Leadership Talk
Rammohan Sundaram
Co-founder Velfie

"Have you ever thought you could be an Amitabh Bachchan or a Shah Rukh Khan? In reality you cant, however we all have this aspect of fantasy in us, a dream world, which is why we all watch movies in the first place, right?

Movies take us to a world, which is not true and we just forget all our real lives and live a reel life for three hours.

That is why we believe that we could invoke the star in you. So here is an opportunity to make a video of who you are actually not and still show a powerful performance" Said Rammohan Sundaram, Co-founder Velfie.

In an interview with MediAvataar India, Ram talk...
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Professional Sports and Amateur sports have experienced a tremendous growth in India over past one decade. The use of sports sponsorship as a marketing communication tool has increased remarkably over the past few years and has been acknowledged as an important element in the communication strategy by marketing heads in order to reach their customers. Some of the key reasons that marketers today are using sports sponsorship are to generate brand awareness and brand recall through exposure, build on the brand image and generate goodwill towards the brand and company.

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