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Gautam Adani faces tough questions in no-holds-barred interview with Rajat Sharma

India’s richest industrialist Gautam Adani has, for the first time, replied extensively to Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s allegations that Modi government has been favouring Adani group in matters relating to bank loans and infrastructure projects.

In a no-holds-barred interview in Rajat Sharma’s iconic show, AAP KI ADALAT, to be telecast at 10 pm tonight on India TV, Adani said: “Rahul Ji is a respected leader (sanmaniya neta). He also wants progress. He may be making remarks out of political emotion, but I do not take these more than ‘political bayaan-baazi’ (political remarks).”

In a light, bantering mood, Adani told Rajat Sharma:By asking about Rahul Ji again and again, you will start a quarrel between me and him, and he may come out with a fresh statement tomorrow. I consider Rahul Ji as a ‘sanmanniya neta’. He has to run his political party. They have their ideological battle, where charges and counter-charges are made. I am an ordinary industrialist (saamanya udyogpati). I am doing my work. He does his politics in his own manner.”

Adani said: “Prior to 2014, people particularly in North India had hardly heard the name of Adani. We hail from Gujarat, where people knew us. During the 2014 elections and after that, Rahul Ji continuously attacked us. As a result, people here came to know who was Adani, and that is why, I am sitting here (in the dock of Aap Ki Adalat).”

Asked about the help we got from Narendra Modi, when he was Chief Minister of Gujarat, Gautam Adani replied: “I got three big breaks in my life. First, in 1985 during Rajiv Gandhi’s rule, when Exim policy allowed our company to become a global trading house, second, in 1991, when P.V.Narasimha Rao and Dr Manmohan Singh opened up the economy, and we entered into public-private partnership mode, and third, during Narendra Modi’s 12-year-long rule in Gujarat….I can say with pride that it was a very good experience. But I want to tell you that you can never get any personal help from Modi Ji. You can speak to him about policies in the national interest, but when a policy is framed, it is for all, not only for Adani group.”

Coming to specifics, Adani replied to allegations about bank loans, projects, seizure of drugs at Mundra airport and farm laws in detail.

On Rahul Gandhi’s allegation that Adani group has got most of the ports, airports and other infra projects, Gautam Adani replied: “ We did not get a single project without bidding. Our Adani group has this philosophy of not touching any project without bidding, whether it is a port, an airport, roads or powerhouse. There is not a single allegation that we ‘managed’ bidding. Even Rahul JI has not levelled any allegation about tampering with bidding process.

On Rahul Gandhi’s allegation that Adani group has got Rs 2 lakh crore bank loans from money deposited by people in banks, Adani replied: “Any infra project requires equity and bank loan which is normally 40:60 in nature. The borrowers are profiled by ratings. Adani group is the only business group in India whose companies have ratings that are equivalent to India’s sovereign rating. Independent rating agencies do complete financial analysis before giving the rating, and on this basis, banks give loans. Our group is so disciplined that in our 25-year-old history, we have not made even a day’s delay in payment. After 2013, we used to take 80 pc loans from Indian banks, and the interest rate then went up to 35 pc. We went to international market with global rating. As you know, global markets do not give loans at the behest of anybody from India. Such allegations (about Modi government asking banks to give loans) are baseless. Such allegations are levelled because of political compulsions, but it is a matter between borrower and lenders. There has been no difficulty on this score…. In the last 7-8 years, our loans rose by 11 pc, while our income rose by 24 per cent. It is because of our profitability that our ratings improved. Today our profitability is more than our borrowings.”

Asked by Rajat Sharma, “if the Adani balloon bursts, many banks may sink”, Gautam Adani replied: “This may be the wish of some critics, but I can tell you that Adani group’s assets are three to four times our borrowings. Nobody’s money is not unsecured.” Rajat Sharma asked: “What if the balloon bursts?”, Adani replied: “So long as India progresses, this balloon will move forward”.

On Rahul Gandhi’s allegation that the Centre is not taking action despite seizure of Rs 20,000 crore drugs at Mundra port in 2021, Rs 5,000 cr worth drugs in May 2022, and Rs 375 crore worth drugs in July, 2022, Adani replied: “The work of port operator is limited to cargo operations. We do not have policing, inspection or arrest powers. This is done by different agencies of government. They are only trying to mislead people. It is not that drugs smuggling took place from our port only. They come in even through airports. All investigations by government agencies after drug seizures at our port are done 360-degree. People are interrogated. Seizure papers are completed only after interrogations. I don’t think Adani group was given any special treatment.”

On Congress party’s slogan, ‘Aam Aadmi behaal, Adani maalamaal’, Gautam Adani replied: “ Look, whatever political narrative one may try to draw, ultimately, tell us, where is the allegation? One is a political statement, and the other is a really genuine allegation. Let the people decide what is the truth.”

