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- Nov 20, 2020
It is a well-understood dynamic that younger consumers are more frequently earlier adopters of new products and services. The subscription online video world is certainly no exception, and the most rapid uptake of the category of products including Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video and Apple TV+, has—to date—been among the 18-24 and ...

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- Nov 19, 2020
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• The study shows 94% respondents in India are willing to pay more for a premium subscription for enhanced video & audio quality • 96% say they plan to upgrade their entertainment equipment in the next 6 months • COVID-19 has driven many Indians to use entertainment as a way of unwinding; 66% of Indian respondents said they use it as an opportunity to relax • 95% Indian respondents got into new types of content they didn’t watch before Dolby ...
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- Nov 09, 2020
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Many brands use purpose to connect more deeply with consumers. Yet with the best of intentions, some brands miss the mark. How can brands avoid these mistakes? Not so long ago it seemed quite straightforward for companies to align with a good cause. Corporate social responsibility meant giving back in some way. For many companies it was a way they could drive their reputation and give their employees the opportunity to contribute to a worthy cause. It ...
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- Nov 06, 2020
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A video essay that explores Irish political struggles through a rich and varied cinematic history. “The history of cinema appears to be easy to do, since it is after all made up of images; cinema appears to be the only medium where all one has to do is re-project these images so that one can see what has happened. In “normal” history, one can’t project, because it’s not projectable; one has to codify in one form or another, write, make manuscripts; ...
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- Nov 05, 2020
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More than half females have had an unsafe experience in the past, yet only some have taken action against it In YouGov’s latest survey, we asked women to indicate how often they felt unsafe in 19 different scenarios from daily lives. Most urban Indian women (52%) said they always or often felt unsafe while walking alone at night. 26% feel anxious while walking in certain neighbourhoods or when walking with a friend, partner or family member at night (26% ...
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- Oct 30, 2020
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Finds MAKERS India report ‘State of Women in Tech Entrepreneurship in India 2020’ · Women entrepreneurs in tech entering offbeat, male-dominated sectors · Wide investment diversity gap: Tech startups with female founder(s) got less than 6% of the total startup funding (Jan ’18 - June 2020) · Surge in women tech entrepreneurs but funding remains a challenge MAKERS India, the digital media platform building a community that empowers women to succeed in ...
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- Oct 23, 2020
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In their recently-released Q3 2020 earnings report, Netflix added 2.2M global net subscribers. This figure is just shy of their estimated gain for the quarter of 2.5M. Additionally, it fell short of analyst expectations that forecast the service’s growth in subscriber numbers would exceed Netflix’s own guidance. Accordingly, the company’s share price was down about 5% after market close. This is not the first time Netflix has faced challenges maintaining ...
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These past few months have been amongst the toughest challenges to have ever been endured by a majority of the population in India and around the world. We’ve been through a lot this year. Right from living in confined spaces, the entire work-home situation, minimal human contact, having to be low-key on the big days etc. These are just a few of the adjustments that one has had to make to live and survive in these tough times. But with certain hygiene protocols and social distancing in place, the unlock India initiative has brought some relief to the populace and marketplace as well. Now with the onset of the festive season, brands are making a beeline to reach out to their consumers with messages of hope and assurance, and the fact that they are with them all the way through this
WPP and Anzu, an adtech startup specializing in integrating advertising into video games, today announced a partnership aimed at bringing commonly accepted advertising standards to the esports and gaming space. These standards, which include ad viewability and brand lift measurement, fraud detection and user privacy protection, are widely applied in digital advertising and will now be available for in-game advertisers. Responding to the accelerated popularization of gaming largely due to COVID-19, and the increased frustration from brands at the lack of universal standards for in-game advertising, this first-of-its-kind collaboration will make in-game advertising as simple and accessible as other commonly used channels and help to build advertiser confidence in the value of in-game
AKQA and Grey launch new network model – industry powerhouse offers clients outstanding creativity, innovation and brand-building at global scale WPP’s AKQA and Grey are uniting to form a new network model, AKQA Group. Grey is renowned for creative storytelling and global brand-building at scale, while AKQA is celebrated for its world-class innovation and experience design skills. With heightened demand for digital transformation and technology-driven capabilities, the combination will create a powerful new proposition for clients as a leading creative solutions company with a worldwide footprint. The AKQA Group will have 6,000 people in more than 50 countries and a blue-chip client roster that includes more than half of the Fortune 500’s top 20. It will provide a full range of
New Categories include Health & Wellness, Pharma, Digital Devices, and Socially Conscious Content. New York Festivals® AME Awards® for the World’s Best Advertising and Marketing Effectiveness™ is now accepting entries for the 2021 competition. Since 1994, AME has honored innovative campaigns that demonstrate groundbreaking solutions to challenging marketing problems, proving that strategic planning and creative execution can produce extraordinary results. “We’re excited by the possibilities that come with this year’s competition. 2021 brings new categories to the robust category mix, a world-class jury of dedicated creative & strategic executives, additions to the Advisory Council, and expanded coverage on Effective Perspective blog,” said Gayle Seminara Mandel, Executive
Celebrates the deep-rooted tradition of lighting up lives  Beyond just a festival of lights and sounds, Diwali is also an occasion to spread the light of goodness and gratitude in everyone’s life. A day when even the smallest gestures of kindness and concern turn strangers into friends and outsiders into family by sparking off feelings of bonhomie among one and all. Exide BatMobile, the doorstep battery service from Exide Industries decided to tap into this deep-rooted tradition of rekindling the spirit of togetherness through #TheDiwaliInvite, a heart-warming film of a BatMobile service person visiting a customer on the day of Diwali. Effortlessly igniting a fresh, new conversation around the festival, the film makes us realize that the true way of celebrating Diwali is - with anyone
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    How the Indian Gaming Industry can leverage holistic PR to change perception and drive growth The pandemic and the past few months of lockdown that forced people to stay indoors, has resulted in people trying new activities at home, beginning from cooking new dishes to exploring hidden talents. Likewise, some turned to gaming platforms to enhance their competitiveness. From taboo to mainstream recognition, Indian gaming has gained significant traction within the Indian entertainment industry. With a projected user base of more than 623 million gamers, this provides a significant boost to the entire gaming ecosystem within the Indian economy. This ecosystem comprises gamers across age groups, the game developers community, the designers, and lastly the… Read more...



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