an AME Gold and 2 Silver.

Sheba restored the habitats that fish call home and launched the world’s largest coral restoration program. This 10-year commitment started with Hope Reef off Indonesia and has spread to five more countries. Sheba transformed the site of the dead coral into a new reef the size of two Olympic swimming pools, viewed from the air it spells out - HOPE. Sheba’s Hope Reef was given Historical Landmark status and became discoverable on Google Earth, Maps and StreetView. The reef is thriving with 70% coral coverage, +300% fish abundance.

Results—1 million people have explored Hope Reef on Google Maps. Sheba’s “Reef Star” System has been adopted by 5 more countries. 20 million views on their YouTube channel have raised enough funds for a new crowdfunded reef. Global PR includes 2.5 billion earned impressions (BBC, Forbes, and National Geographic) and a 276% increase in positive social conversations about reef restoration. Brand awareness grew +17%, purchase intent by +14%.

"At a time when the threats faced by the environment feel insurmountable, we wanted to give visual proof that there is still hope. As a cat food brand, that exists to give cats what they love, Sheba couldn’t stand by and watch coral reefs and all the fish that rely on them go extinct.

We embarked on the world’s largest coral reef restoration and planted Hope Reef - a new reef on a previously barren site of dead coral. As a landmark discoverable on Google maps, Hope Reef became an emblem which proved there can be man-made solutions to man-made problems. The image and message travelled the world through global news outlets and as of today, 5 more countries are building new reefs with us. Hope Reef was a true collaboration between not just agencies or agencies and clients but with the scientific and local island communities and we couldn’t be prouder of seeing such teamwork recognised by our industry in such a highly regarded award.”—Emily Brydon, Strategy Director, AMVBBDO and Denise Truelove, Global VP Brands, Mars Petcare.

The results of the AME Grand Jury are parsed in an annual rankings brief, The AME Report, a creative ranking system based on overall points earned for winning entries and provides an account of the highest-ranking agencies and brands within this year’s competition.

To view the 2022 AME Awards winner’s showcase, visit:


The global pop icon Imran Khan is set to own the swell club concert tour, kickstarting on September 17 at Imperfecto Patio, Gurgaon.

Groove with the OG party icon Imran Khan as Supermoon ft. Imran Khan - Unforgettable Club Tour is coming to Gurugram on September 17, 2022

The second phase of Zee Live’s Supermoon concert with Imran Khan brings the global icon to Gurugram @ Imperfecto Patio

All the party people in Gurugram put your dancing shoes on for a night of Urban Pop and Bhangra as Zee Live presents Supermoon ft. Imran Khan-Unforgettable Tour! The global pop icon Imran Khan is set to own the swell club concert tour, kickstarting on September 17 at Imperfecto Patio, Gurgaon.

From dropping the mic on Amplifier to singing out Satisfya, Bewafa, and Imran’s other chartbusters such as Peli Waar and Gora Gora Rang, fans are in for an unforgettable night of dance and trippy tunes. Lighting up the Indian club scene, Gurugram will mark the start of an awesome series of concerts featuring the OG pop icon.

So, what are you waiting for? Book your tickets now only on bookmyshow.com and join the fun!

MM TV Limited appoints Ms. Smitha Narayanan as the new Head of Sales & Marketing.

Ms. Smitha will be heading the Sales & Marketing operations of the three MM TV channels - Mazhavil Manorama, Manorama News, and ManoramaMAX OTT .

She is a graduate of IIM Lucknow and has 18+ years of experience in the industry. In her professional career, Ms. Smitha has associated with several blue-chip companies like Colgate, Palmolive, Dell Computers, Britannia Industries and Wipro Enterprises Limited. She has played a crucial role in strategizing sales, branding and product functions at these companies in various capacities. Prior to her association with MM TV, Ms. Smitha was with Wipro Yardley, a Middle East business based out of Dubai.

Mr. Satheesh PR, CEO of MM TV, says, “Having worked with brands across various markets, Smitha brings in her rich diversity and insight. We are happy to welcome her into MM TV's senior leadership team and look forward to her contribution to strengthening our vision and pursuing our goals”.

HT Media Group launched four new digital news platforms – HT Marathi, HT Kannada, HT Tamil and HT Telugu.

