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- Apr 28, 2016
The Confederation of Asian Advertising Agency Associations (CAAAA) elected Mr. Nagesh Alai of AAAI (Advertising Agencies Association of India) as the new Chairman at its Annual General Meeting held on 21st April 2016 at Intercontinental Singapore. He replaces Mr. Harris Thajeb of PPPI (Advertising Agencies Association of Indonesia) who ...

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- Apr 27, 2016
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Let’s start with a definition of “Advertising.” Go to your dictionary and it will be defined as “To proclaim the qualities or advantages of a product so as to increase sales.” Now I ask you, dear reader, does that definition fit what you see on the media you watch? For a few advertisements, maybe, but for the most, not at all. In fact often you find yourself asking what are they advertising? Let’s review the bidding as a way to better understand how ...
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- Apr 26, 2016
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The Muslim population is currently more than 20% of the global population and marketers have been quick to segment them as an audience. But is religion alone ever a strong enough driver to categorize consumers, or are there other elements which are more relevant? Marketing to Muslims has been an issue discussed in marketing terms for a few years now, due to the specific requirements of the Islamic faith which does affect some key product categories such ...
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- Apr 25, 2016
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Shopper expectations are set by their best experience To earn loyalty, retailers need to delight shoppers, not just persuade them to buy. A better environment and experience will keep shoppers coming back. But in an omnichannel environment,FutureBuy research suggests that some retailers with a physical store presence simply aren’t maximizing their advantage effectively. Let your environment inspire shoppers Anticipating the future, some retailers have ...
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- Apr 22, 2016
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Google stood in number one position followed by Facebook, and Gmail Ipsos today unveiled the Top 10 Most Influential Brands in India. Google occupies the number one position followed by Facebook, Gmail, Microsoft, Samsung, WhatsApp, Flipkart, Amazon, SBI, and Airtel. The Ipsos Most Influential Brand Study evaluates 100+ brands across 21 countries and involved 36,600 interviews. In India, where the study was conducted for the first time, we canvassed the ...
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The Confederation of Asian Advertising Agency Associations (CAAAA) elected Mr. Nagesh Alai of AAAI (Advertising Agencies Association of India) as the new Chairman at its Annual General Meeting held on 21st April 2016 at Intercontinental Singapore. He replaces Mr. Harris Thajeb of PPPI (Advertising Agencies Association of Indonesia) who has completed his two-year term. Mr Alai who is also the Vice Chairman, Global of FCB said, following his appointment, “The challenges faced by advertising businesses are similar across countries in Asia (and the world), only the degrees differ. Unbundling of services years ago lead to commoditization of advertising services and now disintermediation is leading to disruptive changes. Remuneration and recruitment continue to be hurdles to the growth of
Insights from 45 Markets Reveal Opportunities and Challenges for Reaching 2.3B Online Consumers GroupM published its Interaction 2016, an annual report offering insights into digital advertising globally. It covers consumer behaviors, technology and marketplace trends, as well as figures on the number of consumers online, the amount of advertising investment directed to meeting them there, the most popular online platforms and the amount of commerce transacted online. The 2016 edition discusses six macro trends believed important for study including adblocking; the integrity of digital supply; mobilization and the expansion of app use; TV’s transition to over-the-top; the application of data to marketing; and the expansion of e-commerce. The report suggests that the digital
Aren’t there mornings when you wake up with a song stuck in your head? You are so comfortable and so full of energy that you can’t hold yourself back. Jockey India’s latest film captures those mornings when you can’t help yourself, but start moving spontaneously. Jockey, the American innerwear and leisurewear brand has been making waves in the Indian market for the last couple of years with multiple and innovative product lines like USA Originals and POP Color. They also introduced newer technology and styling options in their Women’s range. Law & Kenneth Saatchi & Saatchi, has conceived its latest campaign ‘Feels Like Jockey’ which consists 4 individual films and one 60 second montage version, along with radio and outdoor executions. With this campaign, the brand reaffirms
A twitter campaign aimed at raising awareness for the growing problem of child labour has managed to gain worldwide traction. The campaign, launched by Reliance General Insurance and children's rights NGO Child Rights and You (CRY) uses the hashtag #DONT_EMPLOY_LITTLE_ONES and urges twitter users to tweet whatever they ordinarily would, but using only all caps. And hence avoiding the usage of 'little ones'. There are 5.7 million Indian child workers aged between five and 17, out of 168 million globally, according to the International Labour Organization. More than half the Indian children work in agriculture, toiling in cotton, sugarcane and rice paddy fields, and over a quarter in manufacturing, embroidering clothes, weaving carpets or making matchsticks. Children also work in
Razorfish, the world leader in helping global brands drive business transformation, part of the Publicis.Sapient platform, announced the appointment of yet another senior team member, Swapnil Puranik, as Head of Strategy, Mumbai. He will be responsible for driving strategic business transformation and digital roadmaps for Razorfish’s clients. “Growth is the real ROI” believes Swapnil, “and that businesses today are no longer looking for superficial solutions and metrics, but strategies to transform and evolve their business by maximizing relevant consumer interaction through technology adoption, data analytics, deeper consumer insight and non-intrusive creative ideas” With 13+ years of advertising and marketing experience, across agencies, businesses and successfully running his own
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