On Adani group investing Rs 68,000 crore in Congress-ruled Rajasthan, Gautam Adani replied: “ Investment is our normal programme. I had gone to Rajasthan investors’ summit at the invitation of Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot. Later, even Rahul Ji praised our investment in Rajasthan. I know Rahul’s policies are not anti-development. We want to make maximum investments in every state….Adani group is really happy that today it is working in 22 states, and all these states are not BJP-ruled….I can say with clarity that we do not have any problem with any state government. We are working even in Left-ruled Kerala, in Mamata Didi’s West Bengal, in Naveen Patnaik JI’s Odisha, in Jaganmohan Reddy’s state, even KCR’s state.”

Asked by Rajat Sharma why opposition parties are alleging that Modi is Adani’s ‘chowkidar’, Gautam Adani replied: “ Very few people who have difficulty with Modi JI, or because of ideological jostling, say such things. From my experience, I can only say that most of the people like Modi Ji and Adani’s development model. They do not find any problem.”

Gautam Adani described the repeal of farm laws as “unfortunate”. He said, “In agriculture, our group has a very limited exposure. We had built some warehouses fro Food Corporation of India for storing wheat. We did not buy wheat from those warehouses. We only provided infrastructure. …Genuinely as a citizen, I think the farm laws were good, and they had to be repealed when a political tone was given to them. 40-50 per cent people in India directly or indirectly, depend on agriculture. Today India has the capability to supply food to the entire world. But the major problem is infrastructure, which includes transport by rail, cold storage, lack of warehousing…It is not a question of Adani group’s benefit. “

The world’s third richest person was very much optimistic about India’s future. Adani said: “India is progressing fast. It took 58 years since independence for India to achieve $ 1 trillion economy, it took another 12 years to achieve $2 trillion economy, it took five years to achieve $3 trillion economy today, and India is now in a position where its economy can touch $30 trillion by 2050. Naturally, per capita income will grow and job opportunities will increase. Nobody can stop India in the coming years.”

QYOU Media India, one of the youngest and fastest-growing integrated media companies spanning across platforms such as television, Connected TV (CTV), gaming, and influencer marketing, has announced that it will be promoting its key sales personnel, Pankaj Rai and Ashish Kotekar, to national-level roles to further strengthen its sales team.

The company has made Pankaj Rai, responsible for the monetisation of the network's flagship Hindi channel, The Q, as well as the network's gaming business, following the acquisition of Maxamtech Digital Ventures by QYOU Media India. He will continue working in New Delhi for his new position and help propel integrated sales for QYOU Media India's verticals as Branch Head for North and East.Ashish Kotekar will serve as the National Sales Head for the Connected TV (CTV) business, which includes channels including The Q, Q Marathi, The Q Kahaniyan, The Q Comedistaan, and Q GameX, as well as forthcoming new launches in the broadcast and digital spaces. In addition to his role as Branch Head for West and South based in Mumbai, he will oversee integrated sales for QYOU Media India's verticals (Linear TV, Connected TV (CTV), and gaming) in his regions.

Both Ashish and Pankaj will continue to report to the CEO of QYOU Media India, Simran Hoon.

Speaking on the elevations, Simran Hoon, CEO, QYOU Media India, stated, "Pankaj and Ashish have been integral in garnering top-dollar revenue for the business in the face of a challenging macroeconomic environment."

In the past 18 months, The Q has established itself as a leading FTA channel with 80 advertisers onboarded, an incredible achievement for a new media brand.

QYOU Media India is now uniquely positioned as one of the sole companies to provide advertisers with integrated solutions across Linear TV, Connected TV (CTV), and Gaming, the company could not be more confident about the new opportunities that lie ahead for the organisation.

A big treat is awaiting television viewers in the New Year, on Saturday, January 7 night, to be precise, when the world’s third richest person, Gautam Adani, will be sitting in the hot seat of Rajat Sharma’s ‘Aap Ki Adalat’. Gautam Adani will be replying to a barrage of questions from the inimitable TV icon Rajat Sharma, who will be returning with fresh episodes of his longest-running TV show.

Adani, who normally avoids one-on-one TV interviews, has agreed to be the guest on the show. He will be replying to several tricky questions from Rajat Sharma, relating to controversies relating to his corporate group. Already there is a lot of buzz among the social chatterati about how Adani is going to respond to accusations that have been levelled by his rivals and opposition leaders. Expectations of viewers about this episode have naturally reached a fever pitch as the D-Day draws closer.

Last month, Rajat Sharma asked viewers to share the names of top personalities they wished to see in fresh episodes of ‘Aap Ki Adalat’, and Gautam Adani’s name figured on top of the wish list. The list includes names of several other top personalities, who will also be featured in ‘Aap Ki Adalat’, as it steams ahead in the coming weeks with fresh episodes. The wish list includes top cricketers, politicians, godmen, and superstars of Indian cinema.

