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Toluna India findings for Tier II & III markets

Tier II & III markets are showing some enlightening trends for the Radio medium, according to our recent study across 30 Tier II & III markets, with a sample base of over 1200+ respondents. The detailed interviews were conducted among FM radio listeners belonging to 18 – 50 years, who are a part of the Toluna panel across genders, socioeconomic classes and employment status. The data collection was conducted between 19th December 2022 and 2nd January 2023. We covered markets in North and West, including Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Indore, Chandigarh, Nagpur, Bhopal, Surat, Ludhiana, Udaipur, and Aurangabad, amongst others.

The study highlights that FM listenership is quite high in these markets, as 80% of the respondents claim they listen to Radio. The listenership is higher amongst working professionals, where 9 out of 10 consume it. Another big revelation from the study is 33% of radio listeners ranked FM Radio as the most preferred medium for daily entertainment, followed by video/music streaming apps.

According to the online survey done by Toluna, a leading technology driven market research company that delivers real-time insights, highlights the following: -

1. 74% of radio listeners tune in more than three days every week. Radio listening is a part of a daily routine for around 1 out of every 4 in the decision-maker group.
2. 7 out of 10 radio listeners tune in to Radio for between 30 minutes to 2 hours every day.
3. Another important highlight 6 out 10 people consume Radio at Home

Adding to the insights, Dixit Chanana, Country Director, Toluna India, says “Our study on radio listenership in tier II and III shows some interesting data points. 33% of radio listeners ranked FM Radio as the most preferred medium of daily entertainment. This is consistent with the study that we did in 2020. Apart from consumption on the go, more than 60% consume radio at home. The way people consume Radio in these markets is amazing, and I am sure the Radio fraternity will be very happy to see such kind of findings.”


Jayshuk Jadpayo Premiers on 21st January at 8pm on Colors Gujarati Cinema & 22nd January at 8.30 pm on Colors Gujarati

Sonu Tane Mara Par Bharosho Nao Ke premieres on 25th February at 8 pm on Colors Gujarati Cinema and 26th February at 8.30pm on Colors Gujarati

Dhunvadhar premieres on 11th March at 8pm on Colors Gujarati Cinema & 12th March at 8.30pm on Colors Gujarati

Colors Gujarati renowned show Rasoi completes 6000-episode milestone

Colors Gujarati Cinema and Colors Gujarati has always entertained their audiences either through their path breaking shows or through successful movies. In its endeavour to entertain its audience with some great movies, Colors Gujarati Cinema and Colors Gujarati is all set for its Blockbuster Premieres this month. With films from across genres including action, romance, drama, the specially curated line-up will offer something to satiate the entertainment needs of every cinephile.

Starting with Jayshuk Jadpayo it will premiere on 21st January at 8 pm on Colors Gujarati Cinema & 22nd January at 8.30 pm on Colors Gujarati it will be followed by Sonu Tane Mara Par Bharosho Nao Ke which will premiere on 25th February at 8 pm on Colors Gujarati Cinema and 26th February at 8.30 pm on Colors Gujarati. The third one Dhunvadhar will premiere on 11th March at 8 pm on Colors Gujarati Cinema & 12th March at 8.30 pm only on Colors Gujarati. Colors Gujarati’s very popular show Rasoi is Longest running vegetarian cookery show in the television history. Colors Gujarati also boasts of Rasoi which has been the world’s 2nd largest and Asia’s no 1 longest running cookery show completed 6000 episodes another feather on the cap.

Jayshuk Jadpayo is comedy movie. This is the story of a guy name Jaysukh, whose father has left tremendous amount of debt on him, while he is single earning person, and he must repay back of his father debt. Jaysukh comes to Ahmedabad city and gets a job in firm; he falls in love with Jigna his co-worker. And from here story takes new turn. Why jaysukh’s boss fires him and how he will be going solves these problems? is the fun, entertaining story of the movie. Sonu Tane Mara Par Bharosho Nao Ke is the story of A Middle-Class Family buys a LCD TV from Chor Bazar but unfortunately the TV doesn't start. So, Kartik tries to repair the TV and when he opens it, he finds Gold Coins in it. The Vicious Circle starts when Kartik handover the Gold to Police for 10% Commission and the Smuggler of that Gold Coin reaches Kartik's House and then the story is about how hilarious that ride of a family how they handle the situation. Dhunvadhar is a thriller movie where Everything changes for Aarav when he gets involved in a road accident. One wrong decision takes him on a journey darker than his wildest dreams. Loved by a caring father, pampered by a loyal friend, and chased by a vigilant cop, will Aarav be able to find redemption?

On the marketing front the movie will be heavily promoted on home channel and the channel will also explore promotions via reach and engagement activities through digital media. Audience will get to interact with the lead casts as well as through social media pages of the channel.

Stay tuned to Colors Gujarati Cinema and Colors Gujarati for the biggest superstars, latest chartbusters, action, and entertainment starting this month!