This launch marks HT Media Group’s deeper foray into India’s heartland with a mobile-first and a product-focused approach. The digital news platforms will cater to the younger audiences of the new India who wish to consume content in their native language helping them feel more connected to their roots.

HT Media’s print, digital and audio properties, now in 7 languages reach over 240 Million people across India.

HT Marathi, HT Kannada, HT Telugu, and HT Tamil will focus on regional and local news, health, lifestyle, and entertainment stories along with national and international news. Powered by a massive network of top-notch journalists and content producers across the five regions, the local footprint of HT Media is stronger than ever before, and will continue its commitment to covering unbiased news and being the credible voice of the people.

It is interesting to note that the number of Indian-language Internet users has surpassed the English Internet users in India between 2011 and 2016 reaching 234 MN users, resulting in the outnumbering of the English Internet users in India, according to a KPMG. This number hit a new high with 536 million Indian language Internet users in 2021.

“At a time when millions of Indians are looking to consume content in their native language, Hindustan Times aims to be the go-to, mobile-first publication for young Indians to get credible news and an authentic regional content experience without having to use translation capabilities, thus retaining the essence of regional news stories. For us, this journey started with the launch of HT Bangla, and within the last two months, we have launched four Indian language platforms, strengthening our regional presence even further in India”, Puneet Jain, Chief Executive Officer - Digital, HT Media.

“According to the Google Search 2020 India Report, there’s an 80% increase in local news searches on Google year-on-year. There’s a massive wave towards regional content across platforms, and as content creators, we understand the need of the audience to consume content in their mother tongue—both from the comfort and the sentiment perspectives—and this launch is a testimony to that”, Prasad Sanyal, Chief Content Officer, HT Digital.

When it comes to news, information and entertainment, Hindustan Times has been a name to reckon with in India since its inception in 1924. With multiple new digital platforms across news, radio, podcast, lifestyle & entertainment, and OTT, HT Media has been a leading media house to pioneer a digital-first approach in the ever-changing content landscape of India. With HT Marathi, HT Kannada, HT Telugu and HT Tamil, Hindustan Times will take a leap into the regional news content territory, maximizing its non-English, non-Hindi-speaking user base in India while presenting an opportunity for advertisers to connect with and target large audience cohorts specific to India’s regional markets.

This will also be an opportunity for local, regional and national brands to specifically target region-based audiences and deliver localized activation campaigns. Hindustan Times plans to leverage its new regional user base to market its existing and upcoming region-based IPs and drive deeper engagement.

“Going regional will add unique opportunities for advertisers and the new-age, hyperlocal brands to target specific region-based audience cohorts for local launches and activations, and to make a deeper brand connection by reaching out in the language their consumers speak. It would be exciting to see how localization will play a pivotal role in how brands communicate with linguistically diverse consumers”, Puneet Jain added.

In her capacity she will be responsible for the performance of all revenue-generating avenues, drive growth through strategic decisions, partner with key stakeholders and steer revenue acceleration through their leadership.

Prior to this, Anita Khanna was Vice President Sales for TV Today Network, she was an Integral part of the original team to see through the launch of Aaj Tak. She grew the market in west from scratch to its success. Anita is a well-known media professional with over two decades of experience and a unique relationship driven personal approach with Clients, Advertising agencies and with her Team.

On her role Anita added “It gives me great pleasure to join the enthusiastic and aggressive team of News Nation Network. The brand is already well established, and I look forward to collaborating with all stakeholders to achieve long-term goals”.

Bhuwan Bhatt, Chief Business Officer, News Nation Network, said “Inclusion of Anita will further strengthen the National team as well as the growth of our west region. We are immensely hopeful that Anita would bring huge value to the organization with her leadership and interpersonal skills. We look forward to drive growth of all the brand with each passing day in her role”

Vivek Makkar, Executive Vice President, National Head Sales added, joining of Anita will give a strong boost to the revenue potential of the network. I’m confident that as a seasoned professional Anita will scale new heights”

The network currently broadcasts a national Hindi news channel “News Nation”, three regional channels “News State UK/UP”, “News State MP/CG” “News State Bihar/Jharkhand and has a strong digital presence. The network is all set to enter various states with its regional news offerings in a couple of months.


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