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Consumer Confidence in Asia-Pacific Continues To Lead Regions, With India Rising For Seventh Straight Quarter

While consumer confidence declined in 10 of 14 Asia-Pacific markets measured in the second quarter by Nielsen, the region still leads all global regions with an index score of 107. Among the four markets that improved from the previous quarter, the Philippines showed the biggest quarterly country-level confidence increase of seven index points, rising to a score of 122—the country’s highest level on record.

Confidence also increased one point each in India (131), China (107) and Japan (83) from the first quarter. India’s rise marks the seventh straight quarter of confidence increases in the country.

“In India, consumer optimism is at its highest level since 2011, which is positive news, but discretionary spending levels are yet to see a huge transformation,” said Piyush Mathur, president, Nielsen India Region. “There are signs of positive growth in consumer spending on consumer packaged goods, indicated by a slight increase in growth from the previous quarters. There has also been a gradual decrease in concerns about job security over the last few quarters along with interest rate cuts, and an increase in intention for home loans—thus enhancing the sentiment on the economy and portraying an optimistic picture for the future.”

“In China, consumers’ desire to spend is growing, especially in the lower-tier cities and in the rural parts of the country,” said Yan Xuan, president, Nielsen Greater China. “Higher income levels and growing e-commerce penetration in these areas in particular represent important steps for increasing domestic consumption. The East China region is leading the country’s economic transformation with the highest confidence and spending intention levels and where online, offline, traditional and specialty channels are converging and driving upgraded product choices.”

Regionally, Vietnam (104) reported the biggest quarterly decline in confidence of eight points, followed by Australia (89) and Malaysia (89), which dropped six and five points, respectively, from the first quarter.

“The Vietnam retail environment has evolved from one of the fastest growing markets in 2012 to one that’s struggling to remain in growth, with sales levels between 2%-3% for most of the last 12 months,” said Vaughan Ryan, managing director, Nielsen Vietnam. “For the first time in well over a decade, Vietnam experienced a negative Consumer Price Index in February, and foreign direct investment was down over 20% in the first quarter from last year. Consumers are feeling less optimistic about their immediate future, but they are confident in the longer term, as most expect the economy will improve in the year ahead.”

“In Australia, there are multiple factors contributing to consumers’ economic confidence declines, and historical movements need to be considered,” said Chris Percy, managing director, Nielsen Pacific. “Weak income growth, a slump in the Australian dollar and rising cost of living is leaving more Australians with no spare cash. That being said, seasonality is also a contributor, as the winter months typically deliver below average results, and while the quarter is notably down compared to the start of the year, consumer confidence is up four points compared to the same period last year.”

“In the Philippines, an upsurge of revenues from the strong business process outsourcing industry, an upswing in the construction sector, and strong consumption spending levels are fueling growth in the country,” said Stuart Jamieson, managing director, Nielsen Philippines. “Fast-moving consumer goods sales were up 9.5% January-April 2015 from last year, with growth across all retail channels. Consumers have more discretionary cash, and they are using it to take vacations with family and friends and dining out.”

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Why Google’s new structure is good news

Google has announced a major overhaul of its corporate structure. The new structure creates a holding company which is called Alphabet. This will comprise a collection of companies, the largest of which will be Google. Within Google will sit key services such as Search, Maps, Chrome, YouTube and Android.

Outside of Google will sit projects such as Fiber and Nest. The full announcement can be seen here on the new Alphabet website https://abc.xyz/ . In addition to the restructure there are several key management changes, the most notable being the elevation Sundar Pichai to Google CEO.