Leo Burnett Chicago Maintains Top Spot In Final 2022 Global Creative Rankings

The industry’s only creative ranking to combine scores from leading global,regional and local awards shows offers a broad global benchmark for creative excellence.

With the culmination of the year’s industry awards marked by last week’s announcement of 2022 ONE Asia Creative Awards winners, Leo Burnett Chicago maintained its top spot in the Global Creative Rankings 2022, which incorporates results from all of The One Club for Creativity’s leading global, regional and local awards shows.

The global benchmark report is a complete ranking of agencies, brands and individuals based on points earned from their winning entries in The One Show 2022, ADC 101st Annual Awards, Type Directors Club TDC68/25TDC competitions, ONE Asia 2022, and The One Club Denver, San Diego, and Miami chapter awards programs. In addition to the global list, rankings for specific regions and countries can be viewed by using dropdown menus.

Leo Burnett Chicago’s stellar performance is largely based on wins for “The Lost Class” on behalf of Change the Ref. The office achieved the top spot in the mid-year release of the Global Creative Rankings in May 2022 at the conclusion of last year’s Creative Week, and maintained the position after the full-year’s points were totaled for all One Club global, regional and local shows.

Agency participation in the regional and local shows helps networks and holding companies with their global rankings. This was illustrated in 2022 in the strong showing in the just-announced ONE Asia Creative Awards by Ogilvy offices in Bangkok, Gurugram, Kuala Lumpur, Melbourne, Mumbai, Singapore, Sydney, and Tokyo, which helped propel the brand to the top agency network spot in the final 2022 ranking, and moved WPP from third place to first for holding companies.

“This 2022 Global Creative Ranking is truly comprehensive, for the first time encompassing more global, regional and local awards competitions than any other source,” said Kevin Swanepoel, CEO, The One Club for Creativity. “As the industry’s foremost global nonprofit organization for the creative community, The One Club is in a unique position to provide this definitive measure for global creative excellence.”

Highlights of the combined Global Creative Rankings 2022 are as follows .

Agency Rankings:

1. Leo Burnett Chicago

2. The New York Times Magazine New York

3. Area 23 New York

4. Ogilvy UK London

5. L&C New York

6. Ogilvy Mumbai

7. Special New Zealand Auckland

8. alma DDB Miami

9. Serviceplan Germany Munich

10. Dentsu Webchutney Bengaluru

Independent Agency Rankings:

1. L&C New York

2. Special New Zealand Auckland

3. Serviceplan Germany Munich

4. Mojo Supermarket New York

5. GUT São Paulo

6. Rethink Canada

7. Zulu Alpha Kilo Toronto

8. Jung von Matt DONAU Vienna

9. Innocean Worldwide Seoul

10. COLLINS New York

Brand-Side Agency Rankings:

1. Google Devices & Services Creative Team Mountain View

2. Google Creative Lab New York

3. draftLine AB InBev Colombia Bogotá

4. 4creative London

5. Spotify In-House New York

Brand Rankings:

1. Google

2. Apple

3. Cadbury

4. Dove

5. VICE World News

Non-Profit Client Rankings:

1. Change the Ref

2. Motor Neurone Disease New Zealand

3. Girls Who Code

4. The Columbia Journalism Review

5. WWF

Brand Parent Company Rankings:

1. Unilever

2. Mondelez

3. AB InBev

4. PepsiCo

5. VICE Media Group

Production Company Rankings:

1. Hungry Man Los Angeles

2. Suitcase Productions New York

3. The Post Office Auckland

4. Carbo Films Venice, CA

5. Active Theory Los Angeles

Music & Sound Company Rankings:

1. Beacon Street Venice

2. Agosto Lima

3. JSM Music New York

4. Jamute São Paulo

5. Hefty São Paulo

Agency Network Rankings:

1. Ogilvy Group

2. Leo Burnett Worldwide

3. Publicis

4. DDB Worldwide

5. FCB

Agency Holding Company Rankings:

1. WPP

2. Publicis Groupe

3. Omnicom Group

4. Interpublic Group

5. Dentsu Group

Country Rankings:

1. United States

2. United Kingdom

3. China

4. Germany

5. Canada

Region Rankings:

1. North America

2. Europe

3. Asia Pacific

4. Latin America

5. Middle East & Africa

Highest Ranked Work:

1. “The Lost Class” by Leo Burnett Chicago for Change the Ref

2. “Piñatex” by L&C New York for Dole Sunshine Company and Ananas Anam

3. “Real Tone” by Google Devices & Services Creative Team Mountain View for Google

4. “David’s Unusables” by Special New Zealand and The Post Office, both Auckland, for Motor Neurone Disease New Zealand

5. “The Unfiltered History Tour” by Dentsu Webchutney Bengaluru for VICE World News

Global College Rankings:

1. ArtCenter College of Design Pasadena

2. School of Visual Arts New York

3. Brigham Young University Provo

4. Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg Ludwigsburg

5. Berghs School of Communication Stockholm

The Global Creatives Rankings for individuals, who are listed at the agencies where they worked when the winning entries were produced, are as follows.