Since its inception in 1993, ‘Aap Ki Adalat’ has featured more than 1,000 prominent personalities sitting in its dock. From powerful politicians, film superstars, leading sportsmen, famous singers to spiritual gurus, none could escape the probing questions from Rajat Sharma, always delivered with a smile, but with exact precision. The roster of distinguished guests in his iconic show includes Presidents, Prime Ministers, cabinet ministers and chief ministers. ‘Aap Ki Adalat’ is the only show that has the distinction of getting all three Bollywood Khans together on the same stage.

There is no other show in the Indian TV industry where eminent guests lay bare their raw emotions, vulnerabilities, and no-holds-barred opinions with such ease. Another high point is that ‘Aap Ki Adalat’ on India TV can now be watched by viewers across the world, including the USA and UAE.

Catch the premiere this Sunday, January 8th at 2:00 PM only on Colors Tamil

Commencing the year on a grand scale, Colors Tamil, Viacom18’s Tamil Entertainment channel is all set to telecast the World Television Premiere of Bhaskar the Rascal, this Sunday, January 8th, 2023. The action-comedy film stars superstars Mammootty and Nayanthara as the leads. With special partners “Pongal Listla Gold winner Kandippa Irrukanum” Bhaskar the Rascal will telecast this Sunday, January 8th 2023 at 2:00 pm. Tune into Colors Tamil, to witness the quest of two young children, to have a complete family.

Written and directed by Siddique, the film features Actor Sanoop Santhosh Actor J. D. Chakravarthy, Actor Isha Talwar and Actor Anikha Surendran as the supporting cast.

Bhaskar (Mammootty), although being a prosperous businessman, is a widower, harsh in his manners, and prone to picking fights. Shivani (Anikha) and Aadi (Sanoop Santhosh), his son, are great friends. Aadi also adores Shivani's widowed mother Hima (Nayanthara). The children want to have the two married because Shivani equally appreciates Bhaskar's bravery. Although personality conflicts are already a hindrance to the same, all hell breaks loose when Hima's mysterious past is unveiled by a vengeful enemy. Do Bhaskar and Hima come together to fulfill their children’s dream of having a happy family and what pasts come to the spotlight, calls for an exciting watch this weekend.

Commenting on the occasion, Director Siddique said, “My film journey began with Mammootty and I am glad we came together after seven long years for Bhaskar the Rascal. More than an action-oriented format, we decided to take a soft and delightful tempo towards the film. Mammooty and Nayanthara are superstars in the industry and it was an exciting experience to direct them together. Both of them are fantastic actors and very grounded. I am glad that Colors Tamil is telecasting the film’s World Television Premiere and we look forward to the audiences having a great weekend.”

Adding to this Actor Mammooty said, “I am glad to be working with director Siddique after a span of seven years. The experience working for the film was all the more magnificent working alongside Lady Superstar Nayanthara again. It is a joy to watch her perform and I have seen her grow since our first film together. Bhaskar the Rascal is a unique character because he is a gem at heart but his anger issues are what puts him into trouble, which is very relatable since most of us are like that in reality when we mess things up in the heat of the moment. With the World Television Premiere, audiences will get to watch Bhaskar the Rascal on small screens and enjoy this family-oriented film with their families.

Get seated with your families to watch the World Television Premiere of Bhaskar the Rascal, this January 8th, Sunday at 2:00 pm only on Colors Tamil.

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MY FM – Action Packed December

Major On Ground events across Cities

MY FM the radio network arm of DB Corp Ltd executed major On Ground events across most of its markets. Chandigarh did Folk Studio with Gurdas Maan, Bhopal did MY FM Dekhta Hai, Jaipur Property Carnival across Kota, Ajmer and Bikaner, Nashik did Retro Kitty, Rangrezz Painting competition across most of the markets.

In Chandigarh, it was a heavenly evening for the audience with Gurdas Maan performing live for the audience, it was a packed house and the audience thoroughly enjoyed the folk music. One lucky winner also got an opportunity to perform alongside Gurdas Mann sahab.

MY FM Dekhta Hai – Bhopal is a unique activity to drive traffic awareness in the city. A live MY FM booth is set up at a major crossing in the city to monitor traffic and educate violators. Bhopal activity happened at the Roshanpura Chowk Retro Kitty Nashik, is a concept based Kitty party had who’s who of the city participate. Sonali Kulkarni is an Indian Actress and primarily appears in Marathi show.

Rangrezz is the biggest painting competition in Tier II & III markets, Jaipur saw more than 25k students participate in the competition and the Grand Finale had around 500 students participate.

Property Carnival Jaipur – Jaipur is potential high investment interest for people residing in cities across Rajasthan, Jaipur property happened in 3 cities Kota, Ajmer and Bikaner. Garnering good response for the builder

Speaking about these events Rahul Namjoshi CEO MY FM said, “MY FM represents the real Bharat, there is a lot of traction in these markets. Our deep rooted understanding of these markets makes us the preferred choice of the advertisers. December was an action packed month across the network. Overwhelmed at the amazing response both from the audience and advertisers partners. There is more action in the coming months we are doing Kahani Shaurya Ki and Dil ki Baat with Javed Akhtar. Stay Tuned!!


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