Google has long been considered part of the fabric of the internet. In many respects it has been the electricity of the web powering many consumer journeys, driving the largest share of advertising experiences globally, and certainly contributing significantly to the digital economy.  Google Corp itself was constructed like an electrical circuit running in series (rather than in parallel). The challenge with a ‘series’ organisational structure is that if there is a break in one part of the chain, the whole is affected. For example if Google Glass fails it affects Google’s core business (if only in terms of public perception). Similarly, if Google (Search) faces regulatory scrutiny it is likely to negatively impact the development of other areas of the business such as Nest, driverless cars etc. The move to operate in parallel (through the creation of Alphabet) rather than in series will have a positive impact in several areas:

Innovation: Google can take its moonshots and fail without impacting the core business of advertising. Having this structure should therefore enable it to be more agile.

Regulation: Google has come under significant regulatory scrutiny particularly in Europe where it has already restructured to give a more singular approach to the authorities. The new structure will protect it further from regulatory issues by enabling it to fight one product/company at a time.

Organisation: With the new structure the Google subsidiary will be better able to focus on the reorganisation of its advertising and technology sales operations which require closer integration if the company is to take full advantage of its market-leading integrated advertising stack approach.

FaceOff: Facebook has deliberately kept the majority of its operations (FB, Instagram, Oculus) relatively separate from a B2B and consumer point of view, which has resulted in product innovation, advertising success and much less regulatory scrutiny. Although the Alphabet structure doesn’t exactly replicate that of Facebook, it is certainly an implicit acknowledgement of the successful Facebook corporate strategy.

Investor Relations: Google’s new structure is a clear signal of the arrival of a new finance director. The structural change and the subsequent increase in organisational clarity and transparency will no doubt be a very positive sign to investors.


Authored by Stefan Bardega, Chief Digital Officer, ZenithOptimedia

Source: ZenithOptimedia

netCORE, a leading digital marketing solutions company, announced today the appointment of Kalpit Jain as the Chief Executive Officer, effective from 01st August, 2015.

In his new role, Kalpit will lead global operations with a special focus on Business & Sales, Product and People development. This move is in alignment with company’s strategy of accelerating growth in India and globally. After the former CEO moved out of the company in August 2014, Rajesh Jain, Founder and MD was at the helm of operations as the interim CEO.

Speaking on the appointment, Rajesh Jain, Founder and Managing Director, netCORE said, “Kalpit became an obvious choice for the role owing to his deep domain expertise and unprecedented commitment to the growth of the company. He has always believed in building a very strong, profitable company in a competitive marketplace.  I am confident that his in-depth industry knowledge and leadership capabilities will further strengthen our market positioning and contribute immensely as netCORE rides the digital wave.”

“It is exciting to be a part of a next generation company which is focused on bringing innovative products like SmarTech in Marketing Automation and Iris in Internet of Things to the Indian market. The tremendous growth in digital marketing industry and onslaught of various cloud-based models have given rise to the need for DIY marketing platforms. Hence, our strategy is focussed on expanding the portfolio of services with DIY and reach out to national & international markets with it”, said Kalpit Jain, CEO at netCORE.

Kalpit has over 17 years of experience at netCORE, having joined as a Software Programmer in 1998.  Over the years, he has vastly contributed to the company’s evolution from a start-up to an industry leader in the Indian Enterprise Communication & Digital Marketing space, serving in numerous capacities. As the Business Head at netCORE, he was instrumental in re-inventions in Product Development & Operations and was also instrumental in the expansion of the Mumbai-based company to five other locations in India. He has been handling Technology, Marketing & Operations of all netCORE’s divisions as its COO since 2011.

netCORE is headquartered in India and also has a strong presence in nine other countries in South-East Asia, Africa and the Middle East. As India is gearing up for a digital revolution, netCORE is India's largest Customer connect company with over 5 billion connects per month through multiple channels through email, SMS, voice, USSD and push notifications. This will be the fulcrum for netCORE’s future growth.

As India celebrates 69th Independence day one aspect of independence – financial freedom of its citizens cannot be overlooked.

Moneycontrol takes this opportunity to enable Indians to take charge of their finances and achieve the dream of financial freedom with the launch of Independence Day initiative- Financial Freedom.