Creatives overall (tie): Caleb Dewart, executive producer, Leo Burnett Chicago; Mino Jarjoura, executive producer, Leo Burnett Chicago

CMO of the Year: Fernando Machado, Activision Blizzard

CCO of the Year: Fred Levron, worldwide creative partner, FCB Global; global CCO, Dentsu International

ECD of the Year: Sam Shepherd, Leo Burnett Chicago

GCD of the Year: Eduardo Tavares, Area 23 New York

Creative Director of the Year: Jason LaFlore, Leo Burnett Chicago

Art Director of the Year (tie): Katie DiNardo, Leo Burnett Chicago; Sofia Gahn, Leo Burnett Chicago

Copywriter of the Year: MacKenzie Hart, Leo Burnett Chicago

Designer of the Year: Ky Lee, Special New Zealand Auckland

Director of the Year: Bryan Buckley, Hungry Man Los Angeles

Illustrator of the Year: Sean Hannaway, Leo Burnett Chicago

Photographer of the Year: Neil DaCosta Portland

Typographer of the Year: Eve Steben, This Is Studio London

Freelancer of the Year: Igor Bastidas New York


The special decoding the investigative journey behind India’s biggest homegrown terrorist nexus is produced by Banijay Asia

A tragedy that shook the nation to its core, the serial blasts across various cities in India that took place during the early 00’s were one of the most horrific terror strikes India has ever endured. The clever, cutting-edge investigations conducted by the heroic Mumbai police and the Indian Intelligence Bureau infiltrated the tactical operations of the masterminds behind the gruesome terror acts – the Indian Mujahideen group. Showcasing the step-by-step journey of arresting the dangerous convicts who caused havoc across the nation, Warner Bros. Discovery announces a new investigative special, ‘Hunt For The Indian Mujahideen’. The new original, premiering on 19th January on discovery+, essays the first-person narrative of the investigating officers. As the story progresses, viewers will unravel the investigation, leading them to the story behind one of the most horrifying homegrown terrorist networks.

Sai Abishek, Head of Factual & Lifestyle Cluster, South Asia, Warner Bros. Discovery. said, “Warner Bros. Discovery has always pioneered dynamic stories with dramatic value that resonate with audiences across the country. The Indian Mujahideen group left a devastating effect with its gruesome activities. This special highlights one of the greatest triumphs of the Indian security forces as they tactfully dismantle their functions in an enthralling saga that will leave viewers engrossed and on the edge of their seats. ‘Hunt For The Indian Mujahideen’, the upcoming original on discovery+, will keep viewers stunned as they witness the strategy & planning undertaken to capture one of the most notorious homegrown terrorist organisations. The storyline will captivate the audiences as the backstory surrounding true events unfolds upon them.”

Speaking of his experience helming the series, Zulfakar Sadriwala (Xulfee), director, Hunt For The Indian Mujahideen, said, “The most challenging yet enriching experience as a filmmaker was to set a seamless narrative of the investigation without making it too complicated for the viewers.”

​​​Deepak Dhar, Founder & CEO, Banijay Asia said,"We, at Banijay Asia, are always experimenting with concepts and formats, and this is yet another investigative documentary for us. Audience demand for real life stories is continuing to grow and with Hunt for The Indian Mujahideen, we're fulfilling this need gap. We've collaborated with discovery+ for some of our key projects and it is always a pleasure partnering with them."

Hunt for The Indian Mujahideen will premiere on discovery+ on January 19, 2023.

The ANDYs Pushes For Greater Diversity Of Work in Second Year of Regional Competitions

The International ANDY Awards, the first advertising award show of the season has announced the shortlist for their six regional competitions. In an effort to break barriers that exist around cultural context, Juries representative of the creative excellence in the area came together to select the best ideas entered into the competition.

“Our hope is that more people have their work represented in the Show. We wanted to eliminate barriers that exist that may deter some agencies to submit work – whether that be cost to compete or missed cultural context,” said Gina Grillo, President & CEO of The International ANDY Awards.

The APAC Competition shortlist represents the best ideas across nine countries with independent agencies leading. Ideas from ADK Holdings lead the Greater China shortlist while Impact BBDO lead in the SWANA Competition.

The full shortlist can be viewed HERE. Those who placed will be shortlisted for the main, global competition should they choose to move their work forward into the Global competition. All entrants who participated in regionals can choose to move their work forward to the Global competition. There is no requirement to participate in regionals in order to submit to the Global competition. Each region will now compete for title of ‘Best of’ including Africa, APAC, Greater China, Europe, SWANA, and Latin America to be announced with the full winners list in April 2023.

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