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New York Festivals Bowery Awards and Fiverr Shine the Spotlight on Independent Creatives

Fiverr Sponsors Bowery Awards

Creative Category Group “Made on Fiverr”

New York Festivals® Bowery Awards, and Fiverr, a global online platform that connects businesses of all sizes with skilled freelancers, unite to shine the spotlight on independent creatives who are working in Audio, Film Craft, Motion Video, and Design.

“We’re thrilled that together New York Festivals and Fiverr will provide a world-class competition to celebrate the innovative freelance work in the industry today,” said Scott Rose, Executive Director, The Bowery Awards. “With Fiverr’s expanded reach, The Bowery Awards will bring more attention to the diverse group of creatives who work behind the scenes.”

“Fiverr is a global platform that people all around the world come to in order to help them build their business, brand or dreams,” said Duncan Bird, VP of Brand & Digital at Fiverr. “We are incredibly proud of all the creative work that is designed, developed and ultimately delivered through our platform on a daily basis. Creativity can come from anywhere and everywhere. It’s exciting that the incredible talent we have working on Fiverr will now have the opportunity to be recognized through such an amazing awards program.”

Duncan Bird, VP Brand & Digital, Fiverr will lend his expertise to the 2020 Bowery Awards Executive Jury, a world-class, multi-disciplinary jury comprised of innovative leaders at the forefront of their creative arena. Mr. Bird brings 30 years of experience to the Bowery Awards, his vast knowledge across a wide swath of creative industries combined with his reputation as a ground-breaking creative leader and marketer ensure that great work from freelancers around the world will be honored.

A veteran of the industry known for his marketing talents and digital prowess; he has shared his creativity and business acumen at HBO, Spotify, Glow and Sony Music Entertainment. In his role as VP of Marketing at Sony, Bird created partnerships and events with brands including Unilever and Motorola, and artists such as Outkast and Susan Boyle. Throughout his career he launched and build large and small agencies and worked at multiple agencies including BBH and Anomaly.

The most recent episode of New York Festivals video interview series, Creativity from the Other Side, features Mr. Bird, a champion of the Independent Creative. The ongoing series, hosted by David Sable, Senior Advisor, WPP and President of the Bowery Awards Executive Jury explores how highly accomplished and remarkably creative people drive innovation within business. In his interview with Mr. Bird, Mr. Sable discuss the importance of the freelancer during this disruptive time, the business of creativity including the proliferation of messages and tech, age in business and creativity, why the Bowery Awards is important, Fiverr’s mission to change how the world works together, how agencies can use Fiverr, and more. To view Mr. Bird’s interview, visit HERE.

The Bowery Awards feature four category groups: Audio/Radio, Film Craft/Motion Video, Design, and Quarantine Content.  A newly unveiled “Made on Fiverr” category will provide entrants who have worked with the online marketplace an opportunity to enter this unique category group showcasing work created exclusively on Fiverr. All creative work entered in the Fiverr categories will be judged by a jury panel comprised exclusively of Fiverr Pro creatives. To view the powerhouse category roster visit: HERE.

To learn more about the 2020 New York Festivals Bowery Awards, visit: HERE. For entry information and categories visit: HERE.

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