The week long initiative, from 13 to 20 August, will provide access to advice from marquee names from the industry such as Nirmal Jain: Founder and Chairman of India Infoline, Ajay Thakur: Head BSE SME, Rashesh Shah: Chairman and CEO of Edelweiss Group, S. Naren: CIO of ICICI Prudential Asset Management Company and Gaurav Mashruwala: Certified Financial Planner.

Users can interact with experts in financial planning domain through chat sessions to get insights on cutting edge strategies employed by experts. It will have a quiz that will help users to ascertain their understanding of money matters. The initiative also has other engagements like polls and forum utility, where users can express themselves.

The campaign will also reach out on other platforms like Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn and Twitter where people can join social conversations using #FinancialFreedom.

Rubeena Singh, COO , moneycontrol adds, “We at Moneycontrol have conceptualised Financial Freedom seeking to impart knowledge and helping each and every Indian investor take greater control of their finances and savings. With this, we hope to help more people realise their dreams aided by the right financial know-how. We hope and believe that the 1st edition of Financial Freedom will lay the foundation to satisfy the changing needs of the Indian investor going forward. This will play a large role in our larger aim of enabling financial independence for all.”


A stellar comical extravaganza for the entire family

Sushmita Sen, Sonu Sood & Shekhar Suman are on a lookout for the country’s 1st ever entertainer!

SAB TV one of the leading entertainment channels in the country launched its most awaited comedy reality show ‘Comedy Superstar’. The show will see diva Sushmita Sen, the handsome Sonu Sood and the brilliant Shekhar Suman as judges, who will be responsible to find the next best comedy idol in India. Comedy Superstars is all set to hit the small screen from the 22nd of August 2015 at 10 PM exclusively on SAB TV.

Hosted by the suave Jay Soni and the gorgeous Sudeepa Singh, Comedy Superstar will see aspiring comedians from different segments of the society battle it out to win the title of the country’s first ever ‘Comedy Superstar’. Produced by Pyramid Productions, Comedy Superstar will identify the ultimate entertainer who possesses the X factor. The twelve contestants will be judged on five main attributes of a comedian through various parameters of comedy. The ultimate comedy superstar will need to possess certain attributes such good humor, the ability to entertain audiences and with an exceptional personality. The format of Comedy Superstar is integrated in terms of stages, elimination, selection process and scoring. The judges will be the only ones judging the performances and it is not open to social media, audience polling, etc, which makes the format different from the other shows on the small screen.

Bollywood actress Sushmita Sen will be adding to the glamour and oomph factor on the show along with the very handsome Sonu Sood who is making his debut on the small screen. Veteran actor Shekhar Suman completes the trilogy and will be looking at the contestants’ capabilities to think on their feet and deliver a power packed performance. Together the trio will present to the world India’s first ever ‘Comedy Superstar’.

SAB TV is the pioneer of comedy shows in Indian television industry leading the pack with its one of a kind content. SAB TV has always believed in providing a platform for young talent across the country and encourages unique concepts. With Comedy Superstar SAB TV is taking its brand belief ‘Innovation through Differentiation’ to the next level by providing unadulterated entertainment to it viewers. The show is looking for someone who is a package of complete entertainment who will win the hearts of the viewers.

Mr. Anooj Kapoor, Senior EVP & Business Head - SAB TV said, “Comedy Superstar is our latest offering to our viewers and we have kept up with our promise of always delivering entertainment that is unadulterated and yet unique in terms of concept and treatment. We have explored with the format of the show and it is different from what we have done before and we believing in providing a platform to budding talent, so that they can exhibit their flair. We are hoping that our viewers will like our latest offering and will sit back and enjoy Comedy Superstar.”

A total package of entertainment and laughter coupled with the charm and sassiness if the judges, ‘Comedy Superstar’ is all set to rule the roost in the comedy genre on the small screen.

Comedy Superstar premiers on the 22nd of August, 10 pm only on SAB TV